Wang Ye Is A Soft Rice Man

Chapter 201

Chapter 201


Tianzi has not yet come to the dynasty, Baiguan is whispering. Last night, the evergreen gangsters in Evergreen Garden spread, a Sanpin official residence and a royal berm were invaded by the robbers. This is an extraordinary event.

Weiwei emperor, King is coming to the Quartet, but he is not even optimistic about his own portal.

The prince, in a python robe, proudly stood at the head of the hundred officials, and behind him stood the four gentle and humble kings. If you look closely, the prince's empty look did not completely cover up the puppet color.

While everyone was whispering to each other, Xuanyuan Po was wearing a red shirt, and his face turned white. He was exquisitely like a white silk wrapped in red silk and passed through the crowd, leaving the world alone and independent. Everyone present was stunned, and even forgot to talk. The appearance of Xuan Yuanbo in the past was shocked by heaven. Today, he is pale and not flying as usual, but looks like a beautiful snowman. It makes people hold their breath and is afraid that exhaling heat will melt him.

In the silent hall of the crow and a bird, the prince sighed coldly and said, "Perverted."

After the silence was broken, everyone returned to God and began to whisper, but they would rush to Xuanyuan Po from time to time, and Chao Tang recovered the noisy voice.

Xuan Yuanpe walked to the Prince, and saluted, "Prince is early, fourth brother is early."

"Yeah." The Crown Prince nodded.

The four princes also said politely: "Seventh younger brother, look at the seventh brother's serious injuries, does it matter?"

"Xie Si brother cares, the doctor has seen it, and said that it was too much blood loss, and the raising would be good, no big deal." After processing, he held Xi Yan out of the prison and returned to the Qin Dynasty. The wound was pulled again, bleeding all the way.

"Seventh brother ..."

In a shudder, a loud and loud voice sounded: "The emperor is here!"

Emperor Yongli came up majesticly, and An Zuo waited for the worship of hundred officials on a dragon chair.

Hundreds of officials saluted, Long live the mountain: "See, His Majesty, Long live the Emperor!

"The ministers are flat."

"Your Majesty!"

After the court etiquette is gone, it is time to play. The Ministry of Rites said that the new emperor of Pakistan had succeeded, and he wanted to use a sub mission to come to Lucheng to meet with His Majesty Emperor Wu, and to rebuild diplomatic relations between the two countries. Some courtiers advocated good-neighborliness repairs and were extremely happy; some courtiers heard that Qingyang Jun, the new successor of Pakistan, was ambitious and had to guard against being careful. There was a mass speculation on both sides, and the emperor was unable to make a decision for a while, and he ordered: "Rethink the matter, and if nothing happens, let it go."

The Crown Prince stepped forward two steps: "Emperor Qi Kai, sons and daughters have something to play."

The emperor hooked his hands to signal to the Prince that he was flat. "Speak."

Prince Feidan did not lie flat, but knelt down and said, "Father Emperor Yingming, please decide for your sons and daughters! Last night, the robbers broke into the Yishui Villa and burned and looted. The sons and daughters could hardly see his father." With his grievance to the extreme, he almost wiped his tears.

Although this incident caused a lot of commotion in the area of ​​the Evergreen Garden, the emperor was inside the palace wall, and the news of the spies after the key was not passed on, so the emperor did not know.

"But what are you saying? The bandits are so rampant. Where is the security camp?"

Xuan Yuanbo immediately knelt down and pleaded guilty: "The security guards are not good enough, and the sons and daughters cannot bear the blame. Please ask the father to punish him."

Xuan Yuanpe had not spoken before, and the emperor had never thought of him, but now he realized that he was pale and weak.

(End of this chapter)