I Covered This Scum

Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099

Xu Xu is handsome and tall. Coupled with his good skating skills, it became the focus of the audience. Many girls surrounded him and wanted to skate with Xu Xu in hand. But Xu Xu quickly slipped away. Ignore them.

But he has a girlfriend, how can he hold hands with other people? Even if it's just skating without any emotions, that won't work.

Xu Xu looks really good when skating, and looks better than others when dancing hip-hop.

Xu Xu turned around and returned to Dulda, asking very proudly, "How is it? I'm still strong?"

"Xu Xu, you are so good!" Dulda forgot to wear skates and stood up suddenly, but because the shoes had wheels, the whole person went straight ahead. Staying her waist did not let her fall.

Xu Xu was holding Dulda tightly, reluctant to let go. "You have to trust your boyfriend, he will protect you and won't let you wrestle, even if he really wrestles, he will fall."

Xu Xu's words made Dulda shy, and her entire face felt hot.

And those girls who wanted to hold hands with Xu Xu before seeing such a picture, they were all envious of it. Envy Dulda was so lucky to know such a handsome guy.

Watching him skate is more enjoyable than watching hip-hop.

"Xu Xu, thank you." Du Erda said gratefully, and then moved and practiced slowly with the help of Xu Xu, feeling Xu Xu's care and concern for himself, Dulda warm heart of.

"Xu Xu." Dulda was so moved, she couldn't help shouting at him.

Xu Xu looked down at her suspiciously, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, just want to thank you." Dulda lowered her head and looked at the skates on her feet, remembering how he had just worn her shoes, and was even more embarrassed.

"What are you doing so kindly? I'm your boyfriend. Shouldn't it be wise to do these little things for you?" Xu Xu knocked on Dulda's forehead. "Can you come by yourself now? Want me Let it go for you to try? "

Before Xu Xu really let go, Dulda shouted in fear. After a while, when she was ready, Xu Xu let go, Xu Xu slowly let go and retreated to Dour. Da opened his hands behind him, showing a protective gesture.

This way he can protect Dulda for the first time.

Dulda walked forward holding the railing slowly, took a few steps to gather the courage to slide to the middle, it is impossible to learn to skate without wrestling, plus there are so many girls just now in Xu Xu There was a wall there, even though Xu Xu was behind Dulda, she was knocked down, and the back of her hand was stepped on severely.

Dulda suspected that the girls had deliberately retaliated against her because she had such an excellent boyfriend.

After skating for a while, both of them were hungry. They took a few steps and there was a barbecue stall. The two decided to eat barbecue. Xu Xu put his hand on Dulda's shoulder. "Just take whatever you want, wait for me. Walk back with you so you don't have to worry about getting fat. "

It took dozens of minutes to walk to his place from here, but he was willing to walk back with her, and he was great!

"Really? Wouldn't you be tired like this?" Dulda looked up at him, feeling very distressed at the thought that he hadn't rested until now.

Xu Xu stretched out his hand and shaved Dulda's nose, and said, "You're doing a part-time job and accompany me to the movie skating. I'm still eating barbecue with me. If you are tired, should you be more tired?"

"I'm very happy, I don't feel tired at all, I have never done these things before." Dürr did not feel tired now, it may be because of psychological factors.

"I have it now, and I will take you slowly to do more interesting and meaningful things." Xu Xu rubbed Dulda's hair and watched Dulda's hair become messy, and laughed.

For these small movements of Xu Xu, Dulda didn't care, just opened his eyes, "Really?"

"Of course it is true. Time will prove to you that I am sincere to you." Xu Xu embraced Dulda's shoulder again, and then began to take a string.

Dulda said to the boss, "Boss, you can just grill me two skewers."

Xu Xu glanced at her and said, "How about eating two skewers? If you're so thin, you should eat more. Besides, we can walk back in a while and consume as much calories as possible. What is there to fear?" Xu Xu took chicken wings, saury and the like. Anyway, he took a lot of them, and they were all expensive.

It seems to give Dulda the best, but this barbecue is not healthy or healthy, there is no guarantee.

"Xu Xu, you really take too much. The two of us can't finish it!" Seeing Xu Xu still taking it, Dulda hurriedly stopped, and she knew how much she could eat.

"It's okay. If you can't finish eating, take it home and eat it again." Xu Xu smiled, took Dulda to the table and sat down, waiting for the barbecue. Dulda picked up her phone and played, and Xu Xu Ze supported his cheek with one hand and kept looking at Dulda.

Now that Dulda is his girlfriend, Xu Xu feels really happy. In the future, they will have common topics to talk about in the same industry, and they will not feel bored at all.

Dulda also felt burning eyes, very embarrassed, she reached out and waved in front of Xu Xu, "What are you doing? What have you been watching me for?"

Xu Xu took Dulda's hand and raised her lips with a smile. "What's wrong with my own woman? Isn't it allowed? We are now college students and adults. As long as it does not affect learning, professors will not control it. . "

Thinking of what happened in Xu Xu's rental house, Dulda bowed his head shyly. Some things happened before I knew what it was like. No wonder some people would have such a pursuit.

No wonder Qin Wei ...

Dulda did not dare to think about it, thinking that Xie Lin might just be Qin Wei's fun cannon fodder, Dulda was very helpless. But she was only Qin Wei's roommate, and she couldn't interfere too much with Qin Wei's emotional affairs.

What Qin Wei wants, it's all about Qin Wei.

When the barbecue came up, the two ate a barbecue and drank beer. In fact, the Emperor's winter was really not very cold. At this time, they were still wearing autumn clothes, and they were sitting in the stall with only a thin layer of greenhouse. The cold was not noticeable.

"Is it fun?" When Dulda saw chili powder around her mouth, she wiped her with a paper towel.

Dulda smiled, "Actually, I don't drink much. I drink so much now, and I may be bothering you after a while." Now this boyfriend, and that what happened should have happened, She had nothing to worry about.

(End of this chapter)