I Was Born Again As A Saint

Chapter 293 A Prelude to Lanting, Frightens the Princes!

Chapter 293 A Prelude to Lanting, Frightens the Princes!

With the sound of Jiang Liu's prelude to the piano, the beautiful moving rhythm slowly spread.

The wispy golden brilliance is like a thick fog covering the river and the river, making the river as a whole sacred.

The prelude to this verse is the prelude to the score of "Lanting Preface", which he was no longer familiar with.

When the prelude to "Lan Ting Xu" came out, the chaotic banquet hall quieted again.

The princes and wealthy men who shocked Jiang Liu's piano piece just now almost froze again when he heard the prelude to the piece.

Even Nangong Jue, Nangong Qinglin, Zhang Qing, and Xuanyuan Ruoqiang, when they heard the prelude to this exquisite song, their eyes flashed a little light, making a ripple of surprise. .

"Lanting is posted, and the books are flowing like clouds!"

"Push the door under the moon, your heart is as broken as your steps!"

"Busy, the Millennium Monument is extension!"

"But it's hard to extend your beauty!"

"True, who can I really give to!"

"An animal husbandry blew, and a few dishes of rice wine ..."


When Jiang Liu played the intro, he opened his mouth and entered the accompaniment of the piano. I saw that every word he sang was accompanied by the wonderful moving accompaniment sound. It flashed a ray of golden light momentarily, one by one, floating in his three feet Overhead.

The magnificent and magnificent spiritual power, accompanied by the rise of the golden light font, suddenly swept away.

Such a scene!

The whole banquet hall just felt trembling!

More than a hundred princes and celebrities and celebrities, a group of handsome men and women, including Nangong Jue, Nangong Qinglin, Zhang Qing and Xuanyuan Ruohao, and the two beautiful women are also listening to the impeccable stream. Singing, watching every word that he sang, one by one emerged above his head, all of a sudden pause.

After playing a piano divine tune, this river actually started to play lyric again?

"It's irrelevant to Fengyue, I'll wait for you to return!"

"Don't worry, there are thousands of waves on the shore!"

"What is the meaning of love words?

"And I am alone, you have known all your life ..."

The singing is picturesque!

The lyrics are gorgeous!

The whole banquet hall was quiet and terrible.

Everyone at the scene looked dumbfounded, staring blankly at the moment, the only protagonist in the audience, the river, and his brain buzzed.

The lights in the banquet hall became extremely dim under the golden light of the flashing lyrics above Jiang Liu's head.

This song is so nice!

It's almost like a fairy sound, it's a nightmare, like a drunk!

In particular, the beautiful notes of this song are like a peerless landscape painting, leading everyone in the banquet hall to experience an ancient intergenerational love.

That wonderful melody echoed throughout the hall, making countless princes and dignitaries fascinated.

The shocking lyrics are undoubtedly sung from the mouth of the river, and the word rises and rises in the air, one after another, the incomparable great spiritual power, like the storm of doom, permeates the audience.

"Who is this young man? How can he play such a magical song?"

"This melody, this lyrics, and the match are almost seamless. This is definitely the most shocking song I have ever heard in Qinzhou!"

"It is so incredible to be able to write such a song and song at such an age, isn't it incredible?"

In the banquet hall, the surrounding families, princes and wealthy men of the various princes and gates, unconsciously, had already opened their mouths slightly, and looked at the river in front of the piano, and were amazed. sound.

Although the sound of the piano cannot perfectly highlight the extraordinary sound of "Lanting Preface", the piano accompaniment has brought this "Lanting Preface" to another detached mood.

To be honest, such a melodic melody and such picturesque lyrics, even though the lords and powers in the banquet hall are all important figures in Qinzhou, but they have never heard of them. song.

Throw out the shock of the major princes and powerful people.

at this time.

The most terrifying people are, of course, Nangong Jue, Nangong Qinglin and Zhang Qing.

They looked sluggish, their eyes widened, and they looked at Jiang Liu's eyes with surprise.

This kind of lyricism!

This literary skill!

This level of singing like a palace is absolutely incredible. This turned out to be the hand of a young man around 19 years old!

In the whole hall, there was a complete silence.

Only the beautiful melody of "Lan Ting Xu" is still being played.

Above the top of Jiangliu's head, the bright golden font radiates a dazzling halo.

All the male and female guests in the banquet hall, including the major princes and Nangong Jue, Nangong Qinglin, Zhang Qing, and Xuanyuan Ruoqiang, have held their breath and have been silent for a long time. Back to God.

The melody of "Lan Ting Xu" is intoxicating!

The words in "Lan Ting Xu" are undoubtedly shocking.

Talent-oriented in this. In the world of sacred cultivation, such classic words are simply called countless princes and powerful people, and they can be amazed and shocked.

This kind of lyrics, even if all the people present, can not guess the rating height, but they can feel that the song of "Lanting Xu" is still a song, can definitely crush Qinzhou countless ququ master figures.

"It's irrelevant to Fengyue, I'll wait for you to return!"

"The book is well deserved, and there is no fear of right and wrong on earth!"

"The rain hit the banana leaves, and I stayed for a few more nights!"

"I'll wait for Chunlei to remind you who you love!"


When Jiang Liu was singing "Lanting Preface" near the end, the vast golden light, accompanied by endless spiritual power, rose into the sky.

The golden piano began to tremble and tremble.

The eye-catching cracks are already unable to bear the majestic spirit of the song, and are faintly approaching the edge of collapse.


When Jiang Liu sang the last sentence of "Lanting Preface", when he played the fingers of the piano and the last note ...


The piano burst.

The endless spiritual power, like a giant wave of rivers, instantly rolled around.




Under such spiritual power, the banquet tables and chairs within a radius of nearly ten meters shattered out of thin air.

Even the princes and wealthy men who were close to the river were trembling physically and mentally, and were forced to take a few steps behind them.

This situation makes the whole banquet hall chaotic. !!

In the minds of everyone present, the wonderful melody of "Lanting Preface" was still echoing for a long time, and the golden light words above Jiang Liu's head were fascinated.


The entire banquet hall fell into a death-like silence for a moment.

This quiet atmosphere lasted for a long time.

At last……

"Slap! Slap! Slap!"

I don't know it was the male and female guests in the crowd, slowly recovering the color of Mu Ne, his eyes were looking at the river in front of the piano, and applauding applause.

"Slap! Slap! Slap!"

With this applause, in the silent banquet hall, those princes and powers who were still in a daze, finally all inspired their palms.

Right now!

Above the hall, there is only praise and applause from the heart.

Even Xuanyuan Ruohuan was also surprised and inspiring, just like a little fanatic fanatic who fluttered his palms madly.

In the whole scene, the only people who remained intact and did not tremble, there were only Nangong Jue, Nangong Qinglin and Zhang Qing.

"so amazing!"

"Even the golden-ranked piano cannot carry the spiritual power of this song, and the rating of this song is not low."

"It's reasonable that the Jinjie piano can't carry the spiritual power in these songs, after all, even these Qinzhou masters can hardly write such exquisite words and songs."

In the applause-filled field, a toast of admiration and interweaving sounded.

The male and female guests who were unfamiliar with Jiang Liu before, shouted with admiration and wonder, yelling at the river.


In the midst of this praise and applause, I saw the end of the lyrics of "Lanting Preface" lined with Jiang Liu's head suddenly bursting into dazzling golden light.

They frantically condensed, like a nine-day phoenix, spinning and spinning in mid-air. In the end, in the eyes of everyone in the audience, at a speed visible to the naked eye, three dazzling gold-light ratings were quickly gathered.

Rating: Tian Jiu Pin! !! !!

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