Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 153 During the Wedding (1)

After the construction of Yang Heng ’s Luoma Mansion was completed, the father and mother, Yang Heng, and uncles and uncles, the children all came to the city. Fortunately, these two are closer, otherwise the family really ca n’t live so much. People, this is because Yang Heng has reserved a lot of places to build some special things, which leads them to have fewer houses. However, it is still enough to get married because they are away from their father. Closer, so some things can still be done in Dad's house.

And what the dad and others came back to do at this time is naturally for the sake of Yang Heng ’s wedding. You must know that weddings in ancient times were quite troublesome, even quite luxurious, but fortunately, these years, Yang Heng put I have accumulated a lot of money in the family. Although Yang Heng has moved out now, he is still the son of his parents. Naturally, they still give most of the money for this wedding. Even the old lady wants to give Yang Heng all of them. However, Yang Heng was unwilling to do so, but if he gave it all out, he looked helpless, so he promised to let his father and mother give it.

However, Yang Heng made up his mind that he must educate Daniel well in the future. He must know that Daniel now lives with Yang Heng's family with other children, that is, he will go back to school when he goes to school. Who allows them to have this condition, that is, whether they are in the city or in the countryside, they live very close to each other, otherwise, Yang Heng will have to open a school alone. You must know that the school where Dad is and the people in the mountains Out of school.

Next, the wedding procedure was officially launched, and Yang Heng's convicted son also arrived. You must know that the wedding in ancient times was not simple. There were as many as eleven items. There are more customary marriage customs. There are as many as seventeen items. When Yang Heng heard it, he was a little bit embarrassed. Is it a marriage or a crime? If you want more money, Yang Heng is not very afraid, that is, he is not afraid of identity. You must know that Yang Heng came through in later generations. There are many places where money comes naturally. As for identity, even a beggar, as long as it comes through, it is noble than any noble of this era, as long as it is not Fools, as well as mentally disabled people, would never be worse than aristocracy.

But this wedding, the custom of marriage, but Yang Heng was blown away, this can not find someone to replace, but he must have done it one by one, no wonder my father and mother, as well as uncles and uncles came They know this. Moreover, this is a marriage with the royal family, so it should be more, that is, the Aon in the countryside, and the grandmother are also here. If at this time Aon and Aunt are going to be awkward, then it is not only the face of the father who has no light, Awong couldn't stay in the village. Aon also came with the patriarch. Although Yang Heng was not their tribe, Yang Heng was still the son of their tribe. Naturally, there was glory on their faces, so they followed.

"Brother, haha, congratulations, we're here." Well, all the fox friends and dog friends Yang Heng has arrived, who they are, naturally the two goods, and I don't know what they did, for a long time Did not see these two goods, it seems that they heard the news that Yang Heng is about to get married, they all came.

Although Yang Heng ’s identity is worse than them, they still admire Yang Heng. They used to admire the young mother, but now they admire Yang Heng, and they admire Yang Heng even more than the young mother. Yang Heng With a grass root, it is not easy to marry a princess.

And what they are here for is naturally to make friends with Yang Heng. They are the masters who do n’t hurt and do n’t love. Who will let them do two? They are destined to be inferior to the boss, but if they associate with Yang Heng That is not how much their status has been improved.

You must know that the bosses do not like to meet Yang Heng, that is, Yang Heng married the princess, and what title they have, they also look down on Yang Heng, but these two goods do not know where to find out Yang Hengzai Li Er's eyes have a considerable status.

This is also their cleverness. The bosses are staring at those who have status and identity, while the second goods are watching some potential stocks, maybe they will be all over.

However, as for the children of these martial arts families, their interactions are also sincere. Even if they do n’t have much light with people, they are still good brothers.

"Brother, do you need any help from your brothers when you get married, just say hello, the brothers will definitely help, ah, yes, brother, when you were greeted by your relatives, did you get a crutch? Brother for you. "

This so-called walking stick is not a good errand. Yang Heng inquired long ago. After arriving at the woman's house, or even before the woman's house, the relatives of the woman's female surname would tease the groom on the side, and tease the groom. The way to do this is to use a cane, and even some grooms will be teased and killed, that is, they have been beaten too hard, and they were even killed with a cane.

Yang Heng was naturally moved by listening to these two goods, especially this replacement stick, that is really a chore. If they do n’t really make friends with Yang Heng, they will not want to give the replacement stick, but Can Yang Heng allow them to replace the stick? Naturally they ca n’t. Depending on their young age, it is not a good candidate for the stick. By then, they will accept it by themselves, and Yang Heng knows that if it is not the old lady who swings the stick Yang Heng is not at all dangerous, but will the old lady help the woman to tease the groom? It is naturally impossible. Therefore, Yang Heng can feel welcome to welcome her.

"Brothers, my brother thanked you here first, but I still can't let you do it for me, just let me take it myself, thank you, thank you, mother, take your younger brothers to the side to drink." Here, these two goods only recognize Yang Heng and his mother, but none of them can look at them. Although they are not very popular at home, they are not able to associate with anyone.

"Let ’s go and see that you are really sincere to your elder brother, so I ask you to drink a good wine that has not appeared in the market. You know, you are the first to drink this kind of wine. Do n’t drink it then. If you are drunk and drunk, if you are drunk, I will throw you out one by one. "

What kind of wine will make the young lady so respected, it is naturally distilled wine. Yang Heng is a passerby. If he does not distilled wine, it will be too expensive. The passerby does not distilled wine. Is n’t that a joke, and Yang Why did n’t Heng distill before? This is because he did n’t need to rely on this to make money. Besides, he still thought about the locust disaster in his heart. Naturally, he would not waste food. Is n’t that the same waste of food? The wine was distilled by him. Naturally, it was the food he wasted, so he never distilled the wine.

But now it is not done. Grain is no longer afraid of wasting, and getting married. If you drink those rough wines again, Yang Heng will feel dull, and now he feels dull. How can he become a horse? Yet.

"What kind of wine is good? Is Sanle pulp good to drink? Even the Sanle pulp brothers can drink two jars, and your wine can drunk us." Of course, these two goods are dissatisfied. If you fight, Maybe they are not even as good as the mother, in fact they are wrong, the mother will also be some pushers of Tai Chi. If they are fighting, the mother can't beat one of them, but the mother has planted in their hearts is invincible. Now, naturally, they always think that the young lady is very powerful. Besides, the young lady can't often go out to fight. It was just that they were discovered once. This is also a fate, otherwise they can make friends with Yang Heng?

"Don't brag, this is the living room in Brother Heng's house, which is dedicated to entertaining VIPs. You are also the first VIPs, so it will be cheaper for you to drink the best new wine we have first." Talking, the young lady took out a small altar wine from the wine cabinet. Naturally, there were no glass bottles at this time. They were all made of pottery made of pottery. This altar had five kilos. , The small one-pounded, two-pounded, three-pounded, and the young lady took two-pounded. The number above is fifty-six. It seems that this is fifty-six degrees of wine. They deliberately tossed them, and let them brag, that there is no good wine in their own home. The most disgusting thing about the young lady is that someone looks down on Yang Heng. Although these people are not intentional. (To be continued.)