First Evolution

Chapter 265 Arrival On Time

Chapter 265 Arrival On Time

After stopping a big-nosed crew member who was about to call a taxi, Fang Linyan shoved fifty yuan into his hand as a tip, and then he opened the door and saw the road:

"I made a girlfriend five days ago, and she said that she really wanted to take a wonderful trip on Galaxy Three. If I could get a ticket, then she promised to live with me ... So I think you must be able to help me with this, right? "

After listening to Fang Linyan's words, the big-nosed crew member immediately blew a whistle:

"OK, wait a minute, I'll call and ask."

Immediately after he made a phone call:

"Hey, my friend, your luck is really good. I just met someone who refunded the ticket, which is still a rare VIP cabin! But there are nearly forty people behind you waiting in line to make an appointment, so if you want to get this If you live with a pretty girl, you need to double the price. "

Fang Linyan knows in fact that the so-called refund is just an excuse. In fact, the route is hot, and some staff on the ship will deliberately withhold some remaining tickets, and then earn the difference for themselves.

He is now very pessimistic about money. Although the double-priced VIP cabin is more than 20,000 yuan, he still digs it out without hesitation and naturally gets a ticket.

Fang Linyan asked very clearly that the cruise started boarding the ship at five in the afternoon three days later, but in fact, if he holds a VIP cabin ticket, he will be received from 10 am onwards. This time Fang Linyan decided Arrive seven hours ahead of time, there should be no moths.


Three days passed by,

Fang Linyan went directly to Boss Tang's shop to help in the past two days. This is because he encountered difficulties in studying the drawings and has been unable to move. Therefore, according to his habits, he simply set aside the problems to do something else. Child, change your mind and maybe win it every few days.

Of course, with Fang Linyan doing technical support in the shop, as a bad capitalist, boss Tang, of course, wanted to maximize the benefits, and then gave him the difficult maintenance work, so Fang Linyan was too busy.

However, as long as he has a long-term contact with machinery, he feels like entertainment, so there is no complaint.

When Mr. Tang observed in secret for two days, when he thought Fang Linyan finally washed his face, he realized that he had not arrived at the shop at ten o'clock in the morning on the third day!

You know, usually Fang Linyan usually arrives at the store two hours in advance, or simply sleeps in the repair shop. The owner of Xide Tang bought some spring beds and placed them in the shop.

At this moment, there was an ominous premonition in the mind of Mr. Tang, and he immediately called in the past and said:

"Why aren't you here, Xiaofang?"

Fang Linyan said calmly:

"Oh, I won't be here today."

Boss Tang suddenly felt dark before him, and his boss' temper soon rose to his head, angrily:

"If you do n’t know how to come, do n’t come, so free and casual, do you want a bonus this month, do you want to do it! Do not dare to do it ..."

Speaking of which, the aggressive boss Tang suddenly felt that there was something wrong! Cold sweat suddenly flowed from his forehead.

Yes, he found out that although this set is effective for ordinary employees, it is not a deterrent to Fang Linyan.

Because these three days in a row, the repair shop is a gated city. Fang Linyan has successfully beaten his reputation. The rest of the bosses know that Donald Duck has invited a senior technician to come. child.

Don't talk about firing Fang Linyan. The owner of several stores next to him is already looking for his contact details. Without Tang's dismissal, the other party will naturally be able to spend money on digging, right?

Faced with the scolding of Boss Tang, Fang Linyan's conscience suddenly felt a little painful, and felt that it was really bad for him to take time off without doing so, and he sighed:

"Yes, I'm not right, boss. I'll send you a resignation letter later. I don't want to pay you these days' wages as compensation."

After Fang Linyan said this, he immediately heard a sound of falling over there, and then he hung up a large piece of stuff. It crashed a lot, and heard Boss Tang hurriedly after a few seconds. Sincere words:

"No, no, young people should just rest more and grow up! You are really tired the other day, you have to take a few days off to work. Don't worry, I'm hungry."

After another minute or so, Fang Linyan realized that he had received another text message for receiving money. It turned out that Tang had transferred another 15,000 yuan, and it was the overtime pay and wages of these days ... Fang Linyan was a little aggressive.

But to be honest, in the past three days, Fang Linyan eliminated the technical difficulties of two very difficult cars. The revenue of the two cars alone was more than 50,000, not counting the improvement of the industry's reputation.

Under normal circumstances, if Tang wants to win these two cars, he must go to the port and ask a senior German engineer to come over!

These guys have eyes higher than the top, and the appearance fee is 10,000 euros. There is no guarantee that they can get it.

The key is that this situation belongs to the category of receiving private work. It must be free. If you are not free, you ca n’t get money, so Fang Linyan took this fifteenth for granted.


After getting the money, Fang Linyan directly rushed towards the dock anchored at Yinhe No. 3. At this time, there was still a full nine hours to the deadline, which shows that Fang Linyan was careful this time.

This time, Fang Linyan went directly to the subway because he considered that he could be late nine hours ahead of time and the reason for being late was nothing more than a car accident. The probability of a subway accident is much smaller than a car.

He seemed to be keeping his eyes closed on the way, but in fact he was paying attention to the possible variables. However, no special situation happened to the dock.

Fang Linyan thinks about it, and can only use the mission this time is not issued by the black elderly machine to explain.

After coming to the dock, Fang Linyan came into close contact with this giant ship that was called a mobile city, and his heart was also very shocked. At this time, the welcome red carpet was being laid on the dock, but a welcome guest in a formal dress was already standing by.

Fang Linyan walked towards a woman with a decent smile on her face and showed her ticket. She took it with a smile, then swiped on the next scanner, and whispered to Fang Linyan:

"Come with me, sir."

Under her guidance, Fang Linyan walked through the approach bridge with blue and white escalators, and then officially came to the giant ship. At the front door, six tall black men in red royal gowns smiled and bowed at the same time. Beautifully decorated door.

At this time, Fang Linyan discovered that there was really a hole in the sky. The interior of the ship turned out to be brightly lit, and the decoration was also magnificent. There was a melodious symphony, and a small band was playing live. A touch of perfume.

Oncoming is a huge central hall with a diameter of more than 50 meters. There are cafes, cafeterias, western restaurants, and so on. The windows are bright and the layout is similar to a large commercial center like Qianda Square. The difference lies in the inside The goods are completely different.

At the same time, at least hundreds of them were courteous, waiters wearing black swallowtail dresses, and white gloves on their hands. The woman was wearing a cheongsam, with a bulge and a bow.

Those who were greeted by the guests stepped forward to the enthusiastic consultation and service, while those who were not greeted stood straight to the wall, smiling and calling.

Not only that, there are two transparent sightseeing elevators taking off and landing at the entrance, and the highest number of floors is a full twelve floors! This atmosphere makes people forget that they are on a boat, but they think they have come to the CBD of the bustling metropolis.

Under the guidance of the welcome guest, Fang Linyan started to check in at the next lobby check-in counter, and was then led to his room by a personal butler named Welsh.

I have to admit that although Fang Linyan paid a high price this time, he felt very luxurious after living in this room. The front of the room is a large floor-to-ceiling window, which can see the full range of sea views. , Equipped with personal butler, private menu customization, private pool, balcony and more luxury privileges.

With the golden room card, you can dine for free in 11 restaurants on board, 8 cafes, and 20% off in 6 duty-free shops on board.

After lying on the bed, Fang Linyan closed his eyes but did not sleep. He was not tired at this time. He wanted to think about the mechanical core again, but I do n’t know why. At this time, he was always unable to concentrate. His thoughts seemed sloppy and jumping.

After careful consideration, Fang Linyan found that besides solving the imminent cancer, there are still many mysteries testing his curiosity and waiting for him to discover the truth.

For example, at the beginning, what happened in the period when I was inexplicably lost in the supermarket, where did the old black machine come from, and who sent them a text message.

For another example, in the joint trial, what is it that makes many senior strongmen look sideways, and then the layout wants to win it? There is an evil Zen behind Shania, so who is behind Gaiqiu Mountain?

Finally, there is the soul equipment in hand: Mr. Lannister Tyrion, a black leather bag. This stuff is extremely weird in texture. One side is human leather, and the other is snowman leather. It's from Istanbul, and this thing has a daunting workload. .

(End of this chapter)