I Am A Hero

Chapter 491: Dilemma

Chapter 491: Dilemma

With Lu Qian's arm swinging, the long whip shot like a spirit snake, the sharp metal whip head passed through the trunk of a nearby tree, and then wound a circle, and the whip head pierced into the trunk again.

Lu Qian shuddered, feeling tight enough, and then began to pull.

"Useless, no effort!"

Du Wenxing hiding in the mud with only two eyes, secretly gloated.

"Save, save me!" Yellow-faced tiger desperately raised his face full of mud, avoiding suffocation, and yelled humbly at the landing.

With the sinking of his body, one side of his ear has been filled with sewage, and in this way he will continue to suffocate and die in no time!

"Didi Di, release the mission: rescue the yellow-faced tiger from suffocation; mission reward: 15,000 chivalrous values, one beauty dan; penalty for failure: forcible breeding with a hundred female toads."

Du Wenxing hiding in the mud was dumbfounded.

It ’s okay to rescue the yellow face tiger, and the reward is Mei Yan Dan. Now he feels that he is handsome enough (human form). To be honest, he is really not so interested in Mei Yan Dan.

What struck him the most was "punishment."

Forced to breed with a hundred female toads? !!

System punishment is becoming less humane!

Du Wenxing, who had wanted to yell at him, came and went, and uttered such a sentence.

I dare not!

Alas, if this mission fails, I would rather commit suicide!

Du Wenxing was angry.

Another thought.

No, the mission must not fail!

Seeing that the yellow-faced tiger sinks deeper and deeper, half of the nostrils will be submerged in the mud. He wants to speak loudly for help, but when he opens, a lot of sewage is poured in.

Cooing Cooing!


Disgusting, the smell of decaying corpses and leaves filled the sewage, making him sick.

No, it's actually spit out.

The terrible thing was that the spit of dirt was swallowed back by the backflow of sewage, so ... a vicious circle ... until the yellow-faced tiger closed his mouth.

Lu Qian ignored the yellow-faced tiger at all. He wanted this person to die, after all, he had offended.

Moreover, he can't protect himself now, how can he still manage the lives of others.

Lu Qian kept on pulling the whip.

As a result, he found that the harder he worked, the greater the suction below him.

Several times of hard work, not only did not pull myself out of the mud, but fell deeper.

Damn, how could this be?

Lu Qian has never encountered such a weird situation!

He hasn't seen the swamp. Xichuan is mountainous and swampy, but he has never seen such a terrifying adsorption force as the swamp under his feet.

And this attraction has increased!

Flip-flops Flip-flops ... Hula HulaHula ...

A sound of footsteps accompanied by a sound of wing friction, Zhu Xiu appeared in front of the swamp.

He glanced around, without seeing the toad demon, I wonder whether it was sinking or ran away.

Lu Qian's complexion changed, and she had been more calm before becoming flustered.

He regretted it, knowing that when the monster appeared for the second time, it would be better to fight harder than to be trapped here now.

The emergence of Zong Xiu made the yellow-faced tiger even more afraid, and he struggled violently, but this struggle also made his body sink faster.

"Damn, this baby boy, idiot!"

Du Wenxing scolded in his heart. He originally quietly reached out to the black tentacles of the yellow-faced tiger. He had stopped when Zong Xiu appeared, but now he has to move again for the task.

The black tentacles moved slowly against the swamp, avoiding the sight of insect repairs under the cover of shrubs, weeds, and rotten leaves.

Fortunately, Xu Xiuxu felt that the yellow-faced tiger was not a big threat, but just glanced at it, he turned his attention to Lu Qian.

This man is full of blood, which is better than that of the previous snake, which can make the baby eat well.

Thinking of this, Zhe Xiu had a sudden heartache, and he remembered the insect killed by Du Wenxing again.

Taking this opportunity, Du Wenxing's black tentacles finally came behind the yellow-faced tiger and caught his clothes.

In Du Wenxing's mind, Beiming asked inexplicably: "Why do you want to rescue this person? Isn't this afraid to expose yourself?"

Du Wenxing was helpless, but was not good at talking to Bei Ming about the system, and he kept silent.

As the body sank, sewage and mud had drowned the entire face of the yellow-faced tiger, and the yellow-faced tiger became more frightened. His suffocation seemed to burst his heart.

At this moment, he felt a sudden drag coming from his neck, and the sinking stopped slightly.

who is it?

Anyway, he knew it was definitely not Lu Qian, because Lu Qian was still in his sight.

The strength at the back of the neck is slowly increasing, and the adsorption force below it is also increasing.

However, because the strength of the back neck was pulled sideways, his body turned slightly, and half of his nostrils were exposed, so he could breathe fresh air.

Du Wenxing hinted that Beiming should stop exerting force, so as not to be caught too much by Zong Xiu.

But Xiu Xiu walked slowly to Lu Qian.

Lu Qian sweated heavily, pulling the whip desperately, but his body still didn't feel pulled out at all.

Worm repair was not in a hurry, moving slowly, his hollow mouth grinning, as if smiling.

On top of his head, thousands of flying insects circled like a dark cloud floating back and forth.

Du Wenxing silently stared at Xiuxiu's movements, hoping that he could get closer, and then get closer ... to give himself a chance to shoot.

Then, Xiu Xiu stopped and looked at Lu Qian with a crooked head.

Lu Qian sweated more on his forehead.

The dagger secretly clasped in his sleeve with his left hand also froze.

He was going to start with this monster before approaching it, but he didn't expect ... Could this monster see it?

As a congenital master, naturally his nature will not sit still.

But this monster didn't even give him a chance to fight hard!

In this case, let's ... now!

Lu Qian gritted his teeth, and his dagger flew out.

A ray of cold light, direct insects repair the chest.

"Quack, you're in a hurry to die!" Zhe Xiu made an unpleasant laughter and suddenly waved his hand, and the dark clouds in the sky huffed and covered.

Lu Qian's complexion changed, and his right hand extended to the back, pulling the short halberd out.

In one battle at night, countless surging energies overflowed, rolling towards the flying insect swarm.

"Raindrops" in "Dark Clouds" have fallen.

Lu Qian was pleased that the monster's bug did not seem to be so difficult to imagine!

The force broke out in the prior days, and a powerful suction was uploaded from the short halberd.

The flying insects are small in size and light in body. They are thrown into the short halberds under suction and gather into a black ball.


With a rage, Lu Qian's arm trembled, and it was blown open by the insects gathered by suction and died.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, other flying insects have come from all directions.

It seems that Lu Qian has no chance.

In fact, although his face was a bit scared, his eyes were clear.

(End of this chapter)