I Am A Hero

Chapter 487: Lu Qian Reappears

Chapter 487: Lu Qian Reappears

Unexpectedly, these hard and strange insects were destroyed by Beiming with some spices.

Sure enough, it is good to live a long time.

While Du Wenxing was stunned, the insect repair below was dumbfounded.

What do you mean?

What the hell?

who am I? Where am i what happened?

These runes are his last means of retention. In order to successfully refine these babies, he has consumed all the spirit stones left by that worm repair senior!

Spirit stone is a unique product of the Reiki era.

Depending on the quality, there are a variety of auras stored in it, which are not found today.

If it were not for the aura provided by the spirit stone, this bug repair would not be able to breed these runes.

However, it seems that it is easy to get the North Underworld of Runeworms, but it is not really easy. I just listen to him breathlessly in Du Wenxing's consciousness: "Whoo, well, wow, I have no energy, and the rest is handed over You. This bug repair, I guess there is nothing to do. "

"give it to me!"

Toad, oh no, Du Wenxing said.

The lower Xiu Xiu had recovered from the shock, watching the toad demon fluttering in the volley with a black sword, and his heart was frightened.

Like Bei Ming said, he really has run out of means.

How to do?


With a whistle, the insect swarms piled up on the ground and turned into a high wall, blocking Du Wenxing's pursuit.

The armor formed by the worms spread out, and drilled into the mouth of worm repair to maintain the consumption of essence.


Huge news came.

Zhu Xiu looked back, and saw a black blade split from the top of the worm wall and cut to the end.

Wherever he went, the worms were scattered.

Regardless of heartache, Zhu Xiu speeded up his escape.

This toad demon is too fierce!


In the mountains, a team is marching.

Everyone in the team revealed their sturdy atmosphere.

The identities of these people are obvious when they look at their dress and the weapon in their hands.

Mountain thief.

This is a bandit.

The two people walking in the front, a fat man with big yellow face and big eyes, and a handsome middle-aged man with a star face.

The middle-aged handsome guy doesn't look good, and his eyes are worried.

The fat man was smiling, looking at people and animals harmless, but if we look closely, we can see that his eyes are dark.

"I said Brother Lu, you don't have to worry too much. My people have already probed. Your baby boy is still in the jail."

"Well, it's not the wicked man who is worried, but the brothers who are affected by the wicked man. I don't know what happened to them."

The middle-aged handsome guy glanced at the oblique obliquely and said lightly.

"Hey, it's hypocritical."

The fat man's heart was secretly defamatory. He said that he was worried about the brother. When you called me Lu, I did n’t see your surname Lu cared about their life or death. All my questions were about my son. What is he telling me now? Worried about brothers, whoever steps on Ma Xin is a fool.

This middle-aged handsome guy was Lu Qian who abducted Yun Ruo on that day and disappeared for a long time.

As for this fat man, it is another green forest man in Xichuan-the leader of Heifengzhai, who is good at shooting meteor hammers and is known as the yellow faced tiger.

After Lu Qian failed his last shot, he felt deeply alone.

In order to rescue the only child, he put down his innate master and went to Heifengzhai. He invited a yellow-faced tiger and his party. He wanted to use his strength to bring his son out.

For this reason, he even hesitated to give way to the foundation industry of Wohugang.

Lu Qian spent such a large price and invited Huang Mianhu to help him, seeming to be fancy.

But in fact, this yellow-faced tiger is just the strength of the day after tomorrow. Although the soldiers and horses are also elite, they may not be as strong as Lu Qian's crouching tigers.

Lu Qian's fancy is not Huang Mianhu himself, but his brother, Hei Tian Shen.

Hei Tianshen, a master of congenital peaks, is well-known in Xichuan, not only for his strength, but also for his political tendencies.

This person has been advocating autonomy in Nishikawa, hoping that Nishikawa can become an independent country.

The most important thing is that the government can't take him.

It is said that this person has secret support from Tubo and Xixia behind, but there is no obvious evidence.

There is also this yellow-faced tiger. Although his relationship with the black-faced god is not well known, it is not possible to inquire about such institutions as the government.

However, Heifengzhai can still survive to this day. Firstly, because of the dangerous terrain, it is easy to defend and difficult to attack. Secondly, every time the government moves on Heifengzhai, some Tus (toasts) in the local area will come out and cause trouble. That's it.

To say that most of these local Tus are also supporters of the black god. They did not accept that Xichuan was ruled by the Hans. They were not satisfied with being only a small native emperor, plus Tubo, Xixia's puppet, and the connection of the black god. Lobbying swelled.

This group of people has newly become a Xichuan Independent Alliance.

Of course, it is secret.

However, for so many years, there is no clue whatsoever. Many people have known about the existence of this underground alliance. Moreover, these people have not thought too much about it.

It is also today that the court of the Da Zhou Dynasty has relatively weak control over Xichuan. Although it is still under the rule of the court, in many remote places, the management of the court cannot be reached at all, and the local toast is in control.

Lu Qian's Crouching Tiger Hill, located in the Laoshan Mountains, is in a critical position.

The Bailong River in the Laoshan Mountains is flowing through Gannan, Longnan, and other places into Sichuan. The Dangchang Dai people living in the Gannan Longnan area in the north of Laoshan in the north of Laoshan at the source of the Bailong River were the source of the main party members of Xixia.

In fact, the Xichuan Ba ​​and Shu peoples have deep roots with the ancient Dai people.

Due to the prosperity of the Huns during the Warring States and Qin and Han Dynasties and frequent wars in the northwest, a large number of ancient Tatars gradually moved from the northwest to the southwest, gathering in Gansu, Shaanxi, and Sichuan.

However, the western and northern Sichuan are endangered by mountains and gradually adapt to the life of mountain home hunting.

A large number of Tatars arrived and gradually divided into different tribes, and gradually merged with the original Bashu tribe.

Rugao is a tribe that has long separated from the ancient Tatars in Bashu.

In turn, some Ba people in northern Shaanxi-Gansu region also merged with the Tatars, becoming different clans such as Ba and Tatar.

Since then, the Shan people's tribe has again divided into several major sections. White wolves or white orchids are a large part of northern Sichuan. The power of this tribe exceeds the current northwest Sichuan and has developed to the south of Qinghai Lake. The tribe has a close relationship.

In addition, a large part of the Dangchang Dai people, mainly in the western Sichuan Plateau, this tribe has continued to move south in history, and has also become an important source of the later party clan.

In fact, the term Dang Xiang may be derived from the homonym of "Dang Chang".

There are three major mountains in Xixia, namely Helan Mountain, Minshan Mountain and Wuzhi Mountain.

The Laoshan Mountains traverse the native land of Xixia and Xichuan of Dazhou.

The Bai Gaohe, regarded as the origin of the Xixia party, is the Bailong River that originated from Bishan.

Therefore, the Laoshan Mountains at the source of the Baigao River is also regarded as the "fundamental" place by the Dangxiang royal family.

From Xixia down the river, you can enter the territory of Xichuan. If there is such a dangerous place as Wohugang ...

Whether it is an infiltration or a military attack, it is a good thing for Xixia!

(End of this chapter)