Wang Ye Is A Soft Rice Man

Chapter 199: Conspiracy

Chapter 199: Conspiracy

The four princes did not expect that the scene tonight would be so chaotic, and he was always calm.

Seeing that the four princes had no idea, the prince thought about it: "Oops! Fourth brother, hurry up to see if Yan Xiyan is still there? It is unknown if he was taken away by the old seven."

On that day, he intended to detain people with the second uncle Yan family in the dungeon of Yishui Villa, but was stopped by the four princes and taken away for resettlement.

The four princes quickly stopped: "No, it ’s not as good as being silent at this time. Now that ’s the case, Laoqi has no control over the security camp. You will go to your father the next morning to clarify the matter of tonight. It is necessary to bite Qidi Together with his party Yu Ye, he ran into Prince Prince ’s courtyard, and even accepted security camps for personal use. As for the uncle and nephew of the Yan family, they were kept in a place where there was no water and no food.

The crown prince also needs to think carefully about how to sue this case tomorrow, so there is no time to control Xiyan and his second uncle.

The four princes and the prince went to the study together, because they were worried about the prince's body, and ordered the kitchenette to have a supper. However, the Prince Edward tasted the same chew wax. The four princes did not dare to eat too much, and deduced the situation for the Prince Edward several times before tomorrow.

After a scuffle in Yishui Villa, the losses were heavy and everyone lost their spirits. The whole Villa fell asleep under the night sky.


When the time had come, Xuan Yuanbo led a group of people to search around with Yishui Villa as the center. But time passed by bit by bit, and there was no news at all.

The night was extraordinarily dark before dawn arrived. The night breeze blew a torch, and the fleshy and flamboyant face of Xuanyuanbo in the fire was full of worries and fears, and his spirit was almost going to collapse.

He punched heavily in a big tree and cursed: "Smelly woman, if you dare to do something, see how the king cleans you up."

Meng Yuan saw Xuanyuan Po punching a hole in the tree with his bare hands, worried, and quickly took out a handkerchief to wrap him: "Master, you have injured your left hand like this, how can you hurt your right hand?"

Xuanyuan Po felt no pain at all, only endless regrets. He couldn't wait for this punch to hit him, and hated himself for looking at Xi Yan and looking ahead and weighing the pros and cons. If he were given another chance, he would not be so long.

"It's okay, keep looking, and turn over the capital and find out Miss Yan to the king. Otherwise, don't want anyone to be secure." This discourse covers everyone, including the prince, the fourth lord, the people present, and he himself.

The guards couldn't help but pinch a cold sweat and speeded up their pace.

Meng Yun even felt more distressed, and his voice trembled, "Master, your injury ..."

Xuan Yuanpe glanced down at his hand and saw a vivid black leopard on the bandaged handkerchief, and asked, "Where did this handkerchief come from?"

"Ah?" Meng Yan didn't expect that at this time, Wang Ye was still concerned about gossip, and said, "Then ... the woman who gave the orange was the one who gave the purse, she ... oh ... she was looking after the little black panther , This morning she stuffed me again ... subordinate ... subordinate damn ... "

Mongolian uttered incoherently, shy and shy, looking down at Xuanyuanbo.

Xuan Yuanbo woke up like a dream, and suddenly said, "It's too confusing."

"Subordinates damn it, subordinates are confused." Meng Xuan "Xiao" had to kneel and plead guilty.

Xuan Yuanpe kicked him helplessly and said, "Get up, go and bring the little leopard, fast!"

Meng Yun's face was bewildered, "Oh" two times and then he ran away. Although he didn't know why, he only needed to believe in the master's wiseness.

(End of this chapter)