Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 147 Goes On Track

All the things in the city are done, the father has also won the title, and he is considered to be the Emperor Guangzong, and the old lady has also been given the status of death. At the same time, she also has a status at home, that is, she is a little bit stunned, and their own husband Sanguan, why don't you have a death.

However, our hearts were not disappointed, and what Yang Heng got was disappointment. Until now, he hasn't turned this turn, but in his own memory, this Mark Marco is not good, except for Chen Shimei of Da Song, He was chopped by the Baozi. Others went from playing gold branches to going to the Green Hat Fang Er. Is Fang Er also a man of this era? Next, he will become a bridge with himself, "ha ha, ha ha, ha ha." Yang Heng laughed and laughed three times. At least he was better than the second room. It seemed that Li Zhi had no bad records. Next, she would implement the loli development plan, at least not let her prematurely. He died, but it is too early to study this. It is better to end the country and the stall in the barracks first.

In the golden autumn, the Yang Heng family returned to the countryside again, and the Yang Heng also entered the military camp. What, outside the cement factory, that is not anxious, it will not produce results in a while. This formula has, And so on.

However, before leaving Chang'an, Yang Heng met Li Er once. Although Li Er was already his quasi-old husband at this time, Yang Heng saw that he was not under pressure, but instead asked Li Er for ten. The crossbow copied by Li Er from the two princesses was ten more powerful crossbows. It took a long time to wind, and it took about five seconds to fire an arrow. This is enough. The distance and strength of this crossbow concealed its shortcomings. It can penetrate the bodies of three heavily armored soldiers within five hundred steps and does not lose its lethality within one thousand steps, which is a bit inconvenient to move. This has become a weapon to restrict family names. Although its distance strength is not stronger than the original strong crossbow, it is easy to wind and shoot, so Li Er likes this more.

And Yang Heng came to ask, Li Er agreed very happily. He knew that Yang Heng might have done something good and came out. He should be carrying these crossbows.

Indeed, Yang Heng really had an idea, that is, a single-horse chariot, that is, a horse towing a cart, a driver and crossbowman standing behind, and holding the crossbow in their hands, they are In the entire team's forward, as long as the enemy appears within their line of sight, they will be stationed and fired. When the distance is close to the range of the enemy's bow and arrow, they will retreat and give up the battlefield to the army. At that time, the enemy might have become confused. At least, around their flags, they would become the key targets of crossbow strikes, that is, they could not shoot the generals, and they could also shoot several vice generals.

But this car is so easy to do. First of all, this vibration cannot be changed.

"Nephew, you are too demanding. Someone needs to stand in the cart and be dragged by a horse to move fast. This shock will soon disperse the cart." The uncle also told the truth Already.

"Uncle, you don't need to care about it first. You just need to make this kind of cart and leave me a place where I can place a crossbow. I probably set up a crossbow on the horse's butt. You should also study it. What kind of rack can set up the crossbow, and also need an arrow box on hand, where the arrows are placed, which are placed upright, so that the soldiers can easily pull the arrows, do not delay the winding time without holding the arrow Time was delayed. "

"That's all, I can make this, but it's a pity that I was so famous that I ruined it so much." That little uncle was so arrogant.

"Well, uncle, when you make a car, by the way call the best blacksmith in our family, I have something to tell him." "Aren't you the best blacksmith, why do you need a blacksmith?" "The uncle mumbled away and Yang Heng shook his head reluctantly and entered the military camp.

At this point, he needs to choose some of these riders. In fact, he should not be a rider at this time, but he should be called a driver. Although there are ten crossbow crossbow, this small cart is still very popular among the army. It is useful if people use one horse and one cart, so although the army is a bit bloated, there will be more food to carry, and it will save some logistics personnel.

The more Yang Heng thinks, the more it feels feasible. Now whether it is Datang or the surroundings, there are many horses. It is possible to have two horses in Datang. If you ride one horse, you still have One, and then pulled such a cart behind him. The cart was loaded with personal supplies and food. Did n’t he bring himself a logistics soldier?

At this time, Yang Heng was thinking more and more about music, but then he could n’t enjoy it anymore. It was a question about vibration, how to solve it, which is not a problem for many passers-by. Just like a mountain, the pressure is great.

"Major, you call us." Although Yang Heng called himself the chief instructor, even his dad made him the chief instructor, but the soldiers still like to call him a major general, then the major general.

"Well, I asked you to come. There is a way. I need to select some soldiers to come out as drivers. What is this called a driver? I will know when you see it later. Now, let the horses drag a farmer to wipe them. The tool on the ground is called, ah, it's a slap, that's it, let the soldiers stand on it, let the horses drag along in front of it, and pick the most stable soldiers standing. "

Very creative, Yang Heng used an agricultural action to choose what kind of driver he said, but there is no other way than this method. There is really no small carriage that can withstand the vibration temporarily.

However, with such an order from Yang Heng, the puppets in the houses of the nearby villagers were ruined. Fortunately, Yang Heng had established a mass discipline for these soldiers long ago in case they did not loot some roads. Residents.

Every time the soldiers took a puppet, they would leave a corresponding amount of money in the household, enough for this family to make a few more puppets. Even some villagers wanted to make such money, and soon did it. Many puppets came back and wanted to make a lot of money. Unfortunately, the soldiers just came down and took it this time. Those smart people would leave these puppets at home and use them for themselves.