I Am A Hero

Chapter 490

Chapter 490

"Lao Lu, no, that's bad! That monster is about to catch up!"

Lu Qian did not look back, but was thinking about the running route.

"It should be in this direction? I don't know if that toad is still there."

Lu Qian dashed while pondering.

Before he saw that toad monster disappeared in this direction following the monster behind him, apparently the two monsters did not deal with each other.

If the toad is still in this direction, the monster behind can lead him to encounter him, and he should be able to get away!

It turned out that Lu Qian was making such a wishful thinking.

However, the yellow-faced tiger did not expect these. Seeing that the insects in the rear chased closer and closer, his heart was so anxious that he couldn't help but reach out to pat Lu Qian.

Not that he wanted to do with Lu Qian, but just wanted to ask Lu Qian what to do now?

Unexpectedly, Lu Qian's reaction was extremely fierce.

Huang Qiang's palm just touched Lu Qian's shoulder. Lu Qian's right hand popped up like an electric shock. A wrist turned around and gripped Huang Qiang's wrist, and then it seemed to flick back at will!


There was a crisp sound in the air.

The yellow-faced tiger only felt a sting from his fingers to his wrists, his elbows, and his shoulders, and he could no longer exert energy.

After being thrown by Lu Qian, almost all the joints on Huang's entire arm were dislocated.

It's not over yet.

It was a strong wave again, and the yellow-faced tiger was thrown backwards like a cloud in the sky.

"Lu Qian, you dog day, hemp sale approval, I will you a fairy shovel shovel ..." The half-faced yellow faced tiger cursed wildly, knowing that he was sold by Lu Qian a dog thing!

Ge Laozi, this is to use me as a bait to delay the pursuit of the monster behind!

The yellow-faced tiger cursed as he scolded, turning his head desperately, looking behind and above.

Above, the dense flying insects, like sharks smelling blood, have rushed towards themselves.

At the rear, the very disgusting monster with empty eyes seemed to be staring at himself.

Yellow-faced tiger really thinks too much.

He was no different from the ants in the eyes of insect repair.

Worm correction is thinking, but Du Wenxing.

I don't know if the toad monster is trapped there. I shouldn't have run so fast at that time. I should stay and check the situation.

If the toad monster is trapped by the formation method, it is a good opportunity for me to remove it!

Huang Nianhu didn't know that Xiu Xiu didn't care about him at all, looked at the expression of the other side, and thought that the other side was thinking about how to eat himself?

Fear in my heart!

Anyway, the yellow-faced tiger is also a green forest tyrant.

Quickly endured the severe pain in mid-air and returned the left hand joint.

He stretched out his hand and drew it around his waist, and a meteor hammer was held in his hand.

Then he threw forward.

Yes, not backward, but forward.

The yellow-faced tiger was scared by the insect repair, and he did not dare to fight with him. The position of this hammering was Lu Qian's direction.

It is not only for revenge, but also to use the power thrown out by the meteor hammer to offset the kinetic energy of his backward flight.

Lu Qian heard the movement and did not look back, his backhand was a palm.

The yellow faced tiger sneered.

Hey, look down on me, don't you!

I saw his wrist shake, and the meteor hammer's hammer suddenly turned, and the chain actually circled around Lu Qian's forearm.

Lu Qian froze.

The yellow-faced tiger is already pulling on it, and people have changed from upside down to forward.

Lu Qian flashed a cold light in his eyes, and then showed an apologetic smile. During the running, he looked back at the yellow-faced tigers who flew for the first time and said, "Brothers of the yellow-faced tigers, forgive me, I was just a conditioned reflex. Now the enemy In the future, we still don't want to be instigated. "

Yellow-faced tiger didn't want to talk to him at all, but he didn't do anything, just dragged the chain of the meteor hammer and decided that if he couldn't escape by himself, he would drag the bastard into the water.


The suction is getting stronger and stronger, Du Wenxing's body has been pulled straight, the hook and claw chains have been pulled straight, and the tangled lines of black metal wires make a rattling noise.

Suddenly, a strand of wire broke, and the sharp wire cut several branches, and then drew towards the thick trunk of another big tree next to the big tree that entangled the hook.


The big tree that the two of them had embraced was cut off directly, and the upper half slid off obliquely, hitting the ground with lush foliage.

No, this Alpha Metal's tensile force seems to be at its limit.

Du Wenxing was shocked and was about to buy some other items available in the system mall at the moment. Beiming's voice suddenly sounded.

"There are two blood streams coming from the southwest."

"Do not."

"Three shares!"

"It's that bug repair, he's here too!"

Du Wenxing was startled and was about to say something. Then he heard Beiming say again: "You're a waste of this prop, just put it away. You hide in the mud first, I'll make sure you don't sink."

"You mean, ambush that bug repair?" Du Wenxing guessed Bei Ming's intentions instantly.

"Yes, the formation below the swamp must be related to this bug repair. As long as he is caught, if he doesn't want to be buried alive with us, he can only lift the formation below."

"Good for you, oh."

Du Wenxing immediately took the opportunity to reclaim the almost scrapped claw, discarded it in the mud without distress, and then slowly sank.

Beiming fired dozens of tentacles, winding around the trunks of large trees, but these tentacles extended past the ground.

Then all the upper tentacles were retracted.

At this moment, no one can see that Du Wenxing is still trapped in the swamp.

The insect repair looked at the position, and then his heart moved slightly. The direction in which the two humans escaped ...


The toad demon hasn't chased it till now, maybe he was really trapped by the formation method.

Hey, hey!

Lu Qian, unfamiliar with the terrain, rushed into the swamp in a short stride. When he found something wrong, it was too late, and his feet were already in the mud.

The yellow-faced tiger who followed him did not expect such a change, and fell into it.

"Oh, bad! Lu Qian, you mallet, how do you think of the way!"

The yellow-faced tiger rushed too fiercely and did not have Lu Qian's control. Not only did his feet sink into it, but he fell into the swamp at once.

He subconsciously wanted to hold himself up with both hands, so he even got his hands in it.

Lu Qianyi glanced at this person, he never put this fat man in his eyes.

Even if he joined forces with Heifengzhai for his son's pretense of humility, he didn't expect to be able to successfully rescue his son by this guy and his men, but he hoped to draw out the black god.

Now in danger, naturally he will not hide his emotions.

While the yellow-faced tiger's hands were out of control, Lu Qian untied the meteor hammer wrapped around his wrist and threw it into the mud.

Then he wiped his right hand on his waist, and a soft whip about three feet long was drawn out by him.

Du Wenxing hiding in the dark eyes moved, this Lu Qian hides deep enough, I am afraid that no one on the rivers and lakes knows that it not only makes a good hand, but also uses a long whip!

Deep thinking!

(End of this chapter)