I Was Born Again As A Saint

Chapter 294 Is Jiang Liu a Scholar of the Hundred Schools?

Chapter 294 Is Jiang Liu a Scholar of the Hundred Schools?

"Tian Jiu Pin Rating?"

"Oh my God!"

"This song is as high as Tian Jiu Pin?"


As soon as the rating of Tian Jiu Pin of Jiang Liu was released, the entire banquet hall caused an uproar.

Many male and female guests in the banquet hall, whether they are the princes of all parties, the power of the major families, or a group of women.

The people present were all surprised with their mouths wide open, with an incredibly obsessed look at the golden light rating above Jiang Liu's head, and deep inside, he turned up a series of strong shocks like turbulent waves.

"This ... this ... how is this possible?"

"How could he play a song rated by Tian Jiu Pin?"

Among the crowd, Nangong trembled like an electric shock, staring at the river with horrified eyes, and made a particularly sharp exclaim from his mouth.

this moment.

Not only is Nangong absolutely dead.

Together with Nangong Qinglin, who is next to Nangong, is also stupid!

Also, Zhang Qing and Nangong Qinglin beside the two beautiful women are all stunned!

None of them thought that Jiang Liu not only had outstanding piano skills, but also played so amazingly and astray.

more importantly.

After the performance of a very difficult piano song, the river also played a song with a rating of Tianjiupin.

How dare you believe this?


For a time.

Everyone in the banquet hall was full of dumbfounded expressions, still immersed in the Tian Jiu Pin rating lyrics played by Jiang Liu, unable to extricate himself for a long time.

Jiang Liu ’s piano music seems to have transcended human understanding of the piano, and it is very difficult. Even many guests in the banquet hall have good piano accomplishments.

However, all the people present asked themselves that they did not have the ability to pop the river's piano piece.

Jiang Liu's "Lanting Preface" has a profound meaning and exquisite genre. The combination of the two is outstanding and unmatched.

These two shocks are undoubtedly equivalent to two sky mines, hitting the hearts of everyone present.


In the banquet hall, when the crowd was shocked, Jiang Liu slowly got up and looked up at the words "Lanting Xu" above his head.

With his look, I saw that the bright light and the golden light of the sun once again gave birth to a strong light.

At this magnificent moment, it was powerful.

Once rising, it quickly condenses at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Within a short moment, this golden light rose into the sky above the "Lanting Preface", showing two lines of golden light:

Spiritual Order!

Nine-step true spirit decision!

"Lingxian Gongfa!"

"This lyric actually gave birth to spiritual order?"


The crowd raged again.

Among the rioting crowd, Nangong once again exclaimed from his mouth.

With an incredible expression on his face, his body was constantly shaking and trembling, looking at the trembling eyes of Jiang Liu, as if looking at a god-like man, extremely demented, and filled with endless incredibleness.

"My God."

"Who the hell is this guy? Does anyone know?"

"At a young age, not only played the lyrics and songs rated by Tian Jiu Pin, but also derived a spiritual order?"

At the same time that Nangong exclaimed, all the princes and nobles in the banquet hall returned to God in an unintelligible manner. They asked each other and looked at each other.

"how can that be?"

"How could this boy play the lyrics and songs graded by Tian Jiu Pin, and also derived the spiritual order?"

Nangong Qinglin, not far away, was also the first time that Nangong never let out this exclaim. His body trembled violently, his pupils contracted for a while, and his mouth said in shock:

"Lingxian Gongfa, looking at the whole land of Qinzhou, only the real earl houmen, and those older generations of super-class families, can truly have it."

"How could he be such a young man to have such an order of skill?"

Nangong Qinglin's eyes stared at the river not far away in front of him, with an expression of incredulity:

"Who the hell is this guy?"

The lyrics and songs of Tianjiupin have been shocking.

after all.

Throughout the Qinzhou land, the people who can play Tian Jiu Pin's lyric are almost all those who cover the sky in Qinzhou.

Even the first-class families and the Viscount Marquis were unable to play songs with such ratings.

Not to mention this spiritual order!

The spiritual order is scarce, and it is rare in the whole Qinzhou land.

Except for those real giants and masters of several spiritual orders, Qinzhou's first-class families are still the ranks of viscounts, and almost no spiritual order is saved.

But this river ...

Looking at his age, it seems that he is only about twenty years old.

Being around 20 years old, they can play the lyrics and music graded by Tian Jiu Pin to derive spiritual order skills, which are absolutely beyond their imagination.

At this moment, Nangong Qinglin felt that his brain was buzzing for a while, and he still couldn't believe that everything he saw was actually true.

after all.

Everything that Jiang Liu has done is too illusory and unbelievable.

"At this age, it is possible to play a song and song rated by Tian Jiu Pin and derive the spiritual order. The entire Qinzhou is estimated to be only possible by the big boys and 100 students.

"This young man, wouldn't he be the students of Qinzhou's big family of hundreds?"


Many princes and wealthy people in the banquet hall suddenly awakened.

The land of Qinzhou is full of geniuses and capable people.

Perhaps at the age of 20 years old, it is almost impossible to achieve such a level of means as river currents.

Except for the young students who are still rumors of Qinzhou's hundreds of princes, the lords and powers present almost never thought of the second possibility.

To know.

Qinzhou's hundreds of sons are the most sacred existence of Qinzhou.

Their students were even regarded by heaven as countless princes and forces.

If Jiang Liu is really a disciple of a hundred scholars, then he can play the lyrics and music graded by Tian Jiu Pin, and derive the spiritual order, which can be explained.


The huge banquet hall was turbulent.

Hundreds of astonishing hot eyes gathered in the river.

But Jiang Liu ignored the shock and consternation of these people. When he stood still, his face was cold and indifferent, and the corners of his mouth were smiling with a smile. In the flashing "Lanting Preface" words on his head, a lot of holy words had emerged. gas.

As soon as this sacred air came out, he was frantically instilling in Jiang fluid.

The cultivation of Jiang Liu is a realm, and with this incarnation of the Holy Spirit, he began to promote madly.

His original cultivation was a realm, which was originally in the second realm of the earth, and the influx of holy air instantly broke it.

(End of this chapter)