I Am A Hero

Chapter 489: Pond and Pond Fish

Chapter 489: Pond and Pond Fish


Three cleaned up skeletons fell to the ground.

The pirates around him instantly retreated three meters away, looking at the companions' bones in horror.

Oh, and the first one. After the worm exploded inside his body, the body had broken into countless pieces, each of which was like dried meat for a long time!

The flying insects above seemed to get more excited when they swallowed the flesh.

They roared down from the sky and swept around the two pirates on Monday. The two pirates were swallowed up with flesh and blood.

There were only two bones left, and they stood upright.

This time all the robbers woke up.

I do not know which one, shouted, "Run!"

The mountain thieves fled in a hurry, and their so-called "sturdy" was not worth mentioning under the fear brought about by Xiu Xiu.

However, the speed of the pirates is still no faster than the insects flying in the sky.

I saw the "black cloud" in midair suddenly turned around, and once it fell, a robber was eaten up.

As each thief was swallowed up, Zeng Xiu's spirit of qi became better and better, and the previous feeling of wolf howled away.

He looked back at Lin Zi, seeing that the toad demon had not yet come out, and his spirits had increased a little.

Mind: "Was that arrangement working?"

The pirates are almost dead soon, but there are still some missing fish.

Before that, he was particularly "curious" and wanted to peek into Zong Xiu and Du Wenxing's yellow-faced tiger. He was also running wild at the moment, and in front of him was Lu Qian, who stretched to the extreme.


Du Wenxing was struggling in a swamp. He didn't expect that the insect repairer was even equipped with organs in the forest.

This organ is obviously arranged in advance.

Unexpectedly, this insect repair had such a well-prepared move for Du Wenxing.

With care, he was forced to fall into the swamp by the smashed boulders and the hit tree trunks.

This is a swamp with the same appearance as the ordinary ground. Only when it falls into it can it be found abnormal.

A strong suction came down from the body, dragging Du Wenxing a little bit deeper into the swamp.

In fact, Du Wenxing's lower body was already trapped.

And the upper body was pulled down by numerous touches from Beiming, which was able to compete with the suction of the swamp and keep it outside the swamp.

Du Wenxing didn't panic too much, he also had the system store card.

Looking around first, the trees here are terribly scary, tall and dense, and the branches are twisted. They look like ghosts with open teeth and claws. They all look like eating people. When people see them, they are frightened and sweaty.

Even though it is sunny on a sunny day, the sun is covered by lush foliage, so the entire swamp looks extremely dim.

The other end of Bei Ming's tentacles is firmly or entangled or adsorbed on the surrounding tree trunk, to ensure that Du Wenxing's body is not dragged into the swamp, and at the same time, he screams loudly in his heart, "Do n’t be dazed, come up with a solution soon I was wasting my energy like this! "

Du Wenxing poked his lips, and the strong adsorption force under him made him unable to exert force, let alone come out of the swamp.

What do you say with internal force?

That thing has to work with your body, not a jet!

Even if the congenital warrior has been able to release the internal force, the intensity and quantity of the external release are not large, and it is not possible to counteract this powerful suction.

Grandmaster is fine, but Du Wenxing is not.

So you can only rely on things in the system mall.

Du Wenxing's so-called daze just now is actually browsing the system mall and trying to find items that can be released and have a high cost performance.

He was really found.

Alpha alloy powerful telescopic claw.

The price is not too expensive, and the 850 chivalrous value can be exchanged.



A black claw appeared on Du Wenxing's arm. The claw was connected to a black metal sleeve and placed on Du Wenxing's right wrist.

This sleeve also automatically adjusted the diameter according to the thickness of his current arm, and now it fits perfectly on the thin clam claw.


Where did this stuff come from?

Beiming raised his doubts.

I feel that this host is becoming more and more mysterious.



Black hook claws shot into the trunk of the nearest and thickest large tree nearby. The five claws slammed sharply, pierced deep into the wooden hard trunk, and then retracted in and fastened.

Then, the black metal rope began to tighten.

Strongly came, and began to pull Du Wenxing upwards.

At the same time, the lower adsorption force also increases.

Du Wenxing felt that his body was being pulled by two great forces, and there was a feeling of being torn.

He hurriedly turned on his internal forces, and his muscles tightened, resisting a strong tear.

Grumbling, strong metal ropes made a sore sound, the claws that deeply pierced the trunk were slowly moving outward under the great force, and Du Wenxing's body was slowly pulled up .

"Special lady, it seems that this trunk cannot hold up!"

It can be felt that as the hook moves, the power coming from above is also weakening, and its body is pulled back by the huge suction.

Not only that, because of the retraction of power, he fell deeper!

This won't work!

Du Wenxing thought about it, his right limb trembled, his claws popped out of the trunk, and pulled back into the metal sleeve under the pulling of the rope.

Later, Du Wenxing shot the hook again, this time he aimed at the side of the same tree.

The claws brushed past the trunk.

Du Wenxing's wrist trembled suddenly, the hook claw turned suddenly and shot aside.


The metal rope spared three turns on the thick trunk.

Hook clawed into the wood.

The huge force came, and Du Wenxing's sinking tendency stopped, and the two forces started to rise and fall again.

Discomfort, great discomfort!

Du Wenxing felt that his body had been divided into two pieces, and the upper half and the lower half were almost out of position.

Bei Ming no longer tangled where Du Wenxing's hook claws came from, but pulled up by dozens of tentacles shot by himself.

Hissing ~~~

It hurts!

its not right?

Why is the suction below getting bigger and bigger.

Du Wenxing finally realized that something was wrong.

Under this swamp, there seems to be something abnormal. This kind of adsorption force has exceeded the normal range!

"It must be abnormal." Bei Mingdao: "It seems like a formation?"

"Can it work without Reiki array?"

"It may be motivated by a spirit stone. That bug repair must have known for a long time, and it was deliberately brought you here."

"Hey, you know how to cheat. Does this guy's brain have not been eaten by the worm?"


The yellow-faced tiger and Landing Qian ran like headless flies, and the roar of insects behind them grew louder.

Yellow-faced tiger looked back, oh my god, that monster has chased so close!

(End of this chapter)