Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 143 Army Building

"Boy, if you have time, go to the barracks with me if you have time." Unconsciously, half a year later, Yang Heng has been devoted to the construction of the cement plant, but these things are not immediately possible. The construction was completed, so Yang Heng had to return home, and when he came home, things came.

"Any time, why, Grandpa, is there something difficult in the army?" Yang Heng wondered, although he didn't go to the barracks, but he also has some sources of information. Dad can still manage the barracks. I wonder if Dad has any ideas.

"Difficult things, no. Didn't you tell me before that you had to go to the barracks to train some new soldiers? This is where I came to train you. Now all the soldiers’ families are here. There are also some soldiers who are married, and only a few soldiers are still single, but their marriage is coming soon. Now these soldiers are reassured. Your Majesty sent me here, I know, they are all directed at you. , Don't let your Majesty be disappointed. "Well, my dad knew that Li Er was used to suppress Yang Heng.

"Okay, okay, then I'll go with you. Anyway, things in this home can't be finished at any time. It's better to train this army first, or let His Majesty take a peace of mind. "After talking, Yang Heng cleaned up, and as Dad rode on the horse, he entered the barracks.

If you do n’t enter the barracks, you do n’t know. As soon as you enter the barracks, Yang Heng knows that at this time, the barracks is still training one brigade and one brigade, that is, one square team for every 100 people is training. This is the highest level that Dad can train. This family with no background is simply not successful. There is no way to bring a soldier. However, a team in the distance is training well. Take a closer look and realize that this is not the scouts. Their current training is very Seriously, it doesn't mean that the other soldiers are not serious, but that the other soldiers have not yet started their training, and they are still doing some queue training.

"You, call my uncle, and say I want to call him." Yang Heng gave an order to a guard beside Dad, "Go, in the future, the words of the major general are my words, you These people can listen. "Dad directly gave Yang Heng some power, that is, he asked Yang Heng to command the guards behind him. These guards all followed the dad from the city.

"Yes, general, major general, I'll go immediately." The guard turned and left.

"Master, you can inform all the soldiers, and now they are all assembled and announced to me the position of commander-in-chief of the whole army. That is to say, I can intervene in all future trainings, as long as I do not leave the barracks, and I am not right for you. I can give unfavorable orders. "Actually, Yang Heng can get more rights, but Yang Heng doesn't want to bear such a big right, so as long as he has the right in the military camp, he can't hurt his father. Although he will not hurt Dad, but everything will happen in this era. If Dad is worried about what to do, it is better to explain in advance. Although these soldiers all listen to Dad, who knows if it will change? .

"Everyone has it, the whole army will gather at the station at the point." Dad's loud voice spread across the army camp immediately. "One, two, one, two, three, four." The soldiers of the brigade and brigade shouted slogans. At the end of the day, he stood up as a large squad before the stage. Although it was not neat, there were also some prototypes.

At this time, Dad and Yang Heng stood on the general's stage. "Who is this, is it the general's son?" "Stupid, you don't know, naturally it is the general of the general. Now, he asked us to settle our home here, so that we can all calm down and serve as soldiers. "Some soldiers who were known introduced them to other soldiers. "Ah, the major general is so young." "Yeah, it is said that the major general is Wen Quxing and Wu Quxing, who are both civil and military." Who created this rumor? Fighting, I'm just a traversal, not the civil and military double stars in your mouth, otherwise Li Er will misunderstand.

"Stop, let's stop talking. Let me introduce you. This is your major general, my son. In the future, he will have a title, that is, the chief instructor in our army ..." Dad was very proud to say a lot, but the main thing is one sentence, that is, Yang Heng will be the chief instructor in this army.

"Chief Instructor, it's interesting, this kid has finally shot. If he hasn't shot yet, I will arrange someone to urge him. He has a good set of scouts for training last time. I am looking forward to this time." Li Erzai As soon as the news was received in the Royal Palace, I was immediately happy. You must know that many ministers now oppose this army's presence in this place.

To say that there is such an uncontrolled army outside the city will have a great impact on the city and there will be dangers. If there is any mutiny, they will impact the city of Changan, that is, Changan cannot be attacked. It will also have a great impact on the normal order. It can be seen that the ministers at this time can still consider for Li Er, and naturally also consider for themselves.

"Nephew, you call me, what's the matter, I just happen to be idle now." The uncle hurriedly followed the guard and ran away. He just finished all the work on his hands and was just idle. Come to live, and the uncle is most looking forward to Yang Heng looking for him, looking for him, prove that there will be new things, there is an opportunity to leave a name in history, although the ideas, even the drawings are made by the nephew, can be specific The items were made by him.

"Uncle, there aren't many particularly important things this time, but once they are made, any team will remember you in the future, maybe someone will scold you, maybe someone will thank you."

In this case, Yang Heng is right. Some soldiers who feel that they have been training hard may scold the people who made this facility. "Mother, who made such a set of torture things, but toss us "Broken," and those who thanked him after the war. "Fortunately, we have that set of military training equipment. Otherwise, we ca n’t keep our little lives." This is a set of posterity improved by Yang Heng. The training system for the 400-meter obstacle was not used directly by Yang Heng, but was simply modified, and then there was this training system at this time, and Yang Heng had already considered it in his heart It's been a long time, and even the drawings have been changed. I don't know how many times before this is set.