First Evolution

Chapter 266 Summon! Elite Warrant Officer!

Chapter 266 Summon! Elite Warrant Officer!

Yeti is a unique monster located in the Himalayas, while Istanbul is far away from Turkey. Running to these two places feels a big head. Not only that, the key is not to get these two things, it ’s just the beginning. That's it! In order for this thing to be used by itself without side effects, it is necessary to satisfy the wish of the ghost inside.

No wonder the others have chosen another way, that is to force the hungry Mr. Lannister Tyrion to use the most violent method to lower the ten sessions, even if there are some side effects.

Thinking about these intricate things, Fang Linyan just felt that there was an irritability in his chest. He shook his head, seemed to leave all these things behind his head, and then took out the drone again. Looked at the drawings ...

Soon, as time passed, the sky began to darken gradually. Fang Linyan, who was sketching the drawings at the desk, felt the chair under the buttock slightly shake, and then three long and thick long whistle sounded, this behemoth Began its new voyage.

Then came a gentle sound from the built-in loudspeaker in the room:

"Dear guests, it is 6:30 in the evening. We will hold a welcome dinner for all VIPs at the Danube Banquet Hall at 7 in the evening. Captain Carlant will give a welcome speech on the spot. Welcome interested Passengers participate. "

After the sound in the loudspeaker was repeated three times in a row, he started speaking in English, then Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and German.

Fang Linyan is not very interested in this welcome dinner. He has drawn a veto line directly on this option.

At this time, a series of words began to beat on the retina:

"Secret task: Replace, the first stage is completed."

"Mission: You have successfully boarded a cruise ship belonging to British Kanade Shipping Company: Galaxy III."

"You get a 500 Universal Point reward."

"Secret Mission: Replace, the second phase begins."

"Mission: Kill the passengers before ten o'clock tonight."

"Hint: Passenger Langdu is a tester who is on a mission. He is very good. Please be careful."

"Hint: Passenger Langdu will receive the relevant mission in half an hour, and the content of his mission is to kill you!"

After seeing this prompt, Fang Linyan frowned suddenly, and quickly gave a question in his heart.

"Is there any information about Langdu?"

A message quickly popped up on the retina: "Your request violates the core code and cannot be given."

Fang Linyan took a deep breath:

"I want to know if Langdu's mainline tasks are like me, with time-bound requirements such as completing the task before ten o'clock?"

The message passed immediately: "His time limit is nine."

Fang Linyan frowned:

"This is my main world. Once the identity is leaked, there are many disadvantages, and even the foundation is unstable. So I asked for a transformation function so that I can obtain a reasonable fake identity without involving the deity."

"Yes, please pay three hundred universal points."

Fang Linyan immediately chose to pay, and then realized that he had turned into a brown-haired young man, and there was also some news in his mind.

This is the name of the new identity: Winch (English transliteration of the wrench), who is a mixed-race from Malaysia and lives in a lower-level sea-view cabin.

Then Fang Linyan groaned and continued to ask:

"Apart from Langdu on this ship, will anyone else have a mission similar to killing me?"

Immediate prompts were given on the retina:


Fang Linyan took a deep breath and spread his hand. There was a newly-made mechanical core there, and the thing shone with a cold and strange blue light under the light.

"I didn't expect you to come in handy so soon ..."

Immediately afterwards, the mechanical core in Fang Linyan's palm gradually faded and disappeared. Then, a clear aperture appeared on the floor next to it, and then the aperture began to gradually become blue, and a half appeared Blurred light and kneeling:

"You cast your abilities: summon Infinita DK-2 experimental siege robot soldier."

"You used spellcasting material: Mechanical Core."

"The quality of the Infinitas DK-2 experimental siege robot soldier you summoned will be upgraded to the elite and the rank to the rank of warrant officer."

"The basic attributes of the elite Warrant Officer have been increased to at least 1.5 times the baseline, and the conversion ratio between physical strength and health has been increased to 1: 1.5, with two additional ordinary skills or one important skill."

Immediately, the blue iris on the floor disappeared, revealing a cold figure with a cold metal glow.

Infinita Mechanical Warrant Officer (Elite)

Type: Robot

Rarity: Black

Duration: Until destroyed

Strength: It is normal for the 18: 4 + 4 mechanical warriors to have enough power, especially after gaining the strengthened "Aleuth" mechanical core.

Dexterity: 5 points + 1 point. In fact, more than 40% of the power of the strengthened "Aleuth" mechanical core is used to improve the disadvantage of the mechanical warrior in agility.

Stamina: 15 points + 4 points. Having sufficient resistance to attack is a must for mechanical warriors.

Perception: 7 o'clock + 2 o'clock, it has a unique advantage in this area with the shared vision of the drone,

Charm: 2 points + 0, only a few people can appreciate its mechanical beauty

Spirit: 0. It is estimated that this cannot be realized before it becomes a mechanical life.

Default configuration weapon: M1911 pistol (modified) /. 45 inch Colt pistol bullet (equipped with 20 rounds)

Effective range: 30 + 12 meters

Attack: 15 + 4

Shooting mode: point fire

Shooting interval: 1 second. (Each time an Infitas DK-2 experimental siege robot soldier is summoned, there will be a five-second self-initiation time to launch the attack)

Melee Unarmed Attack: 22 points

Physical Defense: 15 points + 4 points

Magic Defense: 0

Weakness: Fear of strong acid / high voltage shock

Health: 285 + 70 points

Passive ability: Inheritance (enhancement), the mech warrior can inherit all the basic abilities of the summoner (if this basic ability is useful for the mech warrior)

Active ability: The impact of iron and steel, when the machine warrior fists, he will spray flames from the thruster behind the elbow, generating a strong propulsive force to strengthen the speed of this bomber. Successfully hitting the enemy will form the basis Attack + Strength damage. CD time is 30 seconds.

Active ability: Deformation. The mech warrior can choose to transform into a high-energy machine gun tower with a length of 53 cm, a width of 38 cm, and a height of 46 cm to attack the enemy.

The machine gun tower has five special ammunitions: high-explosive shotgun. Once the ammunition is injected into the human body, it will not only cause penetrating injuries, but also explode after staying in the body. It is amazing in power and stuns the enemy for 0.5 seconds.

The damage is calculated in two stages. The damage from successfully hitting the enemy is 10, but the explosion damage is 30, and the explosion ignores the defense.

After the five rounds of special ammunition have been fired, they will enter the infinite ammunition mode with the same attack power as the ordinary machine gun tower.

Note: The transformation process is 2 seconds. After the transformation, a self-test and loading procedure of five seconds are required to shoot.

The remaining instructions are the same as the regular mechanical soldiers (skip)

Looking at the emerging elite mechanical warrior, Fang Linyan suddenly flashed a light in his eyes:

"Enable the camouflage function! Pretend it looks exactly like me at this time!"

"Your military rank is not enough to perform this function."

"You can only do vaguely specified camouflage at this time."

In the face of the rejection prompt, Fang Linyan was not angry and rejoicing:

"Well? Isn't it just enough? In other words, if the rank is enough, then it's OK?"

"Is that ambiguous prescriptive camouflage? Listen then."

Fang Linyan's mouth revealed a patient and intriguing smile:

"Activate the camouflage function to disguise the elite mechanical warrior as a woman in the age range of 20-30 years. The larger the part with the female sexuality, the better, so that the enemy will inevitably be affected when they launch an attack.

"The more beautiful the face, the better. It will make the enemy feel better when attacking. If I can, I can provide a hundred similar photos or 12 G videos to specify the blurriness."

"The softer and softer the voice, the better. I can provide Lin's five G voices for vague designation."

After Fang Linyan's request was finished, the atmosphere at the scene fell into a very awkward silence.

The silence lasted for three minutes.

If this time is described in the style of Riman, then a crow quacks flying across the screen, pulling a string of Yonago in the back.

Then, a row of text popped up on Fang Linyan's retina:

"The camouflage function has been completed and the universal points have been deducted."

Fang Linyan froze for a moment, and immediately turned to look at the elite mechanical warrior next to him.

However, after careful consideration, I still felt that although it was far away from my own requirements, it was still acceptable, so I continued to plan.

Because the round he is going to set up at this time is an indelible killing round!


Over the high seas,

There are darkness everywhere, it is not clear where the sky is or where the ocean is.

Between heaven and earth, it seems that only this bright ocean-going cruise ship exists, quietly sailing to an unknown distance.

For most guests who have been on the boat for only a few hours, the excitement and freshness are still lingering in the body at this time. The wine from the previous welcome dinner brought a considerable stimulating experience. The grand party at the bow of the ship gave them a place for carnival.

(End of this chapter)