I Covered This Scum

Chapter 1097: We Didn't Intentionally

Chapter 1097: We Didn't Intentionally

She didn't want to have a girlfriend fight for a man. Although Qin Wei was Gu Shu's girlfriend, she would run when Gu Shu had no money. Xie Lin, who had a relationship at that time, must be her first One choice.

Since Dulda knows all these things, she won't make up her cannon fodder. She can find someone who really sincerely loves herself for a sweet and sweet love.

The house Xu Xu rented went in an alley across the river in front of the school and walked for a few minutes. Xu Xu took out the key to open the door and said with a gentle smile, "It's here, isn't it close?"

Dulda looked around, "It's really close."

Xu Xu greeted Dulda to go in. Although there was only one room, it was bigger than the dormitory they lived in. It felt quite spacious. The kitchen and toilet were separated by wooden boards.

"I didn't expect you could rent such a good house." Dulda couldn't help but sigh.

"I was staring all the time. When I learned that the original occupants were leaving, I asked the landlord to keep the house for me. It was really not possible to rent such a house for a while and a half." Xu Xu led Dulda to Go inside and explain for her.

Dulda turned back and gave Xu Xu a thumbs up. "You are a very visionary person and you will succeed in the future."

After Xu Xu took Durda to visit his bedroom, the bedroom was relatively simple. There was only one bed, a computer table and chairs, and a shelf containing various medical information books.

No wonder Xu Xu's results will be so good, he really works hard.

"Dada." Xu Xu suddenly held Dulda's hand and looked at her affectionately, "Dada, I really like you, would you like to be my girlfriend?"

Dulda looked up at Xu Xu. The affection and firmness in his eyes moved her so much that she also forgot all the unhappiness. She shrugged her lips and nodded gently.

"Really? Dada, are you really willing to be with me?" Xu Xu couldn't believe it with excitement.

"Xu Xu, I want to work with you, work hard for my dreams, and hope that we can work together and grow together ..." Before Dulda's words were finished, Xu Xu stopped talking and thought of Xie Lin With Qin Wei, Du Erda raised his hand and held Xu Xu's shoulder, and closed his eyes.

Dulda's actions please Xu Xu's heart. What else in this world deserves more joy than being accepted by the girl she likes?

Dulda and Xu Xu rested until the afternoon of class, and as soon as they came out of the alley, they met Song Lili, who was very tall and dressed in a simple atmosphere, looking very temperamental.

Song Lili looked suspiciously at Dulda, "you ..."

Dulda glanced at Xu Xu, then reached out and held Xu Xu's arm. "This is my boyfriend."

"Oh, congratulations!" Song Lili said with a smile, but did not expect that Dulda finally accepted Xu Xu, but Xu Xu was also good. Although she didn't understand her family, he did really well, in the grade The top few, and they look good, just hope he is not too careless!

There are some boys who come because of their good looks, but Xu Xu should not be such a person. She has not heard of the lace news about Xu Xu yet.

"Thank you, we will definitely be together." Xu Xu glanced down at Dulda's hand holding him, smiling softly and contently, maybe like it, really like it, just don't know how long Already.

After all, everything is very developed now, and people ’s feelings become as casual as eating takeaway. Of course, this is not comprehensive, and there are still people who value feelings.

"Dulda, now that you already have a boyfriend, when do you plan to invite everyone to dinner, open romance?" Song Lili did not leave so fast, but walked slowly with Dulda and them .

"Let's wait for the final exam!" Now that the final exam is coming, it will not affect everyone's exam. Let's talk about it after the exam is over!

"It's yours, you decide for yourself!" Their dormitory is a girl. Now it seems that Zhai Man is left alone and he doesn't have a boyfriend. I don't know what Zhai Man would think when he saw it.

The three people walked slowly like this, occasionally chatting, the cold wind didn't seem to be so cold on the face, in fact, sometimes Dulda was really good, but sometimes when facing some things not too good.

Besides, how can there be such a perfect person in this world? Isn't it all good and bad? These small faults of Dulda are really not even shortcomings.

After a while, Song Li left and joked, "Senior Xu Xu, shouldn't you just persuade Dulda to join the music club ..."

"How come? The music club is not the main one. I can just give it to anyone. How can I contribute my love for a music club? I ca n’t be so great." Dulda was reluctant to join the music club. Can he force her to fail?

Besides, the music club will not be his in the future. It doesn't matter how he arranges for others.

After one day of class was over, Dulda returned to the dormitory to pack herself and was ready to go to the restaurant to take delivery. When she returned to the dormitory, Qin Wei came back. Qin Wei went to Dulda and apologized, "Dour Da, Xie Lin was sad and sad after you rejected it, and went to drink. When I went to Gu Shu, I met him and took care of him a little. I didn't expect him to do that to me. You Do n’t blame him, after all, he was drunk, and he did n’t know something happened ... ”

"Don't tell me the complex feelings of those of you, can you? I already have a boyfriend now, which is Xu Xu, our school's school grass." Durda snorted coldly, and took his clothes to the bathroom to change.

I really do n’t know what Qin Wei is showing off. She was taken advantage of by Xie Lin and showing off everywhere. Is she worthy of her boyfriend? Such a half-hearted woman should be dumped in the future.

However, she will portray herself as a victim. If Gu Shu dislikes her because of her and Xie Lin's affairs, she will be dumped.

Qin Wei unhurriedly chased to the bathroom door, "Do you really accept Xu Xu?"

"What's wrong? No? Need your consent?" Du Erda glanced helplessly at Qin Wei, and closed the bathroom door. After changing clothes, she set off for the restaurant to take out.

When she saw the order from Xie Gongzi, Dulda knew that it was Xie Lin, but she could not refuse, because the order was sent to her again, and she had to bite the bullet and give Xie Lin a takeaway.

When he came to Xie Lin's company, Dulda stood outside the door and hesitated, not knowing whether to go in or not. Gu Shu saw Dulda and came out to meet her.

(End of this chapter)