Dream Master Of Realms

Chapter 352: Before the Decisive Battle

Chapter 352: Before the Decisive Battle

Cheng Dongdong found new motivation.

That night.

Then he happily practiced the dragon and eighteen hands with Feng Gongzi.

He is probably the only customer who thanked Li Mu for his dreams after being dreamed by Li Mu.

Li Mu cherishes this rare breed, not to mention, Cheng Dongdong's request is not a big deal, he just satisfied it.

He has to prove to himself that the Dream Master can also be friends with clients.


"Lee, the number of evil alliances gathered in the Legion has exceeded 500,000, which accounts for almost half of the total number of troops in the evil alliance this time." When Ronis reported the situation to Li Mu, his voice was shaking.

"I know, has Queen Catherine got any news?" Li Mu asked.

"No news came from the queen. However, Captain Kristin will arrive three days later, and His Majesty has nearly 60,000 troops," Ronise said.

"What about others?"

"The letter from the Taris Knight said that she was on her way, and she would be there in about four days. Her Majesty had 10,000 soldiers." Ronise said, "Adrid will also arrive in four days, and her Majesty probably has 10,000 Name warrior. "

The adult bishop accompanied the smiley and said, "Li, I know the situation has been promoted, but all the heroes have agreed after the letter, do not use summon magic on them, please give them the final dignity. After they receive your letter, Already coming at the fastest speed ... "

"When Steinwick was conquered, you had no dignity." Li Mu shook her head and smiled. "Others, don't there be so many generals in the whole Eracia!"

Bishop Ronny's face flushed slightly, embarrassingly: "Sousa ’s Guard Knights and Queen Catherine are together, and Field Doctor Ryan and Commander Christine are together. Sir Mullac loses contact and Silvia is in Fighting with pirates at sea, Wilske's shooter unit was broken up in the Battle of Standwick, and her whereabouts are still unknown; therefore, this should be all the legions that can come to support. "

80,000 reinforcements, plus the 30,000 soldiers he had before, totaled 110,000 troops.

There are half a million evil alliances.

A dozen five.

The situation is not optimistic!

"Is Sir Mullak inaccessible?" Li Mu asked.

Ronny's face froze, and he grinned, "Lee, there may not be soldiers in Sir."

"The movement of the Evil League is so big, I don't believe Sir Mullack noticed it at all." Li Mu glanced at Ronis with a smile, "Please Sir and Wilshere to play cards together! They need to be with Ella West Asia suffers. "

"Lee, don't." Ronnie stopped quickly. "They go ..."

"Master Bishop, I have summoned them," Li Mu looked at the winding terrain of the Emerald Valley and laughed. "I hope they can catch up with this battle. What did you just say, where did they go? You do n’t think Say, they're going to the distant Standwick! "

"No, how is that possible?" Roniss denied with despair, babbling, "I mean, they should keep up with this great battle."

During the period of contact with Liszt, Roniss thought that he had won his friendship.

But now it seems that it is not enough. He doesn't seem to care about the views of the generals of Eracia, let alone the overall situation of Eracia. He obeys only his own heart.

Li Mu suddenly asked: "Bishop Ronnis, there should be many soldiers in Her Majesty Queen Catherine?"

Ronnie's heart suddenly tightened, and his concerns about Sir Mlac and others were immediately thrown out of the clouds, carefully explaining: "All the soldiers brought by the queen were handed over to Sir Christine. Her soldiers should be few , And also to protect her. "

"Master Bishop, why are you sweating so much?" Li Mu glanced at Ronis and smiled, "Three days before the date I set with Queen Catherine. Three days later, I haven't responded to her before I will write to her Call out, you don't have to be so nervous ... "

Summon the Queen?

Ronnie's face changed suddenly, and sweat was raining: "Li, don't call the queen first, I will try to urge her. I think the queen must be preparing gifts for His Royal Highness. After all, you have made great things for Erasia. contribution……"

Li Mu smiled lightly: "I hope so!"

Li Mu's indifferent expression made Ronnie's heart beat faster. He panicked and said, "Li, I suddenly remembered that I still had something to discuss with Adra, and I lost my companion for a while."

Li Mu smiled: "Well, you go!"

Looking at the back of Ronnie's hurried escape, Father Feng smiled: "Brother, do you really want Queen Catherine to come?"

"If she doesn't have the sincerity to cooperate, I don't mind letting her exercise." Li Mu converged with a smile, and said, "We made such a big move in White Rock City, it can be said that it saved her kingdom, Yu Qing Li Li should show it, but for how many days, she did n’t even have a letter, and she was still doing little moves behind her, apparently not taking our prince seriously! ”

"Brother, when did you care so much about your face?" Feng Gongzi asked strangely.

"Well, Catherine is the best hostage." Li Muyi laughed. "After this battle, the biggest winner was Elacia. In order to prevent them from turning back, by the way, they took advantage of it and took control of Queen Catherine. In our hands, it is the most appropriate choice. "

"..." Prince Feng was silent. After a moment, she sighed. "If you do this, Queen Catherine will hate you! Brother, aren't you planning to return to this world?"

Li Mu looked sad and extremely depressed. "I suddenly remembered that the next time I returned to this world, there would be no Pikachu magic. I was afraid of being knocked on by sap. After all, the fifth-level magic in this world is quite powerful, a thunderous explosion Maybe it will kill me. It might as well be enough to get the benefits in one go ... "

Feng Gong blinked his eyes and whispered, "Brother, when I am leaving, I will ban all the famous heroes and keep them picking up pickups."

"Then it won't be possible to return." Li Mu gave her a white look, and said, "Xiao Feng, we are the dream masters. We must realize the wishes of our customers as our first goal. It is best to do less and do harm to others. Too much, it's easy to go awry. "

"I see, brother." Feng Gongzi smiled, and didn't take Li Mu's words at all. He only had to listen to some of his grandiose words. It was the most important thing to learn the brothers' rules of conduct.

A moment of silence.

Feng Gongzi and Li Mu stood side by side: "Brother, it's time for Moto and Carl to participate in the game. Why are there no movements and they are killed by their own?"

Li Mu said: "It is impossible to get rid of it, it is estimated that it is locked."

"Stuck?" Feng Gongzi frowned. "Wasn't the card summons cracked? As long as they hold down every hero who comes to play cards, what shall we do? Siege?"

"No, they will definitely go out of town to fight us!" Li Mu said confidently.

"Why?" Asked Feng Gongzi.

"When our reinforcements arrive, I will summon all the named and named heroes of the Evil Alliance to come and play cards." Li Mu snorted. "Unless they have the courage to hold everyone back, otherwise they will definitely go out of town and We are decisive. "

"What if you don't come?" Feng Gongzi asked.

"If you don't come, we will bypass Chesham and attack other cities. The main heroes have been killed, and the soldiers will not have the magic of time and space." Li Muyi laughed, feeling that Feng Gongzi asked a question Stupid question.

Feng Gongzi blushed and bowed his head.

Li Mu shook her head: "Their strength has exceeded us several times. They will not stay in the city forever. The decisive battle is their only chance of victory. Now that I haven't moved, I guess it's a big move."

(End of this chapter)