Dream Master Of Realms

Chapter 353: Enemy with the World

Chapter 353: Enemy with the World

the next day.

The three Li Mu are having breakfast.

Ronise came to the door, looking hurriedly: "Lee, I just got the news. Chesham's evil legion came out of the nest, and the troops came in four directions towards the Emerald Valley."

Li Mu connected a line between the Scout and Ronis, so he got instant messages without delay.

Cheng Dongdong turned a deaf ear to his ears, as if he heard an insignificant news, still slowly stuffing a slice of bread into his mouth.

He had already adapted to the role of Prince Yun, and it didn't matter if he didn't express his opinion. He couldn't be the master.

Feng Gongzi didn't even care about it anymore. She was too lazy to use her brains when a brother was there.

Li Mu looked at Ronis and said, "I see. Let the soldiers prepare to meet the enemy according to the formulated tactics."

Roniss froze, thinking that Li Mu hadn't heard him clearly and explained: "Lee, Chetham's evil legion was all dispatched. They have 500,000 people. We have only 30,000 people. Captain Christine needs to be born. Chetham ’s legion will arrive at Emerald Gorge tomorrow. The four teams they are divided into are clearly focused on your plan. As long as they form a siege to us, our legion will always face the enemy in one direction. "

"I know." Li Mu nodded and smiled. "Did we choose the terrain of the Emerald Valley to cope with the siege?"

"But our army is too small!" Ronise said anxiously. "The people in the Evil Alliance are not fools. They dare to send troops, and they must have a perfect response. Last time we faced the three legions and they were already powerless. .This time there are four times as many enemies. "

Li Mu put down the fork in her hand and smiled: "Roniss, don't be so nervous. Christine will be here on time. We have enough troops."

"Kristin?" Ronnie's eyes widened sharply and he exclaimed, "Lee, did you use summoning magic on the Duke of Christine?"

"Not only Kristin, but also Taris them." Li Mu laughed. "The soldiers are so expensive that they can arrive one day earlier and we can be safe one day earlier. It turns out that my worry is right, isn't it?"

Feng Gongzi smiled, she knew that the brother would not take care of their dignity! After all, he was ready to summon Queen Catherine.

Ronald's face became very ugly, complaining: "Lee, you should tell me in advance, how do you do this, how do I face the Duke of Christine, they have repeatedly asked me not to let you use summons on them ... "

"Bishop Ronis, if we don't use summons against them, the only thing we can do now is to turn around and run away." Li Mu glanced at him and shifted the topic, "Did the queen have yet to reply?"

"It should be coming soon." Roniss dare not look directly into Li Mu's eyes, and laughed. "Lee, I will deploy the army first and prepare for the next battle."

Li Mu nodded.

Ronise turned and left.

Li Mu looked at his back, thoughtfully.

"Brother, what's wrong?" Feng Gongzi asked.

"Amanda, after this battle, turn all the heroes of Eracia into Pikachu language!" Li Mu's finger lightly hit the table.

Feng Gongzi froze.

Li Mu sneered: "Queen Catherine does not want to use us to recover Elasia. If we win this battle, I am afraid that she will be the first one to attack us, and we will start first."

Cheng Dongdong looked up: "Why?"

Li Mu looked at the two and said calmly, "Katherine is not only an excellent queen, but also a qualified politician. Our power is beyond her control. Do you remember the end of the recovery of Elacia? As soon as possible, Katherine Ended the war, reached a cooperation with the undead who poisoned her father and invaded Erassia, sent Rodhart who poisoned King Nicholas to Diya, calmed Nicola's anger and sent her old Daddy ’s soul is ascended to heaven. For such a woman, I have no doubt that she will contact everyone to fight against us after the war. There is no right or wrong in the eyes of politicians, only interests. "

Cheng Dongdong's face became pale for a moment, and he frowned: "It's terrible!"

Li Mu continued: "When we intervened strongly in this war and unbreakable skills were unveiled in this world, we were destined to be enemies and everyone. I don't quite believe that Bishop Roniss did not receive a letter from Catherine. . "

Cheng Dongdong sighed: "There are so many plots in a game world? Without you, I guess it would be nice to survive!"

Born with advanced wisdom, understand the background and history of the hero's invincible world, and the personality of each person ...

There are so many factors. Without the Dream Master, you can slowly develop with Christine. Maybe you can become a great hero in the world of heroes!

Li Mu smiled at Cheng Dongdong with a smile, which made him think so well.

The Dream Master needs his friendship.

Feng Gongzi was a bit frustrated: "Brother, I didn't expect that much, was it too stupid!"

"How can people cover everything? I just thought of it." Li Mu laughed. "Little sister, remember, a qualified dream master must always be ready to fight against the world."

"Huh!" Feng Gongzi nodded heavily.

Cheng Dongdong originally envied the profession of Dream Master, but now he feels that living in a peaceful age is good.

If he is a dream master, even if he has the skills of anti-sky, I don't know how to die in the end!

The day.

Feng Gongzi flew out, banned all the four armies of the Evil Legion, and by the way stunned everyone, delaying the speed of the Evil Legion.

Feng Gongzi didn't think she had done such a great thing.

But she didn't know that she had almost collapsed the evil legion this round.

The heroes of the evil legion found the forbidden magic ball and the forbidden magic cloak. They deliberately waited for two treasures to arrive before deciding to send troops!

However, it was not expected that the forbidden magic ball and the forbidden magic cloak did not play a small role. The flying sword heroes from Baishicheng shook a circle, and they had an easy hit.

There is magic that can break the limit of the magic ball, which was impossible in the past ...

More than half of the heroes of the Evil Alliance lost their language skills, and half a million troops became mules.

For a time.

The morale of the evil legion was at its lowest point.

Zeda waited for five heroes who had previously been banned.

These days, only a few of them are talking to Pika Pika. Although everyone expresses their sympathy and comforts them, they laugh at them in the back.

The most feared of the Battle of the Emerald Valley was theirs.

I'm worried that I won't win this battle, and I'm worried that I won't be defeated by the owner of Baishi City. After all, if Baishi City lives for one more minute, there may be another victim.

How good it is now, everyone is on a level.

Do not suffer from widows and suffer from unevenness.

Together with Pickup Pickup, the heroes of the Evil Alliance can work together to defeat the Lord of White Rock!

As a result, Zeda and other five demon heroes shared joyfully their coping style after being banned.

The army of the Evil Alliance re-launched vigorously and limped to continue to the Emerald Valley.


At midnight.

Sir Christine riding a gryphon came to the Emerald Valley, his mouth dry, his helmet crooked, and his body smelling ...

The sober jazz was so angry that he pulled out his sword and slashed at Li Mu, but Li Mu kicked and flew more than three meters away.


Li Mu blocked his anger with a few words.

"Bishop Roniss also ran!"

"Tomorrow, Chesham's 500,000 troops will arrive in the Emerald Valley."

"Taris Knights and Adelaide are also on their way ..."

"If you are not obedient, Queen Catherine will join the running."


Looking at Li Mu, Christine's face was full of haze.

The description of Liszt in the letter that Ronis gave him suddenly became three-dimensional, he took a deep breath, and his reason gradually returned from his heart.

Kristin concealed his emotions well and marched to Li Mu: "Thank His Royal Highness for everything he has done to Elasia, Kristin was ordered by the Queen and willing to obey His Royal Highness."

(End of this chapter)