First Evolution

Chapter 263 Investment

Chapter 263 Investment

Hateki's eldest son is usually used to waves. It is common to gather a group of men and women to chaos in the manor. They usually leave it to the housekeeper to handle it, so the housekeeper saw Fang Linyan day and night. It's not surprising that his behavior pattern, even Fang Linyan asked him to find some contraband.

As long as Hatch didn't speak, he would entertain the guests with the enthusiasm.

So it didn't take long for Fang Linyan to have a large table with exotic dishes.

It is just that although Greece is also one of the ancient countries with a long history, compared with the long and rich history and art, the food culture is much simpler.

Basically, it is light and fresh, and even the seasonings are local olive oil, garlic, sea salt and lemon.

For example, the signature Greek salad of appetizers is a mixture of fresh vegetables and fruits with olive oil, pepper, and other cheeses, and is based on juicy tomatoes, gherkins, green peppers, and red onions, without any leafy vegetables.

Another example is a large plate of "Sovarangi" in front of Fang Linyan, which is actually a kebab, and it is still grilled in the oven, not open.

The main food is the "Musaka" which is made of meat, potatoes, and eggplants, and is layered and then roasted. It tastes like mashed potatoes.

However, although I feel that the taste is slightly uncomfortable, for Fang Linyan, a workaholic, I am happy to have something to eat, and more importantly, I do n’t need money, and I do n’t have to clean up the table myself, so the taste of these things is really true No more demanding.

Of course, in the face of OUZO anise wine brought by the housekeeper, Fang Linyan declined it very simply.

Although this thing can be called the national wine of Greece, how to say, equivalent to Maotai, Wuliangye's status in China. But for anyone in the high-precision industry, alcohol is their enemy.

Because this thing can make people's hands tremble, some people who have been drinking for a long time, the control of the palm of their opponents will even be weakened to the point that chopsticks are not stable.

When Fang Linyan buried his head and ate, suddenly there was a knock on the door, and then Gonia's unique magnetic sound sounded:

"Can you come in?"

Fang Linyan waved at the fortress standing at the door and asked him to open the door.

Soon, Gonia came in, looked around Lin Yan's room, looked for a moment on the pocket lathe and parts next to it, and then smiled:

"Are you used to living here?"

Fang Linyan's mouth was stuffed with food, and he mumbled:

"For me, as long as the organic oil, the lathe, the parts are my home."

Gonia smiled sweetly:

"Sure enough, the more successful I work harder."

Fang Linyan picked up a glass of water, drank it, and said inexplicably:

"Well, there is no way to go to the Three Treasures Hall. You should be busy now. You must not come to chat with me. If you have any questions, just talk. I can help. After all, our interests are It ’s connected, and I want to improve the skills of the gods, and I also need your help. "

Gonia sighed rarely:

"It's not tiring to talk to smart people. It's like this. Now I've reached out to more than a hundred believers and realized that if you want a small-scale mission, the situation is fine, but you want a large Lost people bathe in grace, it ’s really impossible to show signs. "

Fang Linyan nodded after listening to Gonia:

"Yes, after all, you are fighting against the three major religions that have spread in the world for thousands of years. Their image has long been rooted in the hearts of everyone, and the teachings are well known. If there is nothing special, it will be difficult. Against the other side, let's talk, how do you want me to help? "

Gonia said:

"I want that energy crystal on you."

"Energy crystal?" Fang Linyan froze for a moment, then immediately returned to God, what she said should be the remaining magic core.

At the time, one of the transactions with Cavendish was a bag of magic cores. Most of this stuff was replaced by Fang Linyan with potential points, and in the end, one of the largest and purest was left, just like It was a blaze of fire sealed in the crystal.

The greatest known value of this magic core Fang Linyan is to redeem the reputation of the Royal Dragon Cavalry. However, at this time, he has left the world, so he basically does not know the specific use, and can only count on seeing if there is an opportunity to sell it to people who may need it in the future.

Fang Linyan immediately felt that he had definitely made a profit with such a short period of time that he could not realise, and fully bet his luck in exchange for Gonia ’s stable income owed to him by an adult.

Therefore, Fang Linyan took the magic core out without a word, and threw it to Gonia, then curiously said:

"Do you hold this thing useful?"

Gonia got what she wanted, and put this flaming magic core on her palm, smiling sweetly:

"Of course, with it, I can use some of the magic in it to perform some magic, let alone the first-order and second-order magic.

She said at the same time that she had taken out the double snake wand, muttered something in her mouth, and bit her finger and dripped a drop of blood on it, directly penetrating into the golden wand.

With the nourishment of this drop of blood, I immediately saw the two golden snakes above the staff actually came alive, meandering toward the fiery red magic core, eating it three times, five times and two. Be clean

Not only that, the eyes of these two golden snakes were originally black, like black pearls, but now they have become fiery red, as if carved out of rubies, and they can even spit out red little forks from time to time. The tongue kept on stretching.

After the two golden snakes climbed up to the staff again, Fang Linyan suddenly felt as if there was something on the staff, and after a closer look, he realized that there was a layer of crystal clear brilliance on the surface. Yes, under the light of the light, it still gives the feeling of "slow flow", even if it is motionless, it also makes people know that it has survived and has its own life.

After seeing this scene, Gonia also whispered in surprise:

"I know what your demon core is! It should be a demon core of a phoenix, so as to explain that in addition to the abundant element of fire, there is an unprecedented majestic vitality. In this way, the effect is better than I expected much better! "

Fang Linyan curiously said:

"So what's so special about your staff now?"

Gonia said:

"Let's put it this way, my original intention was just to recharge it, but now that the Twin Snakes have devoured the core, it has directly transformed."

She said that she handed it to Fang Linyan, but even after Fang Linyan took it, she was curious about using a reconnaissance ability, but she still could n’t detect its specific attributes, only showing "limited plot equipment" Six words.

Later, after listening to Gonia's commentary, Lin Yan knew that the original thing has now been cured with two divine magic:

The first divine skill is: get rid of disease,

The second magic is: group blessing

Eliminating the disease was originally a second-order magical technique, the effect is that it can cure common diseases (normally hospitalized for five or six days), alleviate serious diseases (normally hospitalized for about one month), and basically have no effect on terminal illness.

However, because Gonia is equivalent to the direct spokesperson of the gods in the world, the related divine magic she exhibited can be automatically upgraded, and the divine disease is upgraded to the third level, and its effect has become a cure for ordinary and serious diseases. , Even effective for terminal illness.

Group Blessing is a first-order group divine skill. If it is performed by Gonia, the effective range is quite amazing, even reaching the size of half a football field!

It is equivalent to a comprehensive poor man's version of the two magics of "joy and encouragement" and "primary luck". In short, the subject will feel happy and comfortable in a short time (within three hours), and will encounter some in three days. Relatively fortunate thing.

For example, eating free, eating hundreds of lottery tickets, being praised by your boss.

However, it must be stated that primary luck does not create luck out of nothing, it just advances such lucky events you will get in the future.

So for those who know this very well, they are scornful of primary luck, and even think it is a scam, but there are not many people who know this very well in this world ...

Not only that, these two divine spells will be added regularly after they are cast.

The replenishment interval for the first divine spell is: three times a week. Because the second divine spell is a group, the replenishment interval is three times a month.

To be honest, these two divinations look quite inconspicuous in Fang Linyan's eyes, and they have little egg use, but for Gonia, which is designed to spread doctrines and develop believers, it is an artifact! !!

Eliminating disease is a magical technique that allows people suffering from incurable diseases to see miracles. Based on this alone, Gonia can develop believers with great power and wealth in targeted development.

The second divine skill is aimed at ordinary believers. The "miracles" such as group blessings performed at the gathering of thousands of people have a short-term effect that makes people feel happy and immediate. The medium-term effects of relatively lucky things, such brainwashing ability can only be described as explosive.

Thinking of this, Fang Linyan couldn't help looking at Gonia's plump and beautiful cheeks and sighed:

"You, such a high priest, have indeed passed 100,000 ordinary clergymen! Why don't the other true gods also come up with an image spokesman like you?"

(End of this chapter)