Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 150: The Season of Harvest

When Yang Heng was depressed, the good news began to come. The cement plant was successfully constructed. At this time, the steward was coming to invite Yang Heng to participate in the ignition ceremony of the cement plant.

Although the workers do not know how many times the fire has been set, these are the surnames of the equipment made in the test, and many improvements are needed. This time, the ignition is to start the cement production line. An original production line.

"Xiao Langjun, come and light it up." The steward gave respectfully to Yang Heng. "Come, housekeeper, and our future factory director, and technology factory director, let us four ignite this production line together."

"Xiaolangjun, this, ..." The tears moved by the three of them at the time, what is it, Qingshi left a name, others don't know what the cement is useful for, but the three know it, too It's useful, it's impossible to say what is useful. In addition, it was Yang Heng who made the statement of the director himself, and he did not want to give any name of this era. Besides, are there any factories and enterprises in this era? No, no production lines, no.

The two factory directors each have their own names, but when Yang Heng made them the factory director, they took the initiative to change the family name to follow Yang Henglai, the factory director was renamed Yang Cement, and the technical factory director was renamed Yang Technology. In fact, both of the two factory directors or housekeepers are slaves, and if they can leave their names as slaves, they are proud of their lives, and Yang Heng has promised them that After time, they will be given a civilian status, then they will be even more grateful to Yang Heng, but the steward took the initiative to ask that he would not change his status. The identity of the Yang family ’s steward is comparable to that of some outside officials. The status is even higher, even these two factory directors are also a bit unwilling to change, because at this time they are considered to have entered the Yang family's high-level. Obviously, Yang Heng is going out to stand alone, this cement factory is Yang Heng's business. That is, the housekeeper wants to follow Yang Heng.

As the four kinds of fire were put into the stove, and then the sound of firecrackers sounded outside. This is the real firecracker. When it comes to burning bamboo, Yang Heng is a bit ashamed when it comes to firecrackers. He has been crossing for a long time It ’s still burning bamboo to celebrate. It ’s really too far behind. Other passers-by have even made rifles, and they haven't even made a sound.

"Xiao Langjun, you see, this place is where the cement is taken out. We have tested it. According to Xiao Langjun, we can produce one ton of cement a day." The steward proudly said.

Immediately, Yang Heng was crying with tears too much, and the price was too low. It took such a great deal of effort to build the first factory of his own that he was able to produce one ton of cement, which is the next generation of cement. The factory also looks like 500 tons and 600 tons, but what counts as one is only one ton, and that's it, the steward is still very proud.

"This is Xiaolangjun?" The housekeeper was a little surprised. He found that Yang Heng had to hide his face and left. This was a shameful expression. This was a good result. How could Xiaolangjun be dissatisfied and put Yang Cement, Yang Jibo was called to check on the production line. Is it anyone who is lazy, who is not ready for protection, or who is not wearing a mask? Do they not want to die, they have to get some dust. Can't the lungs do? He really didn't know that Yang Heng was ashamed to leave for less output. If the housekeeper knew it, it would be even more astonishing. This is a ton of output. It can build a lot of houses, which is used in the construction of city walls. It will also save a lot of labor and reduce a lot of time, but the protection ability has been increased exponentially.

Yang Heng returned to the barracks, at this time he had discovered that the uncle and the old Liu were waiting here, and there was an eunuch here, who is this, oh, it was the root beside Li Lizhi.

"Agen, the princess is okay." "Oh, back to the horse, the princess is okay. The princess wants to open the chariot factory." He opened the door to see what princess wanted to open the factory, but Li Er was not directed. Li Er was informed that the battle The car test was successful, and this was the time to pick the fruits, but the food was still good. The name of the factory was put under the name of the princess. It was still Yang Heng's industry, but the main staff inside were all from Li Er.

"Also, this, Lao Liu's contract, Her Royal Highness said, Lao Liu was officially owned by the horse." What is this, that is to say, Li Er officially released Lao Liu, and it seems that Lao Liu has long since Got it, no wonder that when he came in, he found Lao Liu very happy. He thought that Lao Liu was happy because the tank was made successfully. It seems that Yang Heng misunderstood that Lao Liu was breaking away for himself. Li Er's eyes were pleased and he wouldn't have to tell Li Er about Xiao Langjun's affairs in the future. He could be a blacksmith himself.

Not all parts of the chariot factory need to be produced by themselves. There are some, such as bearings and bushes, spring plates. These two still need to be manufactured by Yang Heng. Temporarily these things are made by old Liu, and Yang Henglai is quenched and then passed by workers. Polishing has become a qualified product. If the old Liu does a good job, or if Yang Heng trains a few more staff, then Yang Heng can hand over the hardening process to these newcomers, and he can release himself. Out.

As the formula of this steel, now there are two inheritances, that is, the inheritance of Dad, he will give the inheritance to Daniel, this is also the thing that the old father, and Yang Heng and the three people decide together, and there is The inheritance of Yang Heng, and Yang Heng also thought that if Daniel was worthy of training, he would teach him more things. In this way, Daniel would have a better life, but now Daniel has no What kind of power has passed on, first of all, this status has changed, and Dad will not let Daniel continue to use iron. If he does not use iron, even the formula of bath medicine will not be able to practice his strength. In fact, Yang Heng It has been found that this bath is quite related to ironing. For specific reasons, Yang Heng has not had time to study it. Maybe he will study it in the future. It will take a long time to observe the results. It is possible to draw his conclusions by testing intermittently.

"Yang Heng, I'm really sorry. You took one of your industries. This is the father ..." Li Lizhi came and apologized to Yang Heng with a stingy mood.

"Hah, whoever we talk to and whoever you are, it doesn't matter who you give it to. No matter who we give it to, we will have more and more industries in the future. You don't have any psychological burden. I will definitely support you. "It is indeed a descendant of later generations. This cheek is better than the city walls, and now even Chier is called," Oh, Chier is also your name, then I'm gone. "And Li Lizhi's rare face turned red and turned. Leaving, only Yang Heng messed up in the wind. Now, aren't you quite generous, princess, and then you blush as soon as you say something, hoping to keep it.