Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 149 New Crossbow Chariot (2)

When the uncle left with the old Liu again, Yang Heng suddenly found a problem, that is, the problem of shock absorption was only half solved, that is, the car still needed to be modified.

How can it be changed? That is, the place where the wheels need to be fixed, two thicker iron plates are added, and then two steel plates are added below for shock absorption. After the process, it can still play a certain role. Although it is said that this steel is not very suitable for the spring plate, it is necessary to reserve two steel plates.

Under this kind of thinking, Yang Heng suddenly found that there are still many places to transform this car, not only to add a place to hang the spring plate, but also to install a few places to put spare parts. This spare part includes two spring plates. There are three pairs of wheel outer rings, others such as a few dust seals, and some pins. Most importantly, there should be some tank maintenance personnel in the army, which also needs Yang Heng's personal training.

Maintenance workers, this also has to be selected in this team. Maybe this is the ancestor of vehicle maintenance in the future, and there were no people who did not repair any carriages or ox carts before, but those people are all woodworkers, and they are not considered maintenance workers. Now, this repairman will become a specialized profession, and even with the increase in the number of mechanical things made by Yang Heng, the profession of this repairman will shine brightly.

"From today on, you will enter this room with fire and fire, and I will evaluate you." In order to find out who can be a maintenance worker, Yang Heng took a lot of thought.

How to choose, this can not be said to use a popular test, said to open up the posture on a large square, each person a car for maintenance, now Yang Hengke does not have so many cars for soldiers to repair, Therefore, he used a group of ten people for the test. He sat in person and asked ten soldiers to assemble a car. Before disassembly, the car was disassembled. Then the car was disassembled and then assembled. Then naturally you know that the soldier is the one that Yang Heng needs. This method is a bit cumbersome, but Yang Heng also has a plan. If the fire really has no interest in this, Yang Heng will not. Let them go on, knowing that sometimes one can't pick out a few fires or even dozens of fires in a row.

"Let's start slowly for a while, let me take a look." Finally, Yang Heng's eyes lighted up. This should be a technical talent. Although I picked out a few in the front, they were a little reluctant, but this one It was so brilliant that he knew how to take a good look at a car before deciding how to dismantle it. In addition, he showed strong self-confidence in front of the car, and even other soldiers listened to his command. You know, he's not a fire long.

"Okay, I've finished watching it. Now I'll arrange your work. You are here, you are here. The two of you assist me. The two of you each find your assistant. The rest is responsible for observation. If you made a mistake during the installation, you should promptly remind. "

This, this, this, this is a maintenance genius, and there are even some commanding talents, immediately Yang Heng decided that the people in need of this fire are all, with their cooperation, and this makes Yang Heng's eyes shine in front Yang Heng, the soldier, also decided. If there are no more outstanding figures in the future, then he is the brigade commander of this maintenance brigade. Yang Heng is now planning to find a hundred maintenance workers first, and then collect them collectively. Training, and then you can go to work.

However, the people in this brigade also have the task of carrying a large number of vehicles and crossbow accessories, and even the army's weapon maintenance industry. Naturally, Yang Heng will also equip a few blacksmiths. However, this blacksmith needs Li Er to transfer from another place.

"Major General, there are two people. One of them is your uncle. They have been asking you to see you outside the camp for a few days. I didn't come to inform you because I was watching you busy assessing the soldiers."

"Uncle." As soon as Yang Heng heard it, he knew that it was the uncle. Although he regretted it and didn't let the uncle come in in time, there was no other way. No matter what stall, he needed him, and he Can not be divided into two or more people to work, if someone shares, ah, yes, there are shared.

"Come, call me the one in front, that is the fire that was selected by the whole." At this time, Yang Heng knew that he didn't even know what the soldier he recognized was, and these people It was recorded by a clerk.

"Major, you call us." "Well, you, what's your name?" "Return to Major, Tian Cheng is young." "Oh, Tian Cheng, right, you will take over from me This seat is responsible for assessing the cognition and understanding ability of all soldiers. That is to say, I need to select some maintenance workers who repair this kind of vehicle, and you are responsible for finding out the right person. "

Yang Heng quickly left the matter to Tian Cheng, who knew that Tian Cheng would handle the matter well. "Just rest assured, Major General, this humble job will definitely handle this matter." Even so, Yang Heng asked the clerk and Tian Cheng to be responsible for selecting the repairman. To be familiar with the process, the clerk It is more familiar than Tian Cheng. Since this time, the clerk has been with Yang Heng. Therefore, Yang Heng still believes in the clerk. However, there are some things that need to be waited for.

"Uncle, and old Liu, you are here. Sorry, I have been busy looking for a repairman these days. With this chariot in this army, if there is no repairman, it will not be the best. It worked. "Yang Heng apologized to the two while taking them to his studio.

"Come, old Liu, uncle, this is my last change, and it should be officially put into production next time. You see this place, and this place needs ..."

After a while, the uncle and the old Liu left with the drawings again. They did not feel any trouble, but left with the mood to participate in important matters. Anyone knows that the appearance of a thing is not so smooth. If it is smooth, the value of this thing will not be so great. This is the idea of ​​Xiaoshu and Lao Liu. But Yang Heng's idea is just the opposite of the two of them. He has been condemning himself. Why haven't he thought of some things? If he had thought of them earlier, it would not be so troublesome. Seeing that this year has passed again, and now Nothing happened, just now that he has become a family member, even Yang Heng feels funny, this hair has not grown up, you can marry a daughter-in-law, see Li Er's anxious look, it is estimated that next year The daughter-in-law will come in.