Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 156 Untitled

Zhenguan three years passed in a hurry. This year, Yang Heng built a brick and tile factory, a cement factory, a biogas digester, and three outlines for military training.

The most important thing is that Yang Heng got married. A 14-year-old child married a 10-year-old girl. This is a joke in later generations, but this is not a joke, but a combination of politics and interests. Everything was needed by Li Er, so he sent his beloved princess to Yang Heng when he was young, and Li Lizhi also received the title of Princess Changle, which is no different from history. .

For Yang Heng, he did n’t gain much, but hate gained a lot. Changle was the daughter-in-law of Changsun Chong, but did Yang Heng insert such a bar and wipe out a daughter-in-law, You said that Changsun Chong could not hate Yang Heng, even Changsun Wuji also hated Yang Heng. Changsun Chong will still be a princess, but it is not the biological daughter of Queen Grandson, and the horse is completely different.

In addition to these things, another big thing happened. What is it? The old mother gave birth to another boy a year ago. If the ranking should be the third child, but Yang Heng has already come out alone, naturally this ranking will change. Now, the big cow is the boss, and this little ugly cow is the second child. Who gave the ugly cow? Naturally, it is the young mother again.

"Auntie, you see, ** is so ugly, it ’s still wrinkled. I think it ’s called ugly cow. This year is exactly the ugly year or the year of the ox, ** is so ugly, haha, I ’m so much Clever, so I came up with such a connotative name for my brother so soon. "After the young lady said that, others were not happy, but she was happy.

"Ugly cow, ugly cow, good name, that's the name of your mother-in-law, thank you little girl." The old lady didn't look displeased, even the other cowards, and it wasn't the first time the little girl named her child. And every time she exports first, and the name is pretty good. Besides, no matter how old the mother, father, or uncle and uncle are, they have no habit of naming their children. Even before, they had to find someone to give them A good name, or hit name, this hit name is to get up in the morning, go out and meet the first living creature, and use him as the name. If you meet a mouse, you call it a mouse. The last person was named after one of the person ’s names. That ’s it. Now someone can give a good name and listen to the words of the young lady. It feels very learned. This is what I learned in the palace. Children are just different.

"Mother-in-law is so amazing that she has given names to so many people, but I want to give my younger brother a name. My father and mother don't agree." What, you want to give a name to a future emperor? Yang Heng was a little surprised. The younger brother that Changle said was naturally Wu Zhitian's husband Li Zhi. Now Yang Heng has a headache when he thinks about it. He is already connected with the royal family. Otherwise, he should find the empress now. Then strangle her. Sometimes Yang Heng thought hard in his heart.

Ca n’t do it, strangling the queen, but you have committed a serious sin. I do n’t know if God will let yourself go. If you know where you are, it ’s unclear. If you do n’t know how to leave, finally, Yang Heng still extinguished this thought.

Regardless of who you are as emperor, besides, the empress appears early, and when there is a god there will be something to say.

But Yang Heng put it down, God seems to intentionally let Yang Heng get in touch with the empress, and soon Yang Heng will encounter something that can get in touch with the empress, and Yang Heng won't be able to do it early. Meet the Queen.

"Sister Changle, Sister Yuzhang, we went out for skiing." While Yang Heng was thinking about something, the young lady ran whistling with a group of little dolls.

Yuzhang, when did Yuzhang come from? This has to be said from the back door of the year before, when Yang Heng and Changle arrived in the palace, Yuzhang was not the only two of them. You must know that in the past few years, Yu Zhang has always been with Changle, so when Changle was married for a few days, Yu Zhang had not been sleeping well. When she found Changle, she couldn't get rid of it naturally.

So with the approval of the grandson, Yu Zhang gloriously became a small tail, and even Yu Zhang dominated Yang Heng's position. In fact, Yang Heng does not like this position now, although he is still young, but since he was drunk, How can I be so impulsive all the time? It is better to have Yuzhang here, and I can sleep with Changle in a bright and bright room.

Changle also breathed a long sigh of relief, and finally won't let Yang Heng discover his secrets. Yang Heng said, however, if he was too young, he could be bad for the body, and he left Yang Heng after getting drunk. I lost my body and did n’t know what Yang Heng would do. I blame my messy sisters, without them, no such thing happened. Now, whenever I think about the white thing sprayed on my face that night, myself I felt a little awkward, but fortunately Yang Heng didn't know.

Where did the young mother come from? Of course she came from her father. Some time ago, in order to wait to name her younger brother, the young mother moved back to live. The purpose is naturally to name it earlier, but She just didn't think about it. If grown-ups really wanted to name themselves, they wouldn't use the name given by the little girl.

A heavy snowfall that night made Xiaoniang scream when she opened the door, then she was happy, and then she called her brother and called her brother to come to Yang Heng's house, and the concierge of Yang Heng's house would not stop her from coming.

When the young lady shouted, Yang Heng was chatting with Changle and Yu Zhang, and Changle heard Yang shouting and looked at Yang Heng. "Go, pay attention to safety, yes, bring your maids and followers with you."

During this time, Yang Heng found that Changle was really like a little daughter-in-law. She would ask Yang Heng for anything. Sometimes, like now, she looked at Yang Heng. Once Yang Heng spoke, she continued to do the following. Actually, what Yang Heng doesn't know is that Changle has done bad things. Now I am worried about what's wrong with Yang Heng's body, so everything will naturally follow Yang Heng.

To say, a good housekeeper is different. He knows that Yang Heng ’s younger brothers and sisters like skiing, so he has arranged all the fields before winter, and even asked Yang Heng to do some in all the fields. Marking, that is, inserting something like a tree branch, can attract people's attention. There is a ditch in that place, and there is a ridge in that place. This can ensure that after snow, the terrain under the snow can be known and not appear. What danger is to know that these younger brothers and sisters of Yang Heng are not ordinary. The snow is slippery and the danger of danger is very high.

Changle skiing went, but Yang Heng didn't follow it. He was thinking about the future. If it is an ordinary person, it is a pass and a pass. It is the idea of ​​aristocratic family, but for the sake of money and name.

However, Yang Heng is different. He came from later generations. Because of the unstable life in the front, he just did what he needed when he needed it. Now that everything is stable, he needs to plan well. Now, how can I make myself feel comfortable and how can I show my previous life skills? This is a difficult problem. Yang Heng in the previous world was not a student of statistics or planning. It is just a person who has experienced many hardships. Ordinary people only have some piece of knowledge in his mind, but that knowledge is even more powerful than Du Niang's support. Du Niang's support is only written things, and Yang These things in the constant mind are some things that have been practiced. Although they are messy and incomplete, this is ancient. Everything did not need to be perfect. It can be used. Once it has a prototype, it will be best developed. .

Development, right is development, Yang Heng thought, now what he needs most is a team, a team that can make physical objects according to his description. Yang Heng's heart calmed down a bit, and with the goal, he naturally implemented it well, and it didn't need him to do it himself, but he had a good housekeeper. (To be continued.)