First Evolution

Chapter 264 The task of officially joining the space! (Thanks for the support of the League's hands for their blush and not blackness)

Chapter 264 The task of officially joining the space! (Thanks for the support of the League's hands for their blush and not blackness)

Gonia smiled:

"This world is an endless world of the Dharma, so if you want to show miracles, you must use power that is not part of this world."

"To re-engrave a high priest like me, first of all, the gods need to sacrifice a little divinity, and the rare material containing the powerful power in the ectopic plane is the foundation. Finally, the deities of the gods themselves have creative characteristics. Oneness can make me. "

Fang Linyan took a breath, and the deity of the deities need not be said, which is equivalent to a part of human soul. The rare material of the ectopic plane refers to the demon with the blood of Mephisto, the last point. , Athena is not only the god of war, but also the priesthood of wisdom / craftsmanship, of course, has creative characteristics.

It's no wonder that Gonia speaks lightly, but her words are quite proud, because the conditions for her appearance are really too harsh.


Fang Linyan next stayed in Hateqi's manor for five days. Hateqi should have been ordered by Gonia, and his requirements were almost responsive. As long as Fang Linyan opened the list, he would Buy it in the first time and send it over.

For Hateqi, Fang Linyan's expenses are only a fraction of the cost.

With such strong support, Fang Linyan finally successfully manufactured a fortress mechanical core in the afternoon of the fifth day, and after debugging, it was confirmed that there was no problem.

In these short five days, Gonia has also re-established the goddess church, but after consulting Fang Linyan's opinion, it was decided to act low-key first, make a lot of noise, and temporarily change the name of the church into an academic The name of the group is called the European Classical Research Institute of the University of Macedonia.

Not only that, in this society, three rich people with a similar status to Hatch have been successfully recruited, and a dozen other celebrities who are influential in various fields in Athens.

After these people's forces are united, and they have a common firm religious piety, they naturally begin to communicate with each other.

Take Hatch, for example. Yesterday, under the mediation of another church member, it became a big business. This business can expand his net worth by a third.

Under normal circumstances, this list cannot be talked about for two or three months.

However, Hatch had full confidence in that church member. As long as the church member made a promise in front of the high priest Goniya, he would directly give his low price and all cards to the other party. ..... Only in such a frank and good atmosphere can such a stunning business miracle occur.

With the example of Hateki, the rest of the people were immediately in sight, and they found an excellent business opportunity.

This is only five days, and it is conceivable that, as time goes by, this society created by Gonia will swell into a terrible monster!

After the mechanical core of the fort was manufactured, Fang Linyan began to conceive how to improve his drawings. This is a big problem, and it is not easy to draw conclusions.

If the difficulty of changing the drawing of the machine gun turret of Fang Linyan was 2 before, then the difficulty of improving this mechanical core is at least 8 or more, which involves a variety of knowledge, and it is not easy for Fang Linyan to start, so he is gradually Retired from the kind of enthusiasm before, began the normal schedule.

This morning, after Fang Linyan got up, he came to the garden outside the guest room to drink coffee, the wind was sunny, the flowers were scented by the birds, and the sun was warm, only to feel comfortable.

But at this moment, he suddenly felt a fever in his chest, and then, the mysterious Mobius imprint emerged slowly,

The Mobius mark on his chest emerged directly, emitting a light shining on the joint trial badge on his neck. In this light, the joint trial badge was melted away little by little, It was only half a second later.

At this time, prompts began to appear on his retina:

"Preparation is complete ..."

"Charging is complete ....."

"Starting data synchronization ..."





Fang Linyan found that when the data was synchronized to 100%, the joint trial badge was completely consumed in the light.

Immediately afterwards, a prompt popped out of the retina:

"Secret Mission: Superseded, the first phase starts."

"Mission: Please board the cruise ship belonging to British Kanade Shipping Company: Galaxy III within one week."

"Quest rewards: officially join the space."

After seeing this reminder, Fang Linyan's heart moved and couldn't help secretly saying that it finally came!

He immediately went online to check the relevant information, and found that British Kanard Shipping Company is an old-fashioned cruise company, and His Majesty's ships are well-known both inside and outside: simple deck layout, modern art decoration gives the cruise a modern and modern At the same time, there are strict training and requirements for employees, and service is paramount.

Yinhe III is one of the cruise ships under its command. It has been built for eleven years. Usually, it is mainly responsible for the luxury tourist route of Taicheng → Penang → Hanoi → Sanya → Guangzhou → Taipei → Taicheng.

Fang Linyan immediately went online and planned to order a ferry ticket, but found that this route seemed to be hot. It had to be booked almost half a year in advance, and now there are no tickets.

However, this problem was still valid for the original Fang Linyan, but for him now, there is absolutely no difficulty.

However, his immediate priority is to rush back to Taicheng first, because the starting point of this cruise ship is in Taicheng. According to the information found by Fang Linyan, usually, after completing a voyage, the cruise ship will be in Taicheng. The starting port will stay for two more days for mechanical maintenance, fueling and so on.

In view of the weird situation in which the last two rushes were missed perfectly, Fang Linyan decided to board the ship one day earlier this time. Anyway, the mission required to be boarded within a week, and he did not say what would happen if he passed in advance.

Of course, he also noticed that this time it was not a task arranged by a short message on a black mobile phone, but he was careful to make the ship forever. At this time, Fang Linyan was already a bird of surprise.

Undoubtedly, Fang Linyan went to find Gonia and told her about her. Gonia immediately agreed to arrange for him.

An hour later, a Mercedes-Benz took him out of the door, and then went directly onto the highway. After a four-hour gallop, Fang Linyan was surprised to find himself at the border, and the driver took out his credentials. In a flash, I successfully passed the level and went straight to Albania!

He opened the map and took a look. It turned out that during this period, he had traversed most of Greece's land and traveled for almost 400 kilometers.

After entering Albania for about two hours, we have reached the capital of Albania: Tirana. The Mercedes drove directly to Mother Teresa International Airport.

Then the driver went to Fang Linyan and took his passport. He went directly to the counter and presented his credentials. Then he successfully handled all check-in procedures for Fang Linyan.

Immediately afterwards, a waiter invited Fang Linyan to wait in the VIP lounge, presented him with snacks and fruits, and asked him if he had any dining needs. The service was meticulous.

Next, Fang Linyan made a plane transfer in Singapore, and then flew back to Thai City. Of course, he must have been sitting in first class along the way. Recalling his experience over the past few days really made him have the illusion of dreaming.

When he returned to his humble rental hut, he remembered all the echoes in Greece and the privileges he got at the airport along the way, and he began to feel a little faint sense of loss.

Of course, there is something called "ambition" secretly breeding in my heart.

When Fang Linyan returned this time, he also cleaned up his private space. The spare water, food, and other debris were previously discarded, and only the very important things were left. The rest The space is used to house the precision machining tools that the Greek side gave itself.

After having these tools, Fang Linyan usually stayed at home and continued to process the core of the machine, in addition to paying close attention to the movement of the Yinhe III, until he had enough three cores of machinery to stop.

Because of the additional precision machining tools, Fang Linyan's processing speed was also improved a lot, so he incidentally processed 20 high-precision parts required by Boss Tang and sent them to him in the past, so that Boss Tang would not be there every day Come text message bombing.

For Mr. Tang, these high-precision parts are an out-of-the-box fist product. He can take out what others don't have. This is the selling point and this is the word of mouth! The business in the shop is 20% better than last month.

Finally, Yinhe No. 3 was carrying a large number of returning passengers, and Fang Linyan mixed with the receiving group and looked at the cruise ship, and found that the thing was much larger than he thought.

Its length is more than 300 meters and its width is more than 60 meters. It seems that there are two helicopter landing pads on the top, and it has three swimming pools.

Such a behemoth, the crew alone, the number of waiters exceeds 400, they will provide meticulous service to 420 guests during the 11 days of the journey, which is almost 1: 1 service This is one of the reasons why this cruise ship is so popular.

Soon, after the tourists had dispersed, Fang Linyan finally waited for his desired goal, that is, the crew on the Galaxy III.

It takes two days for this group of tourists to leave for the next group of tourists to board the ship. They can also take the time to go ashore to eat, drink, and have fun while resolving their personal problems.

(End of this chapter)