I Was Born Again As A Saint

Chapter 292 The World's First Divine Comedy!

Chapter 292 The World's First Divine Comedy!

For a while!

The scene was dead!

Everyone's eyes gathered between Nangong Ju and Jiang Liu.

At this time, Nangong must have a high look of arrogance, staring at the river not far away with cold eyes, and in the corner of his mouth, there was a slight disdainful smile.

"Hmm! Is it possible for a young man who is only twenty years old to have any accomplishments on the piano? It is ridiculous to dare to play the piano in front of me! Ridiculous!"

Nangong shook his head ironically!


Listening to the continuous taunting voices around, and feeling the disdainful look of all of them, Jiang Liu came to the piano, but still sat down calmly under their attention.


Jiang Liu's fingers unnaturally struck a key, and it looked very rusty, as if someone who had never touched the piano touched the piano randomly.

"Ha ha ha! In this way, dare to show ugliness in a scene like today? I thought he could pop up some tricks."

Seeing Jiang Liu's rusty fingering, Nangong Qinglin not far away, he smiled suddenly.

"It's really shameful, or in front of so many people with heads and faces, it's ugly to the uncle's house!"

Nangong Qinglin's side, Zhang Qing's could not help but laugh out loud.

"Without this diamond, do you still want porcelain work? Hahaha!"

The two glamorous women wearing dresses were also shaking with a laughing body.

It's not just them!

Many male and female guests around shook his head with a look of scorn when they were under the sparse keys of Jiangliu's piano.

They were very curious about how confident they were in the piano before they dared to play the piano in front of them and in the face of Nangong Jue.

But the results are obvious. This level of the river current is far worse than what they expected.

Moreover, it can only be described as garbage!

"The young people today don't have any ability, but they are just arrogant, it's just a joke!"

Among the crowd, Nangong shook his head with a sneer and sneered, in his eyes looking towards the river, full of strong irony!

And not far from him!

Xuanyuan Ruo, who stands among countless men and women, has a tightly frowned eyebrow, a tense heart, and a strong self-confidence in the river current between the eyebrows.

Jiang Liu's poems and tricks, she has seen.

So she believes in Jiangliu.

I believe Jiang Liu will never let her down.


She was also curious and looking forward.

In today's atmosphere, what amazing songs will Jiang Liu play?

Will it surpass his previous level of song and song again?

For a time.

Countless sneer sounds!

Countless disdainful eyes!

Instantly interweaved and gathered at this moment, and the continuous madness continued to hit the river.


After rustling the keys, the river flow suddenly lifted his eyes, as if completely changed into a person, a sudden burst of Ling Ran's shocking momentum on his body!

Under the eyes of everyone around him, Jiang Liu slowly closed his eyes, raised his hands gently, and then fell very naturally on the piano keys.

Beautiful and pleasant notes suddenly emerged between the ten fingers of the river.

With the change of the fingers of Jiangli's piano keys, every note that originally sounded dull seemed to produce a magical power. They collided and collided with each other under the fingers of Jiangliu, and finally they became like a sound of nature Magic sound.

This piano piece is the earth where Jiang Liu was born before, and is known as the most difficult piano piece in the world.

Its name is "The Third Piano Concerto".

It has three sections.

The first paragraph is more gentle.

In the second stage, the speed increases linearly.

The third paragraph, just like a hundred ghosts, is extremely fast, just like the power of a thunderous thunder, rushing into the sea.

The world's first Divine Comedy, which is extremely difficult, has increased dramatically with the ingenious change of the river.


After playing this piano song, it takes at least forty minutes at ordinary speed.

However, under the superb technique of Jiangliu, the speed of this piano song was shortened in a few minutes in a straight line.

Beautiful and pleasant notes, accompanied by the majestic momentum of the sky, are constantly produced from the ten fingers of the river.

Sometimes it looks like Ben Lei, with momentum as rainbow!

But after ten minutes of melodious resounding, it was slow and gentle again.

It is sometimes like a flying swallow, full of joy.

But after playing a dozen keys in interlacing, the chords turned into pity and loneliness.

Although each note that sounds like only one key pops up, in fact, it is a wonderful chord composed of dozens of keys at the same time at a speed that is hard to catch by the naked eye.

Everyone in the entire banquet hall stayed.

They were stunned watching Jiang Liu's piano performance, and then watching Jiang Liu sitting in front of the golden stage piano, with the melodious sound of the piano, and the golden brilliance blooming.

All the people present seemed to be brought into all kinds of unreal worlds by the sound of the piano.

Countless people are crowded in this illusory world.

Some of them are crying.

Some are laughing!

Some are angry!

Some are sentimental!

It's as if in this short piano sound, everyone has experienced the sweetness and bitterness of a person's short life.

this moment!

Everyone is crazy!

They seem to have their own thoughts and perceptions, but in the sound of the piano of the river, they can't control their bodies and emotions!

Every key played by Jiang Liu seems to have the same magic power, so that they are completely immersed in the sounds of the heavens!

At this moment, in the banquet hall, a peaceful raven was silent.

Until Jiang Liu played, and slowly opened his eyes again, the whole field still fell into a deadly silence!

"This ... this ... how is this possible?"

"Can this piano be played by anyone?"

"This is definitely the most wonderful and amazing piano song I have ever heard!"

In the banquet hall, countless male and female guests, including many Houmen children, almost opened their mouths incredibly.

This song is too amazing and perfect!

In particular, this difficulty is as exaggerated as the magical axe.

"This boy, how can he play this piano?"

Among the crowds not far away, Nangong was absolutely stupid!

Nangong Qinglin also choked off!

Even Zhang Qing and the two beautiful women behind them both stayed!

None of them thought that Jiang Liu's piano accomplishments were so amazing and amazing!

Jiang Liu's piano song seems to have transcended human understanding of the piano, and it is very difficult.

after all.

Most of the attendees were in the field of ci, with some achievements and accomplishments, and many of them were outstanding cis masters and grand masters.

However, when they saw Jiang Liu's piano skills and accomplishments, all the people present asked themselves that without this ability, they could pop up Jiang Liu's amazing piano music.


The crowd trembled, and Jiang Liu sitting in front of the piano did not get up.

With a serious and rigorous look on his face, he raised his arms slightly, and drew his fingers on the piano keys again ...

(End of this chapter)