Dream Master Of Realms

Chapter 354: Battle

Chapter 354: Battle

Talis and Adrie arrived at the same time in the morning and two feet earlier, two days ahead of their scheduled time, at the cost of their dignity and honor.

Adela, who is also a female, has already had sufficient experience. The first time they prepared a bathtub and changed clothes for them, alleviating their embarrassment in the general public, and taking advantage of the time they bathed, they performed Psychological comfort, and again cited the example of Queen Catherine.


For the queen, Talis and Adrie had to swallow the grievances and humiliations, and joined the preparations before the battle expressionlessly.

Although Lisz was annoyed in their hearts, they were mature heroes and they would not substitute their personal emotions into the war. At present, Elastia needs Liszt.

Both Kristin and Talis knew that the forthcoming Battle of the Emerald Valley would be the decisive battle that would determine whether Erasia would be restored.

Because most of the forces of the evil legion are involved here.


"Brother, do you want to blame it?" Feng Gongzi still remembered what happened before the battle.

"Not use it for the time being, consume the opponent's soldiers first! If you still want to learn magic and collect treasures, you cannot kill the heroes of the evil alliance and leave them to balance Elasia." Li Mu lowered her voice. "Sometimes, Captives can be used to exchange treasures. "

"Um." Feng Gongzi nodded.

"Mado and Carr did not show up. Mullak and Wells Kay don't know where they are. The hand can't be played for a short while, so I will use the focus in the air to guide the evil army. Try to stay beside Cheng Dongdong. Protect his safety. "Li Mu said," I'm not assured of the heroes of Eracia now, we have reached the last point, we can't give up everything. "

"I understand." Feng Gongzi said, "I really want to do something to us, I will not be polite to them."


Taking two steps without illness can slow down the army more than slow.

Pikachu was all Feng Fengzi.

Heroes of the Evil Legion can't even use magic.

When the evil legion appeared on the distant plains, Li Mu stepped on the flying sword to rise to the sky, and launched the focus skill.

Focus skills are above the rules. Without professional training, it is difficult to divide troops.

Unless their army can flexibly grasp the ability to move forward and backward at any time and keep facing Li Mu.

But apparently, the Legion of Evil has not been professionally trained.

After all, they don't have a professional coach like Li Mu.

The moment when focus starts.

Li Mu was fortunate to record the most spectacular scene in history, staring from the air of hundreds of thousands of various creatures.

In the sky and the earth, the black is pressing, and the horizon cannot be seen.

I have to say that the large-scale army battle really tested the courage of the commander.


A long horn sound came from the army.

The big devil, black dragon, bone dragon, scorpion lion, vampire, fiery elf ... and other flying creatures, unaffected by the lame leg, launched the first charge, and the target pointed directly at Li Mu in the sky.

The army on the ground stopped, hiding behind the archer's range, and entered a state of watching the war.


The Evil Legion formulated a perfect strategy against Li Mu.

As long as he is not led by his rhythm, the number of evil legions is enough to suppress the forces of Eracia, and it is almost a must to win.

The flying arms can maintain flexible steering in the sky, closely follow Li Mu, and the influence of the focus is actually very small.

The banned magic ball can not ban the magic of the White Rock City Lord, but it can ban the magic of the heroes of Erassia, which can keep everyone on a horizontal line, and simply compete for strength.


Sure enough, I'm thinking!

Li Mu in the sky was fortunate, thanks to his choice of a quick-decision method.

Otherwise, the delay is long. Whether it is focus or Pikachu, this group of people will definitely come up with a solution.

A weird skill may control the battlefield for a while, but it is impossible to permanently dominate.

Whether it's focus or two steps without illness, it's never an attacking skill.

The one who can directly determine the victory or defeat of the battlefield may be only that fairy who kneels, and an unlimited number of people are taken empty-handed!

The evil alliance has more than 30,000 flying arms, and it is almost impossible to kill them with the sword technique.

Facing the surging flying soldiers, Li Mu turned around without hesitation. In the attention of everyone, he took a large number of flying troops and flew into the Emerald Canyon. He deliberately selected the battlefield.

On entering the canyon.

The results of Li Mu's military training over the past few days have finally achieved results.

The marksmen deployed on both sides of the canyon, the monks quickly launched an attack, looked at Li Mu, and shot the target blindly.

The long-range units without special training brought by Kristin and others are arranged in the rear section. They can fire the bows and arrows in their hands at will without worrying that they will miss the target, because behind Li Mu, all the enemies are , And the number is huge, the key is that they are attracted to Li Mu and can't fight back at all ...

Kung Fu for a while.

More than half of the flying armies of the Evil Alliance were lost.

Elasia's soldiers were unharmed.



On the side of the commander of the Evil Alliance, the sound of pickups became loud. When attracted by Li Mu, the parchment papers they prepared to communicate with each other simply did not work.

With the eyes on the flying soldier being regarded as a living target, the commanders could not come up with any effective method.

Even if they blew the trumpets, but due to the attraction of Li Mu in the front, the flying arms could not turn around and fly back. The fire elves could barely retreat, but on the way back, they would still face the second round of arrow rain. , Forward is dead, backward is dead.


There was still a way for Zeda, he raised the horn in his hand and sounded a signal that the long-range unit was advancing forward.

With the backbone, the sound of the horn suddenly became one.

All long-range units rushed out of the team.

At present, only long-range can deal with long-range. Even blind shooting is better than passive beating.

The poisonous eyes were left again, and they relied on their eyes to kill the enemy, and they were completely eliminated in the new battlefield.

Hundreds of thousands of long-range arms limped and rushed into the canyon in batches according to the different speeds.

Leading by the corpses of the undead, they raised the bone battle in their hands and launched a cloud of death above the canyon.

Followed by a twisted Medusa, followed by Magog of the Demon Legion, they threw fireballs in their hands above the cliff ...

The shooters on both sides squinted at Li Mu and launched a blind shot without a target.

Arrows, fireballs, clouds of death, and spiritual missiles flew through the canyon.

If you accidentally fall on your own head, the scene looks very lively, but in general, the army of Elasia is taking advantage. After all, they are professionally trained and dominate ...

They suffer in quantity.

With the addition of long-range units, Erasya's army began to suffer casualties.

In this situation, the infantry had no way to join the battlefield.

On top of the mountain.

Cheng Dongdong looked at the battlefield below with helpless expression: "Amanda, I never thought that a battle flag game would be played as a tower defense game."

"It's better than losing. The opponent has a banned magic ball. All of Erasia's heroes have been decorated. If this brother did not lead in front, we will lose." Feng Gongzi watched the sword flying in front of him anxiously. Li Mu, for fear of accidentally flying arrows into his body.

Elasia's ranged range of arms was limited, focusing on the first half of the canyon.

The evil alliance's flying arms are out of range.

Although they were unable to counter long-range units, most of them were above the fifth-grade units. They were thick-skinned and rough-throated, and two thirds of them were left.

Next, Li Mu flew through the second stage. The archangel and the griffin followed in the fight, and the bully of the bright and upright enemies could not turn back.

Right now.

Heroes such as Ronnies and Erasia understand why Liszt insisted on fighting in the Emerald Valley.

Whether it is a siege battle or a battle on the plains, they are unable to maintain the rhythm that they are now fighting the enemy.

The topography of the canyon brought the advantages of Liszt to the extreme.

Ronise said: "Kristin, if there is no accident, we have won this battle!"

"Three powerful people," Christine agreed. "I can't bear to deal with them."

Roniss was silent for a moment, a look of intolerance flashed in his eyes: "Kristin, is the queen determined?"

"Master Bishop, Elacia doesn't need a strong and ignorant of the existence of the king!" Christine said, "The immortal king Gavin and the new queen of Avili also agree with the queen's suggestion that their existence is for the Angtari continent. It ’s disaster. The evil alliance has been hit hard by weird magic and can no longer compete for the world. At this moment, it is the best time to get rid of them. "

Ronise frowned, not speaking.

Kristin said: "Bishop Roniss, what are you worried about? The so-called three dead brain god? Or lice? The queen has invited the most powerful wizard to transfer you to the undead Lich and help you get rid That terrible control. "

"I don't know. I just feel a little uneasy," Ronise said. "Liszt is terrible. He does things with almost no scruples."

"That's why it's even more important to get rid of him," Kristin said. "The Queen of Elasia cannot be a scandal."

(End of this chapter)