I Covered This Scum

Chapter 1096: Completely Eliminated

Chapter 1096: Completely Eliminated

As for other aspects, he would not think much about it. The person he likes is Dulda. Even if Dulda refuses to give him no chance, he will not consider emotional matters for the time being.

Not to mention Gu Shu's girlfriend Qin Wei.

When Qin Wei saw Xie Lin let go of himself, he was awkwardly shaped, and said, "Xie Lin, I was really tired of taking care of you last night. I am still a little weak now. Can you let me stay here for a while? Now, my clothes have been tossed into this tattered picture, and it is not appropriate to wear them out. I will wait for a reliable person to send me a suit. "

Xie Lin glanced at Qin Wei's clothes that were comparable to rags, and helplessly helped Qin Wei to rest on the sofa. He now really regrets that he went to the bar to drink last night. Now he can only hope that Qin Wei will not use this. When he came to entangle him, he was really content. He could accept how much Qin Wei wanted to seal.

After all, Qin Wei could not be allowed to confuse the truth before he knew the truth, otherwise the fake would also become true.

Xie Lin sat on the other side of the sofa with a very painful expression. He really hoped that there was nothing between him and Qin Wei. If there was anything, how could he explain it to Gu Shu?

What else does he have to like Dulda?

Qin Wei glanced at Xie Lin very proudly, and then picked up the mobile phone from the ground, and began to contact her to send her clothes. She sent Zhai Man a message and asked her to bring her clothes to the hotel, because she knew that Zhai Man was busy now. By that time, the delivery of clothes will definitely fall on Dulda.

Let Dulda know that she and Xie Lin had a relationship last night. Even if Dulda had a good opinion of Xie Lin, she would definitely give up Xie Lin directly.

And she can disclose this to Gu Shu and let Gu Shu dump her. By then, Xie Lin will be responsible for her because of guilt.

It can be said that everything is under Qin Wei's control. When she heard the knock, she hurried over to open the door and saw that Dulda was standing outside. Qin Wei was so proud of her that she was crooked. After a moment, he intentionally let Dulda see the figure in Xie Lin, and then hurried out of the room, pulling Dulda a few steps down the corridor.

Du Erda frowned, very strange, "Just now that person doesn't look like Gu Shu, why is he like Xie Lin? You ..." She looked at Qin Wei suspiciously, how could Qin Wei be with Xie Lin?

Qin Wei frowned, with a painful look. "Durda, I don't want this, but a little accident happened last night, and Xie Lin and I were pushed together. Some bad things happened. But we really did n’t mean it. I do n’t want to destroy your relationship with Xie Lin, and I do n’t want to break up with Gu Shu, so can you please help me hide this thing? Do n’t let Gu Shu know, otherwise I ’m sure It's about to be abandoned ... "

Du Erda pushed Qin Wei's arms into the bag containing his clothes. "Qin Wei, you have nothing to do with me, and your business has nothing to do with me. If you want to keep it secret, you should keep it secret, and I will be everything. do not know."

When she finished speaking, she turned and left with a sad heart. Sure enough, her persistence and stubbornness were right. Xie Lin was not a good person at all. As soon as she rejected him, he turned to her roommate.

Qin Wei is Gu Shu's girlfriend, and the girlfriends of his employees. He thinks this is not a big problem, right?

Dulda has been thankful that he has not chosen the wrong person.

Qin Wei returned to the room and gave Xie Lin a shameful look. "Then I'll change the clothes." She knew that Xie Lin wouldn't take care of herself, so she went to the bathroom without waiting for his answer, changed her clothes, and changed herself. Packed up and left.

Walked to the door and stopped again, "Xie Lin, last night it was you and me's secret. I won't tell Dulda, so you can continue to like her after her, and hope you can keep it for me. , Don't tell Gu Shu, the two of us are just like nothing happened. "

Xie Lin himself is a computer master. After Qin Wei left, he immediately used the computer in the room to start monitoring the bar. The picture he saw was exactly as Qin Wei said. Qin Wei went to the bar to find someone and saw He was drunk and paid for it.

Later I came to this hotel and opened a room. As soon as I got out of the elevator, the two of them started to be inseparable. There was no monitoring in the room. When I entered the room, I saw nothing. It's very Qin Wei ... Xie Lin hated herself and reached out and slapped her head fiercely.

He hasn't chased Dulda yet, there is such a stain in his life. Dulda knows that he will definitely abandon him?

Dulda's mood was greatly impacted, and he was not in the mood to go to class. He took a leave with the class leader Qu Kang, and then went to the library quietly.

But when I opened the book, I couldn't see anything. I kept circling in my mind. I saw Xie Lin standing by the window in the hotel, and Qin Wei's clothes. I could see at a glance what happened to them.

I really didn't expect that Qin Wei's fun-loving person would one day play Xie Lin's head.

Dulda didn't know how this happened, but she was in a bad mood. Until a cup of milk tea was added in front of her, her mood turned back a little. She looked up and saw that Xu Xu was sitting in front of her, and Dulda was helpless. "I'm here for leave. How about you? Is it absenteeism?"

"Can you ask for leave, can I not ask for leave?" Xu Xu smiled and took Du Erda's book against him, "What are you looking for? If you are so unscrupulous, you won't even get the book."

Dulda smiled awkwardly, "It's okay, I just think of the elderly parents at home.

"Don't think about it so much, take a step and look at it!" Seeing that Dulda had not planned to drink milk tea, Xu Xu picked up the milk tea and handed it back to her, and said with a smile when she took it, "This is not very Is winter vacation coming soon? I plan to use this winter vacation to work and earn money. Now that the house has been found, would you like to help me see how to dress better? "

"Really? Do you not go back for the winter vacation?" Dulda was a little surprised. "Actually, I don't want to go back. I want to work here to earn money!"

"That's just right, let's the two of us together!" Xu Xu said with a smile, "Although the dormitory will not be closed at that time, what water and electricity will definitely be closed. If you are not convenient, you can go to me."

"Let's go, let's go and see your new house now!" Dulda decided to go to Xu Xu anyway, she had already given up Xie Lin and decided to make contact with Xu Xu.

Although she has a good opinion of Xie Lin, what has just happened has made her completely remove Xie Lin from her love options.

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