Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 154 During the Wedding (Part Two)

"Good wine." Now when the people sealed the mud on the altar, the two goods cried out, while the young lady was pinching her nose in disgust and fanning her hands as if to Drive away the smell of wine in the air.

It seems that the young lady hates this taste. She doesn't like such strong wine. If it is ordinary wine, she also likes to drink a little. It is brother Heng who says it is good wine, but it is not the young mother. , The young lady will never say that this is a good wine, but it is called bad wine, which means too bad. She once drank the wine just out of the pot, then sprayed it out, and even slept. Three days, you said bad is not bad.

Now she brought these two second-handers to drink and came to see their jokes. "Fast, fill up these boys, okay, guys, you guys are good guys, you drank it in one sip." Everyone is closing their eyes and smelling the taste of the wine. They are intoxicated. Is that wine, is it swill, and still has a sour taste.

In fact, this is also their psychological feeling. First of all, they heard Yang Heng, and the young lady said that it was good wine, so she never believed, but she did n’t believe it, so she became more curious. When the altar was opened, everyone was a little bit Dizzy, this smell is too fragrant. This so-called scent is just the spicy taste in the air.

Look at the wine in the glass, it is so clear, just like water, clearly this is water, but then smell it, or the taste, and what Sanle pulp, what other famous wine, does not have such a strong taste Naturally, it is said that it is good wine, so they are intoxicated with the smell of wine. In fact, the wine has not been precipitated, it is relatively strong, and the real taste of the wine has not come out. If you say it is warm, the taste of the wine will be better, but the taste of the wine will be more peaceful at that time. Already.

When they heard the young lady's words, they realized that it was for them to drink instead of watching, so they couldn't wait to pick up the cup.

"Little lady, we haven't served yet, how can we let the boys drink first." "You serve slowly, maybe they can't use it anymore." "Wow." A voice came, None of these two goods did not spray alcohol, but they sprayed it, and some of them drank it, and the natural nose also sprayed out.

"Spicy, spicy, good wine, good wine, I, I'm dizzy, I'm dizzy, too." "It's too pour." The little girl was shouting like Sun Er Niang in the Water Margin, and then these two goods were I fell down and got drunk. In other words, although these two goods are good for two sips, but what kind of wine is it? Naturally, they ca n’t drink it every day, they usually drink half vinegar and half wine, you know, This is pure wine. It is worse than alcohol, but if it is intoxicating, it is absolutely unambiguous.

Then the mother-in-law was like a little fox, "Well, what did I say, I'm afraid you're drunk, you're still bragging, what's the matter now, come, pick them up and bring them to the guest room."

"Mother, how are those boys, you, you will not rectify them." Yang Heng saw the maid's smile and knew that it was not good. Those two goods must be rectified. Seeing the maid's expression, it must be Drunk them.

"No," said the little girl, staring at her innocent big eyes. "It's because they drank too fast. But I have reminded them not to get drunk. They don't listen. I also said I should give them Throw them out, but I still can't bear it, so that someone sent them to the guest room. "

"Forget it, forget it, go to your auntie and see if there is anything you can do to help them. If they get drunk, get drunk. Other people don't have a chance to get drunk." Or else, what else can be done just by making trouble here.

Yang Heng ’s bitter son is here. This is a big joy and a bitter son. The first thing to do is six rites. This is still the simplest step. But Yang Heng is also at the mercy of his elder mother and uncle. Nacai, ask name, Najib, Nazheng, please meet with your relatives, this is considered as a etiquette before getting married.

Finally, step by step, it's finally time to welcome the marriage, which is the last step of the six ceremony, or the preparation of the wedding is officially completed, and the formal wedding is about to begin. The welcome is the first step of the formal wedding, and it is also the six ceremony. The last step is naturally the most sinful step for the groom.

At this time, the groom, even the guest with a staff, wore armor inside and a dress outside to greet their relatives, but Yang Heng did not ask for a staff, but there are still male guests, that is, Wei Chi, Cheng Er Waiting for someone, Yang Heng finally tasted the characteristics of this era, that is, on the way to welcome, a woman began to beat them with a staff, even the guests on one side did not fall, no wonder, Cheng Er Someone still wore leather armor inside, but the women saw that they were not the guests of the staff, so the staff was hit lightly, and the most important thing fell on Yang Heng.

Because it was a military commander marrying a wife and the princesses were younger, Yang Heng used some red envelopes to easily pick up Li Lizhi, so this welcome step was mostly completed, but on the way home There is still a meal waiting for him, I do not know what custom it is.

During the entire wedding process, only the same prison step was simplified. Because there was no pressure from the same room, Yang Heng tried to stay outside as much as possible. He met some cups with old goblins. These old goblins have Wei Chi old silly. (Before, the Yang Heng family still respected the general Yu Chi, but how did Yang Heng feel more and more that he would be foolish enough to call him old and silly, and since then, in the mouth of Yang Heng he is Wei Chi I'm stupid.) Cheng Mowang, wait, this Cheng Mowang, the father of Cheng Er, I do n’t know when he returned to Changan. Neither Yang Heng nor Dad had been with him, but he was thick. Cheeky, followed by Wei Chi old silly came to Yang Heng here for a drink. "Big nephew, listen to my second kid saying that your house has good wine, but don't hide it, bring it up quickly and let me drink three bowls with Wei Chi old silly." Well, Yang Heng didn't give Wei Chi old silly The wrong name, even someone called it. .

"I said, Uncle Cheng, you really want to drink three bowls. There is nothing wrong, and there is General Yu Chi." "You boy, you call Cheng Mowang the uncle, do you not know to call the old man an uncle?" " Yeah, yeah, we are also your uncles. "A group of old fairies, but why do they want to see Yang Heng differently, only later did Yang Heng know that they knew the three training outlines were written by Yang Heng Of course, it ’s natural to contact Yang Heng. When they send troops to fight, maybe Yang Heng will provide them with some suggestions. You must know that they are brave and brave, but the training of the soldiers will be much worse. Actually speaking, These people are not much different from Zhang Fei in the Three Kingdoms. They do not know how to contact the soldiers, and Li Er's fancy is their strengths. Otherwise, Li Er dares to use them, and they all rely on them. After a few masters.

"Uncles, drink slowly, drink slowly, some wine." Yang Heng found that these old fairies are actually the same as the second goods in the young lady's mouth. They were all surprised and eager. I drank it. Similarly, they did not escape the incident of spraying alcohol, but they were better than the second goods in one place, but they did not get drunk at the time, they really drank three big bowls, and then crooked each other, crooked, Leaving nonsense, "big nephew, when you are free, bring a few carts of wine and come to my house to drink with me." ...

"Come, lady, let her husband take a look ..." Yang Heng walked in drunkly from the outside. "Horse, please be respectful. This is a princess. You need to honor the courtiers." "Go, while you go, this is my house, not your princess house, you must listen to me here." It was harmed by the television of the previous life. It was said that the old mother beside the princess was not a good person. Yang Heng was drunk and thought of it.

"Fu Jun, this is your mother, but my mother has explained it, we will be in the same room after three years," Li Lizhi said, a little scared to see Yang Heng drunk. "In the same room, just you, a little loli, wait Ten years, oh my god, how can you torture me like this, ten years, ... "Flop, Yang Heng fell asleep on the ground and fell asleep, this intoxicating truth, Yang Heng is asleep, but Li Lizhi this One night, I was so sleepy, how did I offend Yang Heng, did he not want himself, or, just as his sister said, give him ... (to be continued.)