Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 161 Encounter (3)

"Kill." A neat anger drank, and the Turkic army on the opposite side was frightened. This drank, but the prelude to the attack of the striker group. They also used this drank to make the enemy ’s fright. Will penetrate enemy groups.

In fact, this is a by-product found after Yang Heng's training, that is, the slogan, the voice of the slogan, in the past life, some squad leaders in the army often shouted, your voice is too small, I ca n’t hear, do n’t you Eat, until the soldiers screamed out exhausted, they would not be happy.

And Yang Heng naturally likes this feeling, watching a group of soldiers yelling in front of themselves, what is the low voice, this is almost a directional tweeter, especially the best one to kill, and then shout when disbanded Voice, especially for Yang Heng, if this shout is used in front of the battlefield, what is the effect? ​​Naturally this requires every soldier to do his best, and even have some understanding of the sound, Yang Heng invited them After a few singers explained the problem of vocalization, this effect was finally obtained.

That is, after this roar is issued, the enemy will appear briefly lost. These enemy forces will be a bit confused because of the shooting of more than a hundred crossbow arrows. In fact, the crossbow arrows will not be too big for the enemy forces. The lethality, but the effect is so amazing, an arrow even took the soldier in front, even the horse flew backward for a while, and then fell, and it was strung into a string of gourds at close range.

The crossbow had just finished firing, followed by a roar, and when the enemy soldiers were shaking their heads, the sharp blade came in front, cut the leather armor, cut the body, and then became conscious.

If a knife doesn't work, there is a knife at the back. At this time, the enemies that were cut, just want to rescue them, and they do n’t have that ability. Their hands are still holding weapons high in the sky. The soldiers with sticks are too shady. They used Tai Chi. They borrowed the strength of the enemy soldiers to change their weapons to a different direction. Then they ignored them. The enemy soldier was still thinking , Followed by the knife.

This is the battle in the eyes of Yang Heng, that is, to train the soldiers' system better, so that the soldiers can fully exploit the potential of weapons, and even on what occasions and what kind of things, like this stick, several people Group, it ’s their task to take the enemy ’s weapon in front of them in turn. This is their task. The soldiers behind use a crossblade. They only need to hold it and carry it at a fixed height. This is what kills the enemy. The main force, a tower-shaped arrow was rapidly advancing among the enemy forces, so a blood alley appeared. Naturally, some soldiers were also brought down by the enemy forces, but at this time, there were no more. People care about these fallen soldiers, and the arrow's instinct is to dash.

What, do you say that the enemy will not shoot arrows, and let Tang Jun attack? To know how Yang Heng designed it, the crossbow first shot to disrupt the formation of the enemy army. At this time, only the former army of the enemy army was disturbed, but archery was also a matter of the former army. It cannot be said that the latter army did not see the enemy. Let ’s just shoot at the arrows, the second is that roar, do n’t underestimate the short-term loss, and the enemy has lost its initiative. Do n’t forget, this is winter. After running for a while, whether the finger can hold the weapon is a problem, let alone archery. This bowstring, the bow did not pull open, but the finger fell first. .

"Kill." A louder voice came out, not that the soldiers in front were not working hard, but that they had a small number of people and that this team had a large number of people.

The arrow stick started, the arrow feather followed naturally, and the Chinese army also followed the striker group. They said it was arrow feather, and it was better to say it was a comb. They also used the fastest speed in the more chaotic enemy. The army was charging and hacking. Similarly, no one counted how many heads I hacked, and by the way cut my head and hung it in the waist. That was a joke. In order to cut a dead man's head, he was instead Is it appropriate for the enemy to chop his head? According to Yang Heng, on the battlefield, the only thing you have to do is chop the enemy and protect yourself, instead of chopping a bloody head and hanging it in the waist, follow you I want to eat this human head. This military skill is so heavier than your life. Or, what, in order to make your family live better, now your family is doing well. The only thing they hope for is you. Return. No one on the battlefield of education succeeded in cutting his head. Regardless of the enemy's life or death, as long as it is falling off, he doesn't want to control it and move on.

"What's wrong with this Tang army, when they are not interested in our heads." Well, this Turkic army is wondering about such a thing. Do you have to rest your head on Tang Jun's waist? .

"Kill, cough cough cough." Well, this is a joke. The voice is not shouted, but the coughing sound is not small. Naturally, this is the rear army, and there are some old, weak and disabled soldiers. Their role is to shout flags, and now they are cleaning the battlefield.

The front teams have basically penetrated the entire enemy army, and even then the banner of the enemy army has not fallen, but the soldiers of the enemy army can't bear it. "Brother, run away, Tang Jun It ’s terrific, and our heads wo n’t hang in their waists, maybe they will be smashed into flesh ... ”What kind of words are you, anyway, you are dead, and you still care about what your head is doing.

20,000 vs. 10,000, 20,000 troops were defeated. Where does it make sense? Tong Li is also quite depressed now. He was surrounded by soldiers and pulled back. This, this, my banner has not fallen yet. Then you withdrew, and who I reasoned with.

"Brother, you see, isn't that a banner of Lili? Isn't Lili under the banner?" Excited, fortunate, these two goods, at first they thought that there was no chance of fighting, in My heart is still complaining about Yang Heng, "You tossed us so much along the way, but when you got to the battlefield, you didn't let us fight. What kind of a toss?" It turned out that Yang Heng often would Kick someone down and let him run behind. If they ca n’t move, then run with a rope, or even someone pretends to be a dead pig, and just fall to the ground and let anyone pull forward. Anyway, there is snow. There is no danger, is it?

Now when they saw the banner, they were excited and excited, so they looked at Yang Heng unanimously. At this time, they didn't complain, and they didn't even dare to say anything. Turks are sweating a lot, just thinking about the body will tremble.

"Chong, smash the sword." Yang Heng pointed a long stick in his hand. "Hey." The two goods screamed and rushed out, but there is faster than them, that is, their guards, can't let What kind of damage did the boys suffer, even though there was a defeated army in front, but their force value did not necessarily collapse.

"Oh my God, why is there another ambush here, isn't God really going to kill me?" Tong Li raised his head and sighed. He found that this ambush was sharper than the team in front. It was naturally sharp. They are battle-hardened soldiers. If they are not powerful, they will not be sent to protect their sons.

Youli, you ca n’t let him run away. At first Yang Heng did n’t really believe that Yuli was in it, but when he saw a man wearing a gold armor appeared, he knew that he had chosen the right one. But you can't let him run away. Naturally, you can't take this credit for yourself. If he wants it, it's useless. To whom, then, who can get his luck.

As soon as Yang Heng struck the horse and flung the stick, he flung out some of the defeated troops in front of him, and came to Lu Li's presence. "You get me up." She shook it, and then fell in front of Zhong Er Goods, and Li Li was also thrown with a star full of Venus.

"Wow, Kakaka, Jin Yi Jin Jia, this is Lu Li, Lu Li is mine." "Fool, you can also scream, Lu Li is mine." ...