Dream Master Of Realms

356 End of the War

356 End of the War

When Li Mufei returned to the top of the mountain, Kristin rushed over and asked with red eyes: "Liszt, why did you fake the queen's order? We have clearly won the war!"

"I saw the Queen's Griffin Banner!" Li Mu glanced at him, mockingly.

"You called the queen?" Kristin trembled.

"The king was too fast!" Li Mu sighed.

"Liszt, you misunderstood us." Kristin's face was uncertain and awkwardly explained, "We need your magic to end this damn war! Please help Elasia, I will personally ask after the war You explain it all. "

"Will I help you? When the king comes later, I will negotiate with her." Li Mu smiled slightly. "Kristin, at this time, shouldn't you direct the battle on the battlefield? When the evil alliance kneels and surrenders For a moment, the trial of His Royal Highness was over. "

Kristin stopped talking and looked at Li Mu, turning away in despair.

After Liszt withdrew, the situation on the battlefield suddenly reversed. Although the soldiers of the Evil Alliance were dumb and dumb, they still had an overwhelming advantage in number.

And the queen was coming to the battlefield, he couldn't figure out how to count Liszt.

Kristin also hopes that Liszt will finally discover with conscience that he will help Elasia win the war!

After all, Alassia's main force is almost here.

If it fails, Eracia will really die!


With a few simple conversations, even the dull Cheng Dongdong understood their situation, and he frowned: "Li, why did they dare to do this? Isn't Catherine afraid of the revenge of the forces behind us?"

Li Mu glanced at him with a smile: "Lao Cheng, you don't behave like a prince!"

"The problem is with me ..." Cheng Dongdong murmured, grunted, and suddenly became silent.

Yarlin, who carried the camera, widened his eyes sharply and shivered violently. He swallowed and asked, "Master Liszt?"

Li Mu interrupted him: "Yarlin, be a good photographer, you will witness a great history, this will be the most brilliant moment in your life."

Yallin closed his mouth decisively and took a few steps outwards, tremblingly aimed the camera at the battlefield.

Without Li Mu's participation, the battlefield resumed his original appearance. You came and went, the battle was fierce, and every minute and every second someone fell, and the situation of the previous side was never returned ...

Cheng Dongdong looked at the battlefield where the sound of killing was trembling, holding his fist gently, with a look of indifference, experiencing betrayal, this middle-aged man in his thirties finally realized the cruelty of the world and grew up.


After half an hour.

Under the guard of a group of angels, two golden-colored griffins broke through the battlefield of swords, swords and swords, and came straight to Li Mu.

On the back of one griffon is a brown-haired Catherine, and on the back of another griffon is the close-knight captain Sousa who grew up with her.

Sosa jumped out of the griffin and glared at Li Mu, but the chaotic situation on the battlefield made her dare not act lightly.

The moment she saw Li Mu, Catherine was awake, she looked at the three strangers in front of her, looked back at the battlefield again, and remained silent for a while, her eyes fell on Li Mu: "Liszt, are you still right? I called! "

"You have been preparing to be summoned, haven't you? Queen Catherine." Li Mu looked at Catherine and smiled.

"The battlefield is different from what I imagined," Catherine laughed. "I thought you would control the battlefield and bring Elastia a brilliant victory."

"Her lord queen, we have won, but ..." Yaerlin, carrying the camera, couldn't help but finally open his mouth, but he looked at Li Mu and closed his mouth again.

"What happened?" Catherine asked.

"Knight Yarlin, the queen has the right to know the truth." Li Mu laughed.

"His queen, under the ingenious arrangement of Lord Lister, the army of the Evil Alliance ... but then ..." Yarlin's shortest words described the whole war, and at the end, he watched Catherine more and more With an ugly face, he swallowed, "Queen, I don't think Mr. Liszt is malicious, and he hasn't done anything harmful to Elasia ..."

Sosa glared at him, and Yarlin closed his mouth.

"Mr. Liszt, what do I need to do?" Catherine closed her eyes and sighed, "Can peace be brought to Erasia?"

"Collect all the treasures in the world, the four series of magic books, all the scrolls ..." Cheng Dongdong suddenly said, "You come to contact Brakada and Avili, I will use their magic association to learn all magic."

Catherine froze: "Sorry, I can't do it!"

Li Mu did not mind Cheng Dongdong's request, and smiled, "As long as the queen is willing to cooperate, I can do it."

To this point, it is no different to offend a person than to offend the entire world!

Catherine thought of Li Mu's terrible ability, and her face changed slightly: "If you do that, Erasia will become the enemy of the entire world."

Li Mu said: "I can end the war, or let Elasia disappear from the Engertari territory. I think Brakada and Avili don't mind having a more abundant land to expand their territory."

"Presumptuous!" Sosa pulled out her sword and glared at Li Mu.

Feng Gongzi glanced at her with a smile, and Sosa's shoulder was suddenly short, and she was horrified: "Pika Pika ..."

As soon as the words came out, she snapped.

The next moment, the prophet sword in Feng Gongzi's hand had already reached her throat.

As if Catherine didn't see the restrained Sosa, she stared at Li Mu fiercely and silent for a moment, and said, "I can promise you, but Elacia needs time to rest."

Really a cruel woman!

Li Mu smiled lightly: "The deal!"

Cheng Dongdong didn't know why: "Amanda, what are they talking about?"

Feng Gongzi sighed and explained in a low voice: "Queen Catherine wants us to take the initiative to suppress the strength of the two allies. After all, in this battle, the forces of the tower and the barriers have suffered almost no damage, and the forces of the entire continent have been lost balance!"


Cheng Dongdong's back instantly burst into a layer of cold sweat. Seeing Catherine's eyes was like looking at a devil. Is this Queen of Eracia?

Fortunately, he didn't live in this world. Otherwise, he wouldn't know what happened if he was sold!

Only a monster like Liszt can deal with it in such an environment!


Cheng Dongdong's mind suddenly flashed the scene when he signed the contract in Yuanmeng Company. When Li Mu and him discussed to make his personal biography into a comedy movie, he had already been sold!


But after thinking about this world, Li Mu's various cares for him, Cheng Dongdong suddenly felt that he could not complain to Li Mu again.

after all.

Li Mu has been fulfilling his various requirements, and even taught him the eighteen palms of the dragon ...

But anyway, the dream master is too terrible. It is not something ordinary people like him can play. After returning, it is better not to provoke such people ...

An agreement was reached with Li Mu, and Catherine restored the elegance of the queen and said, "Mr. Liszt, can the war be over?"

"Of course." Li Mu nodded, winking at Feng Gongzi, smiling, "Please ask the queen to announce the end of the war with me."

Catherine stepped on her griffin.

Li Mu stepped on the flying sword, and both flew into the sky at the same time.

After arriving at the middle of the battlefield, Li Mu once again launched the focus skills, after attracting everyone's attention on the battlefield, he said a word that made everyone cheer: "I reached a new agreement with Queen Catherine and the war ended It's up! "

The war in Elassia is over, and this copy is over. The end of the court was rushed, mainly because the response was really not good, probably because the audience of Western Fantasy Plus Games was too narrow! Let's take the next copy and go back to Dongfang Xianxia to get things done! Advance notice, enter the "Xianxian" world! Dear readers, Wan An, ^ _ ^!

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