First Evolution

Hmm, there are two things to talk about.

Hmm, there are two things to talk about.

First, chapter 75 is put in the front of this volume: entering the book should not affect reading, but if the students with obsessive-compulsive disorder must look uncomfortable.

I will contact the editor to change the chapter.

Second, the story in this volume should be the magic version of a certain movie. I will give relevant hints, similar to the previous volume:

Bright red blood,

White church,

The thick mist diffuses in the ancient city,

The girl who splits her legs for money,

Early morning death,

And the terrible chest that was cut open,

The cruel evil flows crimson over the slate,

Seducing those mysterious creatures one by one ...

This description is the same.

Third, in the new week, you have to ask for monthly and recommended tickets, right? I do n’t say how do you know what I want? I said that you must know that if I want it, I will brush it and throw it at me, right? Hehe.

(End of this chapter)