I Was Born Again As A Saint

Chapter 295 I am the disciple of a hundred families!

Chapter 295 I am the disciple of a hundred families!

To the second stage of the second product!

To the middle of the second product!

Land second product late stage!

To the peak of the second product!

Di Sanpin early state!

To the third stage of Sanpin!

Di Sanpin late stage!

To the top of the third grade!

He fully cultivated himself as a realm, and elevated it to the peak of the third level of the earth.

The sacred air of "Lanting Preface" on his head also stopped surging and gradually dissipated.

This "Lanting Preface" directly broke through eight small realms, which was somewhat unexpected by the river.

after all.

Some time ago, his cultivation was a realm, and he could only upgrade three or four small realms each time. This time, he directly promoted eight small realms, but accelerated again.

But after the accident, the river flow was somewhat lost.

Only the lyrics of Tian Jiu Pin can be promoted from the initial state of Di Erpin to the peak of Di Sanpin.

After all, the speed hasn't changed much after all.

"What the hell are you?"

"Are you a student of my family of 100 in Qinzhou?"

After the ascension of Jiang Liu's ascension, and after receiving the spiritual order of that door, Nangong slowly recovered from the lost spirit in the chaotic banquet hall.

He stared at the stars, stared at the face of the river tightly, and asked his doubts.

If so.

Jiang Liu is really a disciple of a hundred scholars, so his identity is undoubtedly equal to the supreme level.

The entire Qinzhou, including the princes and powers in the banquet hall, may have to worship and show respect.

However, if Jiang Liu is not a disciple of the scholars, he will be able to play the lyric songs rated by Tian Jiu Pin with his accomplishments on the piano, and derived the means of spiritual order. level?

On the talents of lyric and lyric, Jiang Liu is an absolute champion in the entire banquet hall.

However, on the basis of sacred cultivation, he has only the top three peaks.


It was only after absorbing the sacredness of his "Lanting Preface" that he was promoted to the peak of Di Sanpin.

In Qinzhou, a region full of strong people, the peak of the top three products really looks a little low.

All kinds of facts are in front of the eyes, which makes Nangong and the lords and powers on the scene very confused and curious about the identity of the river.

"Students' hundred students?"

Hearing Nangong's inquiries, Jiang Liu smiled, and suddenly a thought came to mind.

He nodded and said:

"That's right, I'm a student of the 100 Scholars!"

Anyway, deceiving people does not break the law, he has already installed it, it is better to install another big one.

"Are you really a disciple of a hundred families?"


Nangong's twin pupils curled up, his body trembled, and his entire soul seemed to be shaken by the words of Jiang Liu.


It is the most revered supreme in this world of holy practice!

The Hundreds of Sects, whether in China or other countries in the world of the Holy Religion, are highly respected and admired by hundreds of thousands of Holy Religious Monks.

As a disciple of a hundred scholars, they are undoubtedly also known for their status and status.

Jiang Liu is really a disciple of hundreds of scholars, and his status and status, even the Qinzhou Governor, can be treated with courtesy.


"Few students from Zhuzi Baijia were born. Unexpectedly, you can see the students of Zhuzi Baijia here?"

In an instant.

With Jiang Liu admitting that he was a disciple of the hundred scholars, the entire banquet hall suddenly exploded.

Nangong Qinglin, Zhang Qing and the two beautiful women were almost dumb.

The princes, wealthy men, and female companions in the banquet hall were also shocked. The look towards the river suddenly became extremely hot, worshipped, and enthusiastic.

The sages of the great families and the great saints are thousands of years ago.

And their lives have always been hidden people, and few people have come out and entered the downtown.

But among them, there are many disciples of hundreds of scholars who, by reason of preaching, were born in the world and are active in various countries and states.


Qinzhou land, although there are a large number of students and hundreds of students.

But the students of these great families and hundreds of families are hard to see.

To be able to witness the demeanor of the princes' hundreds of students, naturally has become the goal that all princes and powers of Qinzhou are eager for.

The appearance of Jiang Liu, and acknowledging that he is a disciple of a hundred princes, is undoubtedly the wish of all princes and nobles who rounded out the banquet hall.

"I don't know, Mr. Xiao, who are the students of the 100 families?"

There was a commotion in the audience, Nangong trembled, and his attitude towards the river flow changed instantly.

But in order to prevent Jiang Liu from beating him, Nangong never asked Jiang Liu with a tentative tone.

With this question from Nangong Jue, the banquet halls, the princes and the nobles, including Nangong Qinglin, Zhang Qing, and the two beautiful women, all calmed their minds and pressed their anxious mood. , Fixed his eyes on the river.

It seems that they all want to know. Jiang Liu said that he is a disciple of hundreds of scholars. Which one of them is it?

(End of this chapter)