Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 152 Opening an Account Separately

The princess returned to the palace, and Yang Heng also received the title of a Wusan officer from Sipin, and even a title of a county man. This is really a princess who has been promoted to wealth.

Li Er gave these to Yang Heng for the sake of good looks and to reward Yang Heng. What is the excuse for reward? Naturally, the outline of the three military training is given. With these three outlines, the generals of North Korea and the Central Army were unanimously determined. These methods are very useful. The soldiers trained with these outlines are all elite soldiers. However, the food consumption is also much larger, the physical energy is consumed, and the natural food is consumed.

For these three training outlines, Li Er also made a special purpose, that is, the non-emperor personally gave to the military attache, they could not use this method to train soldiers, that is, the team needs to use these outlines to train troops, but also need Li Er to personally designate Although this book is not a military art book, it may even be more important than military art in some cases. You must know that soldiers trained according to these outlines can win a battle without the command of a general.

Maybe some people say that you are too exaggerated. It is just a few training outlines. Even if there is no use of weapons, the use of battle lines can win the battle.

Yang Heng will refute you. You are wrong. For these trainings, if the soldiers use weapons, what weapons cannot be used, as long as they are familiar with the weapon, they will know the distance between them and the cooperation between the two. Or even the cooperation of a brigade and a regiment. On the battlefield, a regiment was disbanded, and a brigade cooperated to fight. A brigade was disbanded, and a team of teams organized operations. It was dispelled, and there was still a fire, a fire broke up, and a three-player team. Even a single player can rely on the strength of the body and can also resist for a while. The most important thing in these outlines is the personal psychological quality. In this way, it is generally not said that the handsome flag is down, and the soldiers will be throbbing. If you want to say battle lines, it is also composed of people. It is not a mystery in fantasy novels.

And Li Er saw this effect, so he rewarded Yang Heng, otherwise Li Er could not find an excuse to reward Yang Heng.

Li Er not only rewarded Yang Heng for his promotion, but also gave him a reward for Zhuangzi. The size of Zhuangzi is not very important. Yang Heng finally has his own territory. Although there were also Zhuangzi and fields in the past, it was the father's, and the heir was the Daniel.

Li Er did not treat Yang Heng. There are more than 300 households in this Zhuangzi. Naturally, the taxation of these Zhuangzi is Yang Heng's, which means that this Zhuangzi is Yang Heng ’s food, and each household has a standard one hundred The acres of land are all their own. Naturally, there are more than 500 acres of Yang Heng around Zhuangzi. Yang Heng alone can't plant these lands. Naturally, Yang Heng still needs to recruit some tenants to plant. .

The villagers in this village are newly relocated. The old villagers have disappeared because of the war, so the name of the village also needs to be new, and the old ones do not need to be used. Some people have proposed to call it Yangjiazhuang, but Yang Heng didn't think so, but he still needed to shoot Li Er's fart, which was called Princess Village, so the name was fixed.

In Yang Heng ’s new home, Li Er even granted him more than five acres of land. In this way, the yard of Yang Heng ’s house would be very large, but temporarily, Yang Heng did not use it all, but occupied it near the river. With a plot of land of about one acre and a courtyard built, this is also considered the main courtyard.

It is said to be by the river, but this river belongs to the Yang Heng family, and the river passes through the five acre courtyard of the Yang Heng family. The main courtyard is bordered by this river with other places. This is a Although the small tributary of the Weihe River is a tributary, the water in the river is not dry all year round. According to some elderly people, even historical records, this river has never been dry before, and the weather is very dry. .

In fact, this is a place that Li Er specially chose to live for Li Lizhi. You must know that Li Lizhi told Li Er the conditions, that is, most of the time he lived in Luomafu, and Yang Heng used water as the driving force to do it. Some things, so Li Er found him such a place with rivers.

By the way, in the city, Li Er also gave Yang Heng a house, but it was also in Yong'an Square, which was requested by Yang Heng. This place is clean, and you can make some things yourself, and this is the place now There are also some unused houses that are suitable for integration and use by themselves. Li Er is also very generous. He even gave a site with more than two acres of land. It is located in the southwest corner of the square, and there are rivers passing by. At this time, a craftsman is responsible for the construction, but they have also made some improvements according to Yang Heng's needs. It is not a strict style of Lumafu. Naturally, this is also the order of Li Er, otherwise Yang Heng can instruct Do not move these people.

They even reserved some places for Yang Heng, which were special places that Yang Heng needed to build separately, and the craftsmen who worked as supervisors could not build such a building.

The dwelling in the city is not the place that Yang Heng pays attention to. It can be built as long as it can live. Perhaps, Yang Heng spends most of his time in the countryside. Therefore, the construction of Princess Village needs to be serious.

Here, all the houses in Yang Heng are designed with five rooms and nine shelves. The difference between the houses in the courtyard is the difference between the height and height. The hall is the tallest house. In order to avoid major changes in the future, at this time, Yang Heng made the windows into windows that can be opened from left to right. He also specially made the blacksmith to create a lot of loose-leaf. With these iron loose-leaf, you can open and close the window arbitrarily. If you make glass later, As long as the sash is removed from the sash, the glass is installed, and even these sashes can continue to be installed and used, which is a decoration.

Even for the door of the room, Yang Heng also asked the blacksmith to make some large loose leaflets. In this case, these heavy leaflets will be used for a long time without breaking, and the seal of the door is even better without gaps.

In this case, because it is too tight, there will be problems in using coal in the winter. Yang Heng opened a few skylights on the top of the house, so there is a place for ventilation. This person, once rich, is using It ’s a toss, so that others do n’t know that their family is rich. First of all is the name of this village, Princess Village. You know that there is a princess in this village. If there is a war, if you do n’t have time to enter the city, you will There are village guards.

Looking at the construction of this house again, I know that drinking horses is very rich. It is the favorite of bandits, so it is not a good thing to have money, and more people are raised. Fortunately, the butler Yang Ding also came over. Some management matters in the family can also be considered as resolved, and Yang Heng is not required to worry.

Followed by this group is the blacksmith Lao Liu, and other blacksmiths, silversmiths, goldsmiths and other groups. This is what the old lady asked Yang Heng to bring over. These people still need Yang Heng to direct the old lady. Why not give Yang Heng directly? In this way, father and mother can enjoy ready-made, although Yang Heng inherited the inheritance of the grandparents, but he is still the father's own son, isn't there any good thing, Yang Heng can leave father, mother.

And the children, not to mention, all came along, they came, and the first maids who followed them also came, just these people, this yard can just accommodate it, and the livestock and so on In addition, build a yard. In this case, Dage, even Feng Bo, followed, but Dage followed, it should be, because earlier, Sister Lian had married Dage, even at this time. Pregnant.

Although there is still some confidentiality about the use of cement, at this time, cement has been used in Yang Heng's new home, that is, those craftsmen bought them from the market, so there is no need to worry about leaking secrets.

Dad ’s biogas digester is used very well. Naturally, Yang Heng also made a biogas digester here. This biogas digester is bigger, more advanced, and uses more copper. Fortunately, Li Er also gave a few coins to the car. Therefore, Yang Heng no longer lacks copper.