I Am A Hero

Chapter 488: Curiosity Kills People

Chapter 488: Curiosity Kills People

Lu Qian loves the only child, so he will not hesitate to surrender to Wohugang Foundation, but also use the yellow-faced tiger to lead the black god behind him, and even the Xixia forces, to rescue the only child.

He doesn't care whether Xichuan will be independent or Xixia in the future, as long as he can't sever the blood of the Lu family.

"I heard that Miss Yun Ruoyi of the Yun family has a natural beauty and beauty like a fairy. I wonder if it is true?" Huang Mianhu asked suddenly.

Lu Qian froze slightly, then sneered in her heart, but said in her mouth: "It's true. I've seen this woman, and she really looks like a country."

"Oh, it's so beautiful? Then I have a chance to taste tasting." The yellow-faced tiger smashed it and smashed his mouth, revealing the color expression.


At this moment, Lu Qian, who was preparing to speak, suddenly changed his face and looked at the dense forest in front of him and shouted, "Who is it, get out!"

As soon as the voice fell, he saw a weird-looking creature, and a slime-covered weird rushed out of the forest.


"It's ugly!"

"Can it be Shanjing?"


The yellow-faced tigers were clearly shocked by the appearance of the weirdo, and looked at each other with arms.

Who knew that this weird ignored them at all, and flew past the team, and it was about to disappear between the mountains and forests.


Two thunderous cries sounded, and a scene that further shocked the gangsters appeared.

A toad the size of a slap jumped from the position where the weird had just got out.

That's okay, the most weird or scary thing is that this toad's claw holds a black knife that is more than twenty times larger than him.

So that the big black tumor (bloodthirsty vine) that grows on it is nothing more than that!

The group was a little silly like a puppet.

Others are rubbing their eyes, thinking they are dazzled.

The yellow-faced tiger was not much better, his eyes blinked as he watched Du Wenxing holding a big black knife and jumping past him. Then he stuttered to the side of Lu Qian: "Old, old, old Lu, I am not dreaming Don't you give me a try? "

Lu Qian was also in shock. He couldn't care less about the yellow-faced tiger, but just stared at the direction where the weirdo and toad left, and his heart was terrified.

Is there really a demon fairy in this world?


Du Wenxing: "Is that person Lu Qian just now? Why is he here? Who is with him?"

A series of questions emerged.

Too late to think.

He rushed into the forest with a bounce.

Let's talk about that bug first.



Seeing that Lu Qian didn't move, the yellow-faced tiger gave him a slap.

Hiss—, it hurts!

It turned out not to be a dream.

So what I saw ... the monster?

Mom, there are monsters!

Is that still a fairy?

Why didn't you let me know until now, haven't I lived in vain for more than 20 years!

Huang Mianhu's expression of indignation was grieving, and he thought that he had missed the opportunity to cultivate into a fairy, and he did not know that it was too late!

After his face changed for a while, Huang Face Tiger poked Lu Qian with his elbow, "Lao Lu, you said ... would we like to follow it? Feel like this toad is pursuing that monster!"

"Of course not!" Lu Qian vetoed decisively.

Whether it was the weirdo before or the toad after him gave him a feeling of extreme danger, he absolutely did not have the slightest idea of ​​approaching.

"Aren't you curious?" Yellow-faced tiger was upset.

"Curious? I'm more afraid of death!" Lu Qian said in his heart, "These two ... things, at first glance, are not something ordinary people can handle. Besides, we still have things to do and can't afford to delay."

"No delay, no delay, just peeking away." Huang Mianhu didn't seem to hear Lu Qian's evasion, and continued to speak relentlessly.

Lu Qian was dissatisfied.

"No, we have more important things."

In his eyes, the safety of his son is more important than watching a ghost fight.

However, Lu Qian forgot that the yellow-faced tiger was not his subordinate. Instead, he wanted the yellow-faced tiger.

This person was an arrogant and arrogant temperament, how could he do it according to Lu Qian's request.

"Hey, Lao Lu, it's not that you talk about it. Brothers, let's go and fight with the monsters in the past."

Yellow-faced tiger sneered and shouted back to his men.

The robbers look at me, I look at you, hesitating for a while.

The yellow-faced tiger boss ordered them to dare not listen, but the monsters did not dare to provoke them!

Before hesitating, the yellow-faced tiger's complexion had cooled down.

Just as he was about to blast, a stern whistle sounded in the direction where the two monsters disappeared, attracting everyone's attention.

In front of everyone's eyes, Zong Xiu scrambled out of the branches and leaped from the leaves, his appearance was embarrassed, and there were several wounds behind, but no blood flowed out.

When he saw the robbers who were amazed, Zong Xiu didn't turn a blind eye this time, but rushed towards the burglar closest to it.

No one evaded and everyone was stunned.

This time, Xiu Xiu was facing everyone, and he was slowing down as he rushed over. Almost all the pirates saw his face clearly.




Various descriptions emerged from the robbers' heads, until they were awakened by a scream.

Everyone was shocked to see that a lot of slime-like tentacles were shot from the monster, inserted into the body of a companion, and large and small oval objects flowed from the tentacle into the companion.

Then they saw the companion, showing pain.

A strange sound sounded from within him.

For a moment, the expression on his face became less human, and he bumped up bumps like beetles from time to time, crawling from forehead to chin.

The word "狰狞" is no longer enough to describe his terror at this time. Even the worst body that the bandits have ever seen is ten thousand times better than the appearance of this companion.

next moment!

With a bang, the robber's body exploded, not like flesh and blood, and there was no red rain. Instead, a large number of black spots appeared, like a flash flood and mud and rocks.

Hulah, three robbers within a six-foot distance were wrapped and rushed into the air.

These torrents of black dots are extremely powerful.

In an instant, the three robbers rolled into their mid-air more than ten feet high with their swords and weapons, and then no longer rose, but rotated and contracted back and forth like a sphere, accompanied by an endless "buzz" "Noise.

At the same time, there were screams.

Alas, just use your cheap dregs and flesh to provide me with energy!

The bugger laughed.

All the pirates, including the yellow-faced tiger, shuddered.

(End of this chapter)