Dream Master Of Realms

Chapter 355 The Queen's Order

Chapter 355 The Queen's Order

Ronnie and Christine mumbled about how to conceal the Liszt for a while.

A group of heroes of the Evil Alliance, Pickup Pickup, discuss the next tactics.

They temporarily thought of a new way of communication. After writing down what they wanted to express on the parchment, they passed it to the next hero.

The hero next to him agrees, draws a check mark below, disagrees, writes his own opinion under the paper, leaves a name, and passes it to the next person.

Under the persecution of Pika Pika, the heroes of the magic era had to turn on the original chat room mode.


The Emerald Valley War inevitably went to a feverish stage, with more and more casualties on both sides.

Behind Li Mu.

It was covered with the bodies of scorpion lions, hawks, vampires, and fiery spirits, as well as some griffins and archangels who died because of the fiery spirits.

In the canyon, the smoke billowed, and the body of the dead fiery elves ignited the mountain fire. By the way, the corpse was charred, and there was a stench in the canyon.

The first half of the canyon.

Medusa, Magog, and dead witches died in pieces, and some marksmen and monks they shot fell from the mountainside. At the bottom of the narrow valley, a thick layer was spread horizontally and red with blood. After the earth, they gathered into a red stream, and the gurgling flowed out ...

This is not a game, this is a real war, cruel, cold-blooded, and the body will not disappear on its own ...

Yu Guang, at the corner of Cheng Dongdong's eyes, glanced at the terrible scene below, his face was pale, and he was nauseated: "Amanda, I shouldn't make this wish, too many people have died ..."

Feng Gongzi is very calm. After all, softhearted can't be a dream teacher, she said lightly: "Don't think so much, you will die if you don't come, and this battle will last three years, and there will be more dead people than now Quite a lot. Now fighting one war can end the war, which is good for everyone.

Moreover, this is a world that follows the rules of the game. When the eight races are in continuous war, there is almost no peace. Otherwise, if the king of Eracia dies, he will not be invaded by five countries at the same time. Think of Sandru, who spurred World War in the shadow of death, and Gelug, who destroyed the whole world in the blade of Doom, what is this in front of me? "

Cheng Dongdong sighed and sighed, "Heroes are not so good."

Feng Gongzi said: "You have become, after the Battle of the Emerald Valley, the name of Cheng Dongdong, the master of White Rock City, will be spread throughout the continent, everyone knows. Want to start, the experience of Elasia will be your lifetime wealth."

"Maybe!" Cheng Dongdong sighed. "It will be a complete success. This sentence is true. I am very fortunate that I live in a peaceful age. Amanda. After I return, I may not play war games. Now. "


Feng Gongzi sighed silently, the brother really was accurate when looking at people, the character of the client could not pick up the beam!

Feng Gongzi's eyes always follow Li Mu, don't look at Li Mu dominating the battlefield, but in the presence of hundreds of thousands of soldiers, his behavior is undoubtedly walking a tightrope, not to mention the big devil chasing behind his butt, is in the canyon Those long-range soldiers, in a round of volley, could be seriously injured if he did not escape.

Personal strength is too small on the battlefield!


Off the battlefield.

Sir Murak ran on a horse, and the troops behind were rushing, for fear of any danger from the Sir. He accumulated his forces in the distant island Middleheim and was preparing to counterattack Elasia. He really did not know what happened in White Rock. .

He ran for no reason, terrifying one of his cadres. The front was the sea, and the jazz looked lost. The hordes were afraid he would ride into the sea on horseback. They wanted to stop the jazz and find out how he was going. what happened……

As for Will Kaiser, Queen Catherine was actually sent to sneak attack on the capital, Stendwick, but before reaching the enemy-occupied area, she turned her head for no reason. I don't know if I should continue to Stendwick or lead the team to protect the general.

After thinking for a moment, she made a decision to follow the general. She was also afraid of being summoned. Once she entered the enemy occupied area and passively accepted the summons, it was estimated that none of her soldiers would survive. Instead, take the initiative. !!

of course.

The great Queen Catherine of Eracia also failed to escape the summoned doom. She thought that she was in a position to master the fate of Cheng Dongdong and others, and she never thought that Li Mu had left her with no face ...

The queen rode on the griffon and flew straight to the Emerald Valley. The close-knit guard knight Sosa was iron-faced, raised the griffin flag, and led only the fastest angel and griffin, guarding the queen.

The queen was insulted, and Sosa, who knew the inside story, gritted her teeth, and vowed to see Liszt the first time he would crush him. The queen Catherine's decision was not wrong, so the lawless guy should not live in the world.


Under the mobilization of Li Mu, the entire high-level of Elasia was running.

This is the final battle, and he must hold Elassia in his hands as soon as possible.

Still, under the control of Queen Catherine, he and the client can be safe and get the maximum benefit.


Li Mu took all the flying units of the Evil Alliance through the canyon. There was no ambush ambush in front of him. The correct way was to turn his head and go again, but he was not prepared to do that.

The first half of the canyon was full of flying arrows, fireballs, clouds of death, and so on, so he wouldn't risk it by himself!

Let the archangel behind consume the flying soldiers of the evil alliance slowly!

Li Mu flew backwards. The DV camera in his hand followed his big devil and bone dragon, changing his direction from time to time, overlooking the battlefield from the air, analyzing and comparing the strength of the two sides, the possibility of planning a victory for the war, and the aftermath of the war. jobs……


Half a day passed by.

After a few laps in the sky, the pressure behind Li Mu eased a lot. Because the flying armies of the Evil Alliance could not turn back, under the pursuit of the archangel, the staff was greatly reduced. Today, the number is less than one fifth of the original.

Except when the archangel was killed by the fiery fire spirit, he was partially killed by the fiery fire shield, and there was almost no consumption.

In this duel of high-level arms, Elascia won.

In the front part of the canyon, after destroying most of the ranged soldiers, the arrows of the marksman were exhausted, and the spiritual power of the monks was almost overdrawn, and they began to be beaten passively. Medusa and Magog stepped on the companions' bodies and began to perform fiercely. Counterattack, a lot of casualties of the marksman who could not counterattack, as a last resort, they dropped their bows and arrows, replaced them with daggers, and tilted their heads to engage in close combat with the enemy ...

The halberds and swordsmen joined the battlefield with slogans.

The training a few days ago worked, and they could tilt their heads skillfully and hit the enemy with the halberd and the big sword in their hands.

The situation on the battlefield is changing rapidly.

The heroes of the evil alliance reached an agreement. The largest number of walking soldiers, skeletons, little monsters, and cavemen, poured into the valley, and started fighting with the halberds high and low, in exchange for the victory ...


at this time.

On the side of the Evil Alliance, only the Dark Knight, the Poisoned Legion and the zombies are not put into the battlefield, and the terrain of the canyon limits their ability to play.

The Knights of Elassia also did not enter the battlefield, quietly waiting for the best time to charge outside the canyon.

despite this.

The Legion of Evil still has an absolute advantage in number.

However, the advantage of quantity disappeared suddenly as Li Mu stepped on the flying sword and rushed to the rear of the evil legion.

They have no way to attack the enemies behind them, but can only helplessly accept the slaughter from behind.

When all the soldiers turned around, the long-awaited knights launched their charge ...


The heroes of the evil legion screamed in despair, and did not expect that five times their strength was still crushed by the opponent.

The trend is gone.

Zeda, Ottawaia, Names, Aiden, Degal, Chama, Tamik, Silica, Amyx ...

A dozen heroes of the Evil Alliance raised a white flag at the same time, and there was only one word on the flag in each of them.

Douda's black words shone in the sun, and they were linked together: "Please the Lord of White Rock City accept our surrender."

This is their backhand.

As they held up the banner of surrender, the horn of the retreat blew, chasing Li Mu's great demon, bone dragon, and scorpion slowly raised their heads, and slowly landed on the ground, breaking into the valley of the skeleton soldier The King of the Tauren, the caveman, and the evil god king limped out of the valley, accelerated their escape from the battlefield, then raised their arms with their hands high, kneeling slowly towards Li Mu in the sky.

Their morale is extremely low, and they are fed up with a war that can only be beaten and not fight back!

When the evil alliance soldiers gave up resistance.

The warriors of Erasia also stopped the offense. There were victory and defeat in the war. They would not take action against the enemy who dropped their weapons.

There was a solemnity on the battlefield.

Li Mu in the sky, bathed in the sun, enjoying the worship of all people, like a god.

"Kristin, the war is over!" Ronise said.

"No, the war has just begun." Kristin looked solemnly, looking up at Li Mu in the sky, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, "Every enemy in the world, he is dead!"

The voice did not fall.

Li Mu's thick voice suddenly sounded and spread throughout the battlefield: "Zeda, I refuse to accept your surrender. I cannot disobey the orders of Queen Catherine. Your invasion brought disaster to Erassia, only iron and blood can Get rid of your sins. But I am a peace-loving person, and I refuse to take action against those who surrender. I declare that I unilaterally withdraw from this unfair war ... "


Kristin's smile settled on his face, and he was trembling all over, gritting his teeth: "Damn, what is he doing? He pushed Queen Catherine into the abyss!"

When he spoke, he had restored control of his neck, and the discovery made his face paler.

Ronise closed his eyes sadly: "Kristin, he knows your conspiracy, it's not him, it's you who pushed Elasia into the abyss."

When Liszt refused to accept the surrender, the heroes of the Evil Alliance were desperate.

But when they regained control of their bodies, despair instantly turned into gratitude. They stood up excitedly, and gave Li Mu in the sky the most noble etiquette, turned on their horses, and resounded the offensive horn: "Piggy!"

(End of this chapter)