Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 145: New Training (2)

Yang Heng apparently realized that these soldiers could not complete the speed, but under great conviction, they actually completed it. In this case, Yang Heng also learned the miracle created by the old man in his previous life. It is a war that cannot be won with the simplest weapon. This is because of faith.

It took the soldiers three months to reach the speed that Yang Heng ran out of. Naturally, maybe Yang Heng would run faster, but at this time he didn't want to continue to accelerate anymore, because Yang Heng found that this speed had already You have reached the limit of these soldiers. You must know that these soldiers are some of the teams that Li Er gathered during the battle. The largest of them are more than forty, and the small ones are about thirty. It can be said that their system has already been Not suitable for too intense training.

However, compared to other military forces, this is still a strong army, a soldier, but it is composed of people from the age of ten to nearly sixty years old, how much combat power can be, is the Li Er's Guards, then Li Yuan's starting team is also a strong army, but the age span inside is also very large. It is no less than the age span of the soldiers. It seems that this team is the strongest army. Why didn't Li Er pay attention to it before?

It ’s normal to think about it carefully. When Li Er accepted these teams, it was also a team with a large age span. It was even more messy. After many years of battles, after the baptism of previous wars, some Very poor soldiers are either dead or seriously wounded and retired, or they have left a small job, and naturally the strongest soldiers are left. Naturally, there will be some soldier oil in them, but in Yang With such rigorous training, these soldiers will not be able to get oily. If they are soldiers, especially soldiers who have been fighting for many years, they are all smart people, and their physical fitness is also Yes, otherwise, they are not qualified to be soldiers of oil, and they are soldiers of oil, because they are not valued, but now there are some things that Yang Heng has done for them in the name of Li Er. Are they still oily?

The other is Yang Heng's brainwashing education for them, which is called a success. If Li Er is now in front of them and says, you all die for the sake of death, it is estimated that more than half of the people will die. The other half did not die not to question and violate Li Er's orders, but to plead with Li Er to forgive them. If they had any mistakes, they could correct them, and they would never resist. If there was any disbelief, see Wheel of Gong .

Basically, the walking practice is completed, and the next training is immediately. The immediate training has been practiced for a period of time during the leisure time of the walking practice, but the intensity is less, but it needs to be converted now. Immediate Practice has become the main subject, and step practice is the last name to consolidate training. In fact, this is the second stage of the third step of Yang Heng ’s training for these soldiers.

What are the first two steps? That is naturally queue training. This started after Dad entered the barracks. The second step was divided into two stages. The first stage was Dad training the soldiers. The slogan shouted at the time was the second stage was the brainwashing education of soldiers loyal to the monarch and patriotism after Yang Heng entered the barracks. The first stage of the third step was naturally step by step.

Immediate practice is a result of brainstorming. There are continuous hurdles, grass, mud, sand, and rocky areas. This is a synthesis of various terrains encountered in previous battles. The following are some tricks. Action, what a sharp turn, dance steps, ... All the soldiers can think of is that Yang Heng can remember, and some of the actions he speculated are added, and after many actual combat exercises, the final decision After a few fixed training moves and eliminating some unnecessary moves, a set was formulated. The Datang Cavalry Training Outline came out. This cavalry training course has a name, and the natural infantry training course must have a name. It ’s called the Datang Army training outline. It was originally called an infantry training outline. But think again, cavalry also trains these courses, even scouts also have these courses, so it ’s changed to land training outlines, and scouts Upon hearing it, it wasn't behind, and they unanimously required that they also have a name for the training course, otherwise they would be very ignorant when they went out to speak.

For example, "Lord, what name does your scout training have?" "No, we are using the Datang Marine Training Outline and the Datang Cavalry Training Outline." This is not good, and your major general also attaches the greatest importance. We scouts, but if we say, "Our training is the Datang scout training outline. At the same time, in order to need, what land combat outlines, cavalry outlines, etc. are too troublesome, I said that I do n’t understand What about this. Doesn't this justify the importance of scouts? Yeah, Yang Heng was convinced. In fact, Yang Heng wanted to dedicate his two outlines to Li Er. The training of scouts Li Er already knew and paid attention to it, even some training methods have been devolved. Some of the more important teams are inside.

"Haha, okay, I knew that this boy had something in his heart, and I really guessed it right." Li Er screamed again and again in front of his grandson, man, even if he is an emperor, he also likes to be his wife Bragging about his patience in front of him, "Yeah, Erlang really has a vision, so he has such a wise eye and dug up such a capable baby." The grandson also cooperated, his eyes smelling peach heart holding Li Er's stinky feet .

"Well, I think it's a pity when I think about it. It would be a shame if the kid was an introductory disciple of the sour scholar. None of his disciples were successful. Ask them, they have all heard the show, but they just do n’t use it. Reminder, they still ca n’t remember it, it ’s really a waste, even they did n’t even take notes, and the kid of Yang Heng just overheard for over a year and learned so much. Is it really folk? As the legend goes, he is the reincarnation of Wenquxing. "Talking, Li Er's face was a little dazed, but it was a threat to him. He had the idea to kill Yang Heng. This really is No delusion.

"Congratulations, Your Majesty, Your Majesty, Her Majesty, Your Majesty can get help from all the people who are under the influence of Wenqu Xing. That means that His Majesty's throne is recognized by God." This is Queen Eldest Son, the only Queen in history.

"Otherwise, Your Majesty, you are really uneasy, just find a rope to tie him." "Well, well, this is a way, Guanyin, you see, what kind of beauty is, she just doesn't want to marry her cousin. "Li Er was a bit misunderstood. The elder grandson just joked with him, meaning to be tied with a rope, but Li Er understood it so.

"Your Majesty, this, this ..." Chang Sun originally wanted to say that the identity gap was too great, but she could not disobey Li Er, and she also thought that Li Lizhi was good with Yang Heng, just because the identity gap was large. But think again, isn't this status given by Li Er, so he defaulted.

"Queen, since you have approved it, so be it." Yang Heng did not expect that his future happiness in marriage would be decided by Li Er and his wife.