I Covered This Scum

Chapter 1098: Doomed

Chapter 1098: Doomed

"Durda, why don't you come in? Is it embarrassing?" Gu Shu came over and took the dinner in Dulda's hand.

Watching him smile so innocently, Dulda hurt him a little, he should not know that his girlfriend had betrayed him last night!

And betrayed him with his boss, for him it should be a double blow!

Obviously he is so honest and so serious, but he is not valued or cherished. Maybe it is like this in the world of love. Whoever invests 100% is destined to lose.

I hope Qin Wei will not be too vicious, so that he will lose even the shame.

"How are you today?" Xie Lin came to sign before.

Gu Shu smiled, "Did we thank the boss? Sorry, he had a little cold today and didn't come."

What a cold, it was so tired to be with Qin Wei last night that I didn't come to work, and Dulda's mind came up with such a picture, and I felt a little sick, but it was nothing to do with her. , Because she is already with Xu Xu, there is such a handsome and excellent boyfriend, what else is not content!

"Gu Shu, I think as a man, it is better to have your own house and car. At least getting married can make your wife and children have better living conditions, isn't it?" Qin Wei and Xie Lin didn't say much about her. , Just want to remind Gu Shu, take care of yourself first!

It ’s a lot of years old, and there ’s nothing. In the future, there will be no cars in the house of marriage, let alone a gift of color. He has a heart like him, and he has nothing else. It ’s strange to marry Qin Wei!

Even if Qin Wei is married, Qin Wei will not live in peace. From now on, it can be seen that Qin Wei is a person who is not serious about feelings. If he lives together, it will be even more suffering.

"Thank you, I know. I will work hard to get my own house and car as soon as possible." Of course, Gu Shu knew that Qin Wei had been reluctant to live with him, just because he suspected that he didn't have his own house.

She thought that living with him in the rented house might be very cheap!

Gu Shu signed the takeaway, and Dulda left on an electric car to send other orders. Now Xu Xu gave her the key to the new house, and she could go at any time, so she didn't have to worry about the school closing at night.

When Dulda was still delivering fast food, he received a call from Xu Xu. Xu Xu said that she had already bought a movie ticket and waited for her to go straight. Thinking that they were now a real couple, Dulda couldn't bear it. Live laughed.

It turned out that true love was like this. Dulda had to leave work half an hour in advance, and then went to a nearby cosmetics store to let people dress up for themselves.

In the past, when watching TV, I always saw the phrase "woman is happy," and now she finally realized the true meaning. She also wanted her boyfriend to see her best.

Dulda came to the front of the cinema and saw Xu Xu hovering there waiting for her, thinking that he might have been waiting for a long time, and could not help but feel a distress, and then ran quickly, "Xu Xu, Have you been waiting long? "

"No, I just came here!" Xu Xu reached out and touched Dulda's hair, smiled gently, and handed her the chicken leg he just bought. "You just came, the movie is about to start, we Go in and see! "

"Okay!" Dulda ate the chicken legs and followed Xu Xu in, with a sweet smile on his face.

After waiting in line to enter the cinema, I found my seat and sat down. Xu Xu asked gently, "Do you want anything to eat? I can still buy it before it has started."

He is just now with Dulda. He doesn't know the taste of Dulda, he doesn't know what she likes to eat or drink, but he can only understand it slowly.

Dulda hurriedly reached out and grabbed Xu Xu's arm. "No, I don't want to eat now."

"Okay, then don't buy it, wait until the movie is over and buy it again." Xu Xu stretched his hands and wiped the tip of Dulda's nose, and sat there holding Dulda's hand.

This was the first time the couple started dating, and they really wanted to be together every moment, and they didn't want to be apart every minute and every second. Xu Xu is the same now.

Xu Xu did not ask what movie Dulda liked to watch, but bought a movie about love that girls prefer to watch, but most of the people who came to watch movies were couples, who were accompanied by boys to watch with their girlfriends.

Where men and women see the initiative, many people follow along to do things in the movie.

After the movie was finished, everyone got up and left, but Xu Xu and Dulda were sitting there, not willing to leave. Xu Xu held Dulda's face in both hands, his eyes were serious and affectionate, "Dada, do you know I told my family that I have an excellent and beautiful girlfriend, and they are all very happy! "

Dulda's face was blushing. "You told the family, you are too anxious!"

"I want everyone to know that you are my girlfriend. I really like you so much, Dada ..." Xu Xu approached Dulda slowly.

The two stayed in the cinema until the staff came in to confirm that they got up and ran outside, and ran to the entrance of the theater. Dulda couldn't help laughing, "The two of us are childish!"

"Aren't people all from childish to mature?" Standing at the entrance of the cinema, you can hear the loud music of the ice rink. Xu Xu asked, "Dada, can you skate?"

Dulda shook her head. "No!"

"There just happens to be an skating rink here. I'll teach you how to skate!" Xu Xu said, and before Dulda had promised, he took her to the skating rink. At this time, there were many people at the skating rink There are many people on the field and outside the fence.

Dulda watched the girls skating fast on the ice rink. She was really envious of it. She felt that she really had nothing except studying. She thought she was so boring!

Xu Xu took Duerda to buy a ticket, took shoes and socks, changed shoes and helped Duerda to play. Although Duerda could not skate, Xu Xu took good care of her, making her very When you feel safe, you are not afraid at all.

She didn't expect her boyfriend to be so interesting.

Xu Xu helped Dulda to an unoccupied corner, and planned to teach Dulda quietly there. Dulda didn't know where Xu Xu was, so he said with a smile, "I don't know you skate yet. What the hell is going on, otherwise you can show it to me! "

"Okay, then you sit here obediently, and I will perform it for you." Xu Xu helped Du Erda to the chair and sat down, but he ran away as soon as he slipped away.

(End of this chapter)