Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 158 The Magical Team

There is a special team in the snow. What is special about this team, that is, everyone in this team is wearing a black veil. Naturally this is Daddy Yang Heng's team.

What is the role of the veil? Naturally, it is to prevent snow blindness. In future generations, you can wear sunglasses. In Datang, there are no glasses. What should you do to protect your eyes in the snow? Yang Heng uses the veil worn by women. After getting the revelation, wearing a veil on the soldiers, or a black veil, with this veil, naturally the chance of this eye being injured is greatly reduced.

"Second Brother, what do you say that the major general asked us to wear this veil, are we afraid that people will see it, are we not women?" Yang Heng didn't explain anything to the soldiers, he just sent a veil to everyone and let them wear it. Yes, this is a military discipline. No matter it is useful or useless, you must wear it. If anything needs to be explained clearly, then this battle must not be fought.

"Stupid, the major general gave me the veil, naturally it was his intention." The soldier named Er brother scolded the questioning soldier. "Is it to protect us from snow and wind, but this veil is too thin, what can it block?" "Block your eyes, and you will forget that when we marched in the snow in the past, after a while, our eyes will It became red and swollen, so when marching in the snow in the future, most of the soldiers in the front were moving slowly, while the soldiers in the back looked at the dirt ground stepped by the soldiers in front. The speed is also greatly affected, but now, do you still look at the ground? "" Yeah, this march has been a long time, this eye is really nothing, and our speed is not slow, and you see these Car, with our food on it. "

Among these veterans, there are still people who understand the role of the veil. They did not know the role of the veil in the first place. The viable army has been in use for a long time. No accident, they will be hurt by the snow, each one's eyes became red and swollen, often unable to march for a few days, had to tie their tents to rest.

However, some thoughtful soldiers found that every time they set up a camp, some soldiers rode on the snow around the nearby trees, letting the nearby trees show their true feelings.

This is what Yang Heng read from a magazine in the previous life. It seems to be the US military. In winter, the snow on the trees that can be reached within the field of vision is shaken, just to make the soldiers' eyes green. Or mottled, it ’s good for the soldier ’s eyes and morale. Even in the desert, they will use the things in front of the station to sweep out the bends, making the camp look a little messy. It ’s good for the soldiers, because this is not a high-tech thing, Yang Heng will naturally use it.

There are also horse-drawn carts in the team. In fact, these carts are not all chariots. There are ten chariots, and there are hundreds of them. In this way, basically the soldiers can have more food. Bring food for nearly a month, and forages for horses are carried by each person's auxiliary horses. Naturally, at this time, forages are luxury goods, and the quantity is small, so horses can only be eaten as snacks. During the march, Yang Heng prepared some coarse grains for the horses. These coarse grains can make the horses eat powerful, and they eat very little, and the carrying capacity is large. This is the staple food of the horses, although This cost is very high. If there is no logistics, this cost will be the lowest.

The squadron, out of Chang'an area, headed northeast all the way. At this time, Yang Heng's scouts showed their ability to explore the road. In this snowy area, only simple roads can be judged based on the features. In the future, you can even rely on some maps to travel. If you encounter terrain such as hillsides, it is easy to turn over. But with these scouts, it ’s different. There will be some small lines from time to time along the front line. The appearance of the flag is red and green. If there is a red flag inserted, it means that this section is more dangerous and it is necessary to slow down. The green flag means that the road is relatively smooth and you can safely speed up.

And these two flags appear at the same time, one left and one right, which is also the width of the road coming out. In fact, for the troops of the brigade, as long as the former army passes, there is no trouble for the latter. With the traces left by the former army, that is to say, the most dangerous is the former army.

But who are the former soldiers? They are veterans of hundreds of battles. They are here to protect their sons, that is, the second goods. Now they are closely behind the scouts. Naturally, they will not be in any danger. Now, there is a mark, that is, there is no mark, they will explore the way ahead based on experience, that is, slower speed, but with scouts, their speed can be said to be faster, even They all caught up with the rapid march.

Why is it so fast, because Yang Heng occasionally thought that as a tactic developed by Li Jing, he wanted to make a quick decision, but was blocked by Li Er. Yang Heng thought that Li Er might be regretful now. Whether or not the team can be achieved is still an unknown thing, but Li Jing has delayed the best time to attack, and this battle has been unpredictable. If this team has no outstanding performance, Li Second, he will definitely get a lot of expressions. Naturally, it will not be a good word, but he will condemn the emperor. Therefore, Yang Heng felt that he should increase his speed and he should solve the worry for Li Er.

At this time, the workload of the scouts has also increased a lot, and even all the scouts have been sent out just to explore the way, but at the front, there are still some scouts investigating, but don't suddenly appear one Enemies, give them a surprise, then it should not be.

Now the happiest part of the team is the sleds in front. "Brother, I didn't expect you to be so comfortable when you marched. According to my dad, the march was hard. We thought we were going to ride the horse like a team, wear cold iron armor, and march in the snow and ice, but inside, It's so comfortable, you, you even brought in the small coal stove and drank hot water, even though it was boiled snow water. "

Indeed, Yang Heng was very comfortable on the sleigh. The coal stove was fixed inside, even the surroundings of the coal stove were blocked by iron sheets, leaving only small vent holes, even the briquettes inside. Squeeze with something, that is, bump again, and it will no longer cause the fire inside to boil. Boil water, naturally only when you stop it. Once the water is boiled, it will be poured into something that can be sealed. Most of the containers inside can keep the temperature to the next resting place, so the sleigh riders can always drink hot water and keep their bodies warm.

"I tell you, I'm not enjoying it. I'm testing the practical surnames of these medical sleds. You must know that this sled was built to allow wounded soldiers to be in it. Naturally, we must prepare the best environment for them. , Warm space, hot water that can be supplied at any time, and so on, and you are my first batch of test products. After you go back, each of you will give me a trial report of the medical vehicle, otherwise I will Will punish you and keep you out of battle forever. "

Yang Heng yelled at everyone, who made you yell. I do n’t know what is followed by the army. They were heard by the soldiers. Although they would n’t say anything, they were always bad. Therefore, Yang Heng was louder. He said this, meaning that this is for you. If you have any injuries, you can sit in this car, but now we are testing these cars for you. That's it.

Sure enough, the soldiers behind were all moved, "The major general is really kind. See, we have prepared such a good snowmobile for us, and even test it ourselves. It is worthy of your son-in-law's long face." Because of this brainwashing, anything happened to Li Er. (To be continued.)