Wang Ye Is A Soft Rice Man

Chapter 200: Thank You for Living

Chapter 200: Thank You for Living

In a dark steel cell, Xi Yan and his uncle have been thrown inside for two days.

The light in the dungeon was dim during the day, and the fingers were out of reach at night. Xi Yan and the second uncle were thrown in one after the other, and at this moment they didn't come to see what the other party looked like. Especially when I knew that my uncle's leg was injured and he couldn't look at it, he was anxious.

It turned out that the second uncle was seriously injured in the fight with the black man in the ghost market. However, he was kept locked after being arrested. Even the servants who delivered the meal did not see what he looked like, not to mention that someone had healed him, which was delayed for many days and became more serious.

However, the steel wall was a copper wall and iron wall. It was smooth and seamless around, and it was deep. There was only a hidden door on the top. Not to mention people, even the gecko could not climb up.

Previously, Yan Yan tried her best to try and fail repeatedly. But Shui Mi did not toss for two days, and no more energy.

Earlier, my uncle and nephew were comforting and cheering each other. At this moment, they were all hopeless and hopeless. There is only starvation alive here.

Xi Yan worked hard to open her chapped lips a few times, and she couldn't make a sound. She moisturized her lips symbolically with her tongue, and said weakly, "Uncle, I'm sorry, Yan Yan has troubled you."

"Stupid girl." The second uncle said weaker than Xi Yan in the dark.

"Uncle, do you still have regrets?"

In the darkness, Yan Lang reached into his arms and found a bracelet, and wanted to cry without tears.

"It's a shame naturally, what about Yan Yan?"

In the past few days, Xi Yan has complained about Xuan Yuanpe, angry at Xuan Yuanpe, and even made hundreds of vows to ignore him. But she was dying, but she regretted that she would never see that glorious face again.

"Me? I have it too, I don't know how sad Shishi and Aunt will be ..."


The two were so weak that they began to feel sad and drowsy.

Suddenly, a light shot on the two of them, dazzling in this long darkness. Xi Yan and the second uncle both managed to open their eyes, and saw that the door of Gangao was opened, and their heads were throbbing.

A Wuxian drifted down, gently fell beside Xi Yan, and looked at her affectionately. There are really stars flashing in Wuxian's beautiful stars, and after a while, the stars turn into tears.

Xi Yan then saw that the person who came was Xuan Yuanbo, and she burst into tears with great strength: "You bastard, bastard finally came, ohh ..."

Xuan Yuanpe saw tears like broken beads, he was about to suffocate, and could only hold Xi Yan tightly in his arms. Self-blame: "I'm here, I'm here, thank you for living, thank you for living ..."

Xi Yan wanted to beat him, but was powerless.

Xuan Yuanbo held Xi Yan and kept repeating: "Thank you, thank God, thank you seven words, and thank you for leaving Youlan Zui along the way ... thank you ..."

The two hugged and wept, tears twitching.

The second uncle on the side held the Xueyu bracelet in his hand tighter, and a round-faced girl looked shameful earlier.

About half an hour later, Xi Yan and his uncle were sent to Qin Wangfu.

Although there are a thousand and ten thousand in his heart, Xuanyuan Po can no longer be as casual as before. He had to think about Xi Yan's famous festival, and he had a tough battle to fight in a while.

The two reunited for a short time, without saying a few words, and had to separate again.

(End of this chapter)