Wang Ye Is A Soft Rice Man

Chapter 198

Chapter 198

Guan Xinghai was blocking the way. His excitement could not be hidden in his eyes, he was eager to try, and his face twitched involuntarily: "Xuan Yuanpei, I have been waiting for you for a long time, and I will have to decide the level tonight Here comes the male. "

"No time." Xuanyuan Po knew that Guan Xinghai was here, but he only had Xi Yan in his heart, and he had no interest in the world's second and third vanity.

Guan Xinghai, who was rejected by a sip, ignited two clusters of flames, and a sentence was squeezed out of his teeth: "You have to fight, you have to fight."

As soon as he was inside, Changyu attacked the same spark like Xuanyuan Po in an unstoppable state. Xuanyuan Po rose into the air, and a bright red touch opened the mouth of the blood basin like a spirit snake, and he was about to swallow the spark.

When Guan Xinghai thought that the peak showdown was about to come, Xuanyuan Po suddenly pulled away. He pushed hard and jumped in front of Xuanyuan Po, angrily: "You don't want to escape."

"Escape?" Xuan Yuanbo sneered, "You are also the first person in Pakistan. How can you be a crown prince's dog? Does this count as a betrayal?"

Holding Chang's hand crunching, he came here only because someone was informed that Xuanyuan Po would appear. He only asked for a battle to separate the winner and loser, but he inadvertently explained: "A clever tongue is like a spring, just like that woman. "

When Xuan Yuanbo heard the word "woman", he was all right: "Where is she?"

"I will tell you after the fight. Regardless of winning or losing." Guan Xinghai attacked Xuanyuanpe again, only to see Xuanyuanpe's skill, now the attack is more fierce.

Master matchups are only in the slightest, and it is difficult to separate the victory and defeat, and they are still fighting after hundreds of round trips. Xuan Yuanbo was anxious, so he was afraid to fight next year.

Xuan Yuanpe suddenly gave birth to a plan. When he could attack, he unknowingly changed his moves and hit the hexagonal long cymbal while he was not paying attention. His body was extremely sharp, and in a moment, Xuan Yuanbo's entire left arm was soaked with blood donation.

"My king lost." Xuanyuanpe said coldly.

Although Xuan Yuanpe was careful, he could not hide Guan Xinghai, which was comparable to him. Guan Xinghai knew that he had no intention of fighting, and saw that his aorta had been injured, and he couldn't continue if he wanted to.

"Do you want to keep your word?" Xuan Yuanpe's expression was to eat people.

"Not counting, not counting, I will come again. The person you are looking for is not in Yishui Villa." Guan Xinghai said that the person had disappeared.

Xuanyuan Po was more anxious when he heard his words, and Guan Xinghai was not like lying. The prince must be afraid that he would be transferred after he hijacked Zhongliang. But the sky is big outside, where should he look for Xi Yan.

Yishui Villa has already become like this. Tomorrow will surely come to Yuqian, but three hours before the morning. Where should I go to find someone? Xuanyuan Po went crazy looking around.

In the Yishui Mountain Villa, the prince has arranged more than a thousand people, and countless institutions have been trapped. The men in black were well-trained and elite, with countless deaths and injuries on both sides, and the security guards were also seriously injured. But in a two-hour scene, the elegant and unique Yishui Villa became the Shura field.

It was learned that Xiyan was not in Yishui Villa, Xuanyuanbo made a long whistle, and all the people in black retreated, disappearing into the night.

Looking at a messy mountain village, the prince came out from the heavy guards, and raged in anger: "How can I let them run away? What do archers eat?"

Xiao Xuan kneeled and asked for sin: "The prince is angry, the people in the security camp are there, and the archers are afraid of hurting innocent people. After all, they work for His Majesty, I am afraid ...

The Crown Prince kicked Xiao Xiao: "Stupid! What's the matter of shooting those stupid people? Who asked them to come?"

(End of this chapter)