I Covered This Scum

Chapter 1100

Chapter 1100

Before Qin Wei asked Xie Lin to take her away, it was really too much. After all, she met for the first time, but now it seems that Xie Lin didn't treat her well.

Because she was with Xu Xu, she knew what it really was, so she could tell that Xie Lin had lied to her that morning. Maybe he lied to her to be responsible for her, maybe he wanted to make her his girlfriend.

But now everything is gone and she has her own boyfriend.

After eating and drinking, Dulda and Xu Xu really walked back slowly.

After walking for a while, Xu Xu suddenly said mysteriously, "Dada, put your hand out."

"Why?" Durda stared at him in puzzlement.

"Just stick it out." Seeing Xu Xu so determined, Du Erda didn't ask any more, but obediently stretched out his right hand, Xu Xu took out a small box from his pocket, He took out the contents of the box and put it on Dulda's wrist, and said with a smile, "Look at how, is it good?"

Dulda retracted his arm and looked at the golden bracelet carefully. "Good-looking, must this be expensive?"

"No matter how expensive it is, I bought it with the clean money I made. Besides, can I buy too bad for my girlfriend?" Xu Xu squeezed the tip of Dulda's nose. "How? Like it?"

"Like." Dulda couldn't be happier, but also a little embarrassed. "You gave me such a valuable gift, but I have nothing to give you."

"Who said? Didn't you already give me the priceless treasure?" Xu Xu took Dulda's shoulders, and the two went forward in the same pace.


Xie Lin returned to his place of residence after Qin Wei left at noon. He didn't go to work but kept resting at home. Drinking too much would have been uncomfortable, and the things Qin Wei said made him uneasy. Comfortable, he was sick as a whole, and lifeless.

Hearing the door bell rang, Xie Lin walked over to open the door weakly, and saw Gu Shu standing outside the door, a little helpless, "Why are you here?"

"Don't you say that you have a cold? I called Qin Wei and asked her to make a hot dish for you to get rid of the cold. This may make you catch a cold faster." Gu Shu took the ingredients in one hand, Qin Wei was brought in.

Qin Wei smiled at Xie Lin Waner, very gentle, "Mr. Xie, I used to cook at home, and my cooking skills were good."

In fact, when chatting with Gu Shu on the phone at night, Qin Wei learned that Xie Lin had a cold, and said that eating hot food to dispel cold was good for the cold. Who knew that Gu Shu had asked her to come and do it together. She wanted to see Xie Lin's wish.

Xie Lin closed the door and leaned behind the door, looking helplessly at Qin Wei, "I didn't expect Gu Shu was so attentive, okay, then you can do it, I'll go to rest first."

After giving the kitchen to them, Xie Lin went to the room to rest. He was in a bad state and in a bad mood, and didn't think about doing other things. He sat on the bay window and looked at the night view outside the window.

Qin Wei sorted out the ingredients that he brought, and after a while he suddenly exclaimed, "Yeah, I forgot to buy yam. There is no yam in this rib, so it's meaningless."

"I obviously took the yam! What about yam? Why is it gone?" Gu Shu flipped through the bag without turning to yam.

Qin Wei patted his shoulder and said softly, "It's okay. We can buy it again if we lose it. You don't have to worry about it. Let's work together. I'll buy yam. You can make other dishes. You can ?"

"I'm not assured to let you go out alone this evening. Forget it, let me go." Gu Shu kissed Qin Wei's cheek, took the coat and went out.

Qin Wei saw Gu Shu brought the door and hurried over to lock the door. In fact, she deliberately dropped the yam when checking out in the supermarket. She just wanted Gu Shu to make an extra trip so she would Can be alone with Xie Lin.

Qin Wei took the cold medicine out of her pocket, drank a cup, and went to find Xie Lin. Xie Lin's house was so large. It was not difficult to find Xie Lin. She opened the door and looked at it. It's Xielin.

"Xie Lin, I made a cold medicine for you, you should drink it quickly!" Qin Wei brought the cold medicine to Xie Lin and looked at him with a look of anticipation.

"Thank you." Xie Lin reached out and took the cold medicine, sips slowly, the place on the bay window is quite large, Qin Wei sits directly in front of Xie Lin, facing him, "Xie Lin, before You must keep the secret for me. When you talk to Gu Shu, you must not talk about it. Although something happened between us that we did n’t want, I was even more reluctant to leave. Gu Shu ... "

Xie Lin looked away from the window and did not speak. Qin Wei's reminder reminded him of the surveillance video he saw. Did he get drunk and did such a thing?

But he didn't feel anything, he didn't believe he would do that kind of thing, now it is Qin Wei's one-sided words, there is no credibility, but he still has to prevent Qin Wei from talking around.

"How much can I give you so you can really keep the secret and stop mentioning it, not even mentioning it to me?" He really didn't want to hear any more words about it.

"Why give me money? I'm begging you to keep a secret for me, right? The two of us can help each other. What's the point of giving me money?" Wanting to seal her, how could there be such an easy thing, she There are other arrangements behind!

"The porridge is still cooking in the rice cooker. I'll go over to see it first!" Qin Wei jumped down from the bay window, but her legs were soft and her knees smashed to the ground. Her tears were about to come out .

After all, it's here in Xie Lin. If Qin Wei has something, Gu Shu will definitely complain to him. Xie Lin puts down his empty glass and hurries Qin Wei up. "What's wrong?"

"It's okay, it just hurts my legs."

Xie Lin helped Qin Wei to sit on the reclining chair and helped her roll up her trousers. Just now, her knees were bleeding when she hit them. Xie Lin frowned. "You wait, I'll get disinfection liquid."

"It hurts a bit, you can bear it." Xie Lin took the medicine box and found a small bottle of disinfectant and sprayed it on Qin Wei's knee twice. Qin Wei painfully grabbed Xie Lin's clothes. , Leaned into Xie Lin's arms.

Xie Lin pushed Qin Wei away and sprayed her twice, then took a band-aid and put it in Qin Wei's hand, "Wait for this and you put this on so that the wound won't be covered by clothes Friction, it won't hurt that much. "

"Thank you." Qin Wei took the band-aid and lowered his head pretending not to look at Xie Lin. "I was really embarrassed just now, I didn't mean it, it was just a conditional reflection!"

(End of this chapter)