I Was Born Again As A Saint

Chapter 291 Please take a good look at my performance!

Chapter 291 Please take a good look at my performance!

"I'll just say it once, if you can grasp this opportunity, it's up to you. You don't have much time. I only give you ten minutes to consider!"

Looking at Nangong Qinglin and Zhang Qing, unscrupulous ironic laughter, Jiang Liu glanced expressionlessly and spit out another sentence indifferently.


As soon as he said this, Nangong Qinglin, who was still wantonly laughing, suddenly sank, and in the gloomy eyes, there was a moment of intense light.

"Do you really think of yourself as a spring onion? Xiaozhangsan, Lao Tzu has explained it to you now. If you still want to go out from here today, hurry up and kneel down to Lao Tzu to admit it, maybe I can Open the net and let you go, otherwise, do you believe that Lao Tzu has completely made you disappear from this world? "

Nangong Qinglin's somber stare stared at the river, uttering a threatening word from his teeth.

"Boy, if you don't want to die, just listen to Nangong's son, otherwise, no one can save you today!"

Next to Nangong Qinglin, Zhang Qing looked sneerfully and said with a sneer looking at Jiang Liu.

"That is, who is Nangong's son? You can offend it? You don't know the heights at a young age, it's a joke!"

The woman in the purple dress on the edge also raised her mouth, sneered a sneer, and looked at Jiang Liu with a smile.

Their voices are very sharp!

There is almost no room for the river.

Jiang Liu stood so quietly there, not only the slightest wave of emotions, but also a slight smile at this moment!

A cold, but evil smile!

"Ten minutes, you only have eight minutes left. If you are not ready to make a choice, then you will have only the last eight minutes of your life!"

The dark and deep eyes were gazing at Ningong Qinglin in front of him, and Jiang Liu's body was already exuding a breath of coldness.


Just when the words of Jiangliu landed ...

"Who says his life is only eight minutes left?"

A strange sound of yin and yang suddenly came from not far away at this moment, instantly turning the four members of Nangong Qinglin on the field to look away.

Not far away, a middle-aged man in a tuxedo frowned slightly, with a high expression of arrogance, slowly walked to the four men in Nangong Qinglin.

"This is? Nangong Jue, Nangong Master?"

When he saw this middle-aged man, Zhang Qing beside Nangong Qinglin immediately exclaimed from his mouth, and then his face was full of enthusiasm and excitement.

That looks like a little fan of star chasing, seeing idols he has long admired!

"Nangong must? Couldn't it be the piano power of Qinzhou Piano?"

When she saw Zhang Qing's sudden excitement, the woman wearing a red dress beside him couldn't help but make an exclamation, and her eyes fell on the middle-aged man with starlight.

Nangong must!

Qinzhou's top piano power!

Qinzhou absolutely ranked the number one song leader!

His accomplishments in lyrics and music are extraordinary.

Even many counts of counts are beyond reach.


He is known as the first person of Qinzhou piano!

Reputation, spread throughout Kyushu, China!

On behalf of Qinzhou, he played piano tunes for the state-level giants of the major towns of Huaguo on the grand ceremony of honoring the monarchs of Huaguo and welcoming the host of the state of Kyushu.

His reputation spread throughout the music world.

Almost all the top singers in the singing world dream of one day working with him.

"Uncle San, why are you here?"

Seeing Nangong's arrival, Nangong Qinglin greeted him enthusiastically.


With a look of contempt, Zhang Qing glanced over the two glamorous women, as if showing off his relationship with Nangong.

Nangong raised his head arrogantly and arrogantly, and didn't bother them, but simply answered Nangong Qinglin and said:

"I have just arrived, and I seem to see you arguing with people, so come and take a look, but I did not expect that in this place, some people would dare to speak out and threaten my Nangong family!"

Nangong said with a sneer, his sharp and sharp eyes could not help condensing on Jiang Liu in front of him.

His Nangong family, although in Qinzhou, is just a first-class family!

But his Nangong family, anyway, is also the head of Qinzhou's nine hundred first-class family.

Regarding status, even many super-class families in Qinzhou dare not easily offend.

But now!

In front of him, a young man less than 20 years old dared to say the mad words that threatened his Nangong family!


It's ridiculous!

"Xiao Xiaosan, maybe you don't know the status of my Nangong family, I might as well tell you that, as for my uncle, not only have I met many of Qinzhou's peak giants, but even the state-level figures in Huahua. They called him in person, so it's too late for you to kneel down and apologize to me, otherwise, you will definitely die very miserably! "

The arrival of Nangong must make Nangong Qinglin more proud and proud. He stared at the river with a look of arrogance and sneer, sneer.

at this time!

Ten minutes from Jiangliu!

Only less than six minutes left!

It's just that Ningong Qinglin now doesn't seem to care about this at all!

"Can he be called the first piano player in Qinzhou in this kind of goods?"

"It seems that as long as you know a little piano, you can be called a piano master."

Jiang Liu looked expressionlessly indifferent, and looked at Nangong and Ningong Qinglin who were sneering in front of him, shook his head and said scornfully.

After all, Jiang Liu ignored their angry cannibalism, but walked straight away not far away.

There, there is a piano ...

This piano seems to be of equal order.

The whole body was light with golden light, apparently a golden piano.

"How did Xiaozhang walk to the piano? What exactly did he want to do?"

Nangong Qinglin's eyes stared darkly at Jiang Liu, watching Jiang Liu approaching the piano step by step towards the piano, wondering.

"Do you want to play the piano, kid?"

Beside Nangong Qinglin, Zhang Qingwei squinted his eyes and couldn't help raising his eyebrows.

"Dare to play the piano on this occasion today. Is he trying to get the axe?"

The woman in the long red dress was sneer.

Listening to their words, the glamorous woman in a purple dress standing on the side also smiled disdainfully, saying:

"Even Nangong's predecessor, who is known as Qinzhou's first piano player, is here. This kid even dares to play the piano in front of Nangong's predecessor. I really don't know if he should have the courage, or do he want to insult him? "

Daodao's ridiculous and scornful voice was unscrupulously uttered from the mouths of Ningong Qinglin, spreading around the banquet hall, and attracted the attention of many male and female VIPs nearby.

They were all with a strong curious look, watching the river that was approaching the piano a little bit by little, couldn't help but start talking at this moment.

The people in this banquet hall tonight are almost all Qinzhou people with faces and faces.

Any one is a saintly repairer.

Among them, there are many extraordinary characters.

However, even if they are noble and consider themselves to be extraordinary, they dare not play on this occasion tonight!

After all, everyone knows that in the banquet hall tonight, there are not only the grand princes and family giants, but also a legendary figure in the piano industry of Qinzhou!

This person is Nangong!

In front of him, no one dared to play the piano, or even dare to touch it.

Because as long as he is present, other people playing the piano is against his majesty, even if he touches it!


It was in front of such an authority in the piano industry that Jiang Liu, a young man who didn't know how to live or die, appeared, which made many male and female guests around him sneer.

(End of this chapter)