Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 148 New Crossbow Chariot (1)

"Nephew Heng, this is the horse-drawn cart you want. What do you think, it will soon fall apart but don't blame me, I'm the hardest wood I've used."

The uncle came to Yang Heng with complaints in his face, and he was ruined by Yang Heng. "And the old blacksmith Liu is also the best blacksmith in your family."

"Hello Xiaolangjun, I don't know if there is anything on this car that can be used by villains." Old Liu looked very cowish before coming to Yang Heng's house, but when he came to Yang Heng's house, he saw the biography used by Yang Heng. After the family treasure, all the arrogance is gone. You must know that Yang Heng used a double iron hammer, but that iron hammer made by meteorite was made by Yang Hengzu's effort. For a hammer, each hammer weighs more than 200 kilograms. Naturally, Yang Heng's hammer can be dozens of hammers with ordinary blacksmiths, and even stronger than the air hammer in later generations. Otherwise, Yang Heng ’s father would not be able to make such a good knife, but now the hammer is passed on to Yang Heng, not Dad. You must know that this is the heirloom of Yang Heng ’s grandfather, and he only has inheritance. Only the descendants of the grandfather's genealogy will carry on.

"Come, old Liu, let me tell you the simplest thing first, but, uncle, here's your thing, that is, you have to replace the outer ring of this wheel with a two-inch thick wood. The circle must also be soft and hard, that is, not too hard or too soft, that is, walking on some roads with stone blades, and touching the stone blades, an indentation will appear on the wheel. After the indentation, It will recover most of it, and you will need to make two pieces of thick iron on both sides of this wheel. You need to use this iron to clamp the entire wheel, but you need to leave half an inch to one inch on the outer ring. Width, come, let this piece of wood exposed and make it suitable for the outer ring. It is easy to change. Okay, that's my request for the time being. This is done. I'll tell you later. " Naturally, Heng Yang wanted to replace the rubber tires of later generations with this soft and hard wood. It is impossible for Yang Heng to make rubber now. Not to mention that there is no rubber tree in this place. There is, and Yang Heng can do it now, but Yang Heng can make people grow Eucommia at this time Any leaves and bark have been stored for future development and use, but at that time, the bark of these leaves is still unknown, but this Eucommia also has a function, which is medical, Sun Simiao can be used to study the medical value of Eucommia, but this matter should be known to Sun Simiao. Eucommia can be used as medicine, which was recorded in the Han Dynasty.

Now Yang Heng is very busy. In the military training, he has to ask from time to time. Some inappropriate training methods have to be gradually improved. There are still some training methods that are not involved. They must continue to be added. The main thing is Improve the three training outlines. With these three outlines, the soldiers' system and obedience will be greatly strengthened. No matter who the general will lead, he will be able to complete his battle formation.

In addition, the construction of the cement plant, Yang Heng should pay attention to it from time to time, also remind those workers who are developing, and make reasonable improvements.

The most important thing is the car in front. Yang Heng did not bring the car back to the uncle, but left it. With the sample, he will always improve it. Now he is considering the wheel and axle system. Do not want to do the ball bearing, but the sliding wheel axle used by the bearing was practiced by Yang Heng on the waterwheel, which proved that this is a more suitable wheel axle. Now I do n’t know how to use it on the wheel. The thing to do is to consider the dust-proof thing, because this car has been with the soldiers to fight the North and South, so there are all kinds of environments.

"Yes, this can be used as a dustproof facility with felt." Suddenly, Yang Heng remembered that in the previous life, some of the earlier machinery had really seen the parts that used felt as an oil seal, so And another thing was solved.

Yang Heng waited for a long time, and the uncle appeared in front of Yang Heng with Lao Liu again. Only then did the car they brought, in addition to the axles, have a thick layer of iron on the other parts. Yang Heng was really crying and laughing.

"I said, uncle, and Lao Liu, what are you doing? When do I say that this car needs to be covered with iron? Isn't this adding to the burden on the horses? Come, let me tell you, you Look, in this place, this place, these tenon parts, you can add T-shaped iron, or angle iron, and in other parts, only the hard wood is enough to support the car, and These attached racks above do not bear weight. Naturally, these can be added without iron. Also, you take this model back. This is the rack that supports the crossbow. It is added to this part and this. Parts, old Liu, this place needs iron shafts, you can also create them. This does not require any steel surname, as long as it is iron, but it must be tighter, you go, improve as I said. Come back, next time I need to teach Lao Liu to make bearing axles. "Yang Heng once again drove my uncle and Lao Liu out and let them continue to improve the car.

After a long time again, the uncle and the old Liu appeared in front of Yang Heng again, and Yang Heng was not idle during this time. He was sorting out some standards for steel smelting. In recent years, Yang Heng found that some of the secret recipes made of steel uploaded by his ancestors were the same as the carbon steel in the forty-fifth generation. How did Yang Heng see this? Naturally, he saw it through grinding. Ganghua can see it.

Only forty-fifth steel is not yet available. Naturally, procedures such as annealing and quenching are required to make qualified axles. It is also a success. In the previous life, Yang Heng learned the ability of simple quenching with water from some stonemasoners. The color of the burned steel is then immersed in water to see the color is quenched to the steel. This method of Mr. Tu is not even worse than using a computer to measure the temperature and quenching. This is also the result of Yang Heng chatting with the old man in his idle life. It has also been useful since ancient times, but the most important thing is that his family has a formula for this steel.

This wheel is the most important part of the car. Other parts need accessories. Yang Heng doesn't want to prepare accessories for this part. He needs to do it himself to complete the manufacturing process of this wheel.