Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 162: Victory

The two goods finally reached an agreement, and the credit was divided equally. Bring the eggs and the tiger. Nothing happened to Yang Heng. At this time, no other captives wanted to catch them, and their heads were gone. Several people carried Yili to Yang Heng. Daddy went to work there.

At this moment, Li Jing also dispatched, but when he heard the scout came to report, he was frightened with sweat. This is a team that Li Er is going to test. If so, let Turkia be destroyed. Now, what can I do? This is not to beat Li Er's face, although they say that their training program is very good, but the training time is too short, isn't it?

After careful explanation of the scout, Li Jing still chose to believe the words of the scout. On what grounds, it was because the scout came directly to the side of his barracks.

Speaking of which, this scout is also bold. You must know that Li Jing is stationed here, there are still a few barriers, but he does n’t know that the muscles are wrong, and he entered the snow from the snow piled up by the soldiers all the way Li Er's big account.

Why is the snow piled up? This is a dwelling. Although the team is stationed here, it does not sweep out all the snow, but only sweeps the road and the tent ground. In this way, in the entire camp area There are some snowdrifts. Although some are across a road, they are not very wide. As long as the scout jumps slightly, it will cross the road to the next snowy place, and Li Jing's big account is again It was very easy to find, but it wasn't very easy to find, but a tent of a marching director was well known. The scout naturally arrived outside Li Jing's camp easily.

"Report to General, General Yang scouts Jiang Er for help." "Come in, General Yang. I don't have General Yang here, come here and get it for me." This Jiang Er just took Li Jing down.

"You talk about where he came from." "Report to the general, we don't have such a scout here, and we don't have any general Yang."

"Let's talk about where you came from, we don't have any general Yang here." Li Jing said slowly. "Report to the general, I am, I am, the villain is General Yang Dayang's men, and I came to tell you that we have fought with the Turkic army, and would like to invite the general to the Turkic nest, Go and slap Turk's old nest. "Jiang Er's face was a bit disgusting. This is really a bit too much, but this is the general's resident, how dare he come in directly without notification. I don't know how the general will handle himself.

"Yang Yang, Yang Yang, I seem to have heard of such a person, but who is his team and who is it?" Li Jing said to himself. "General, General Yang is under the control of my emperor, and we are my emperor's private army."

"Ah, I see. You are the team your Majesty is going to test, but where did you come from? My sentries are all kept very tight. They wo n’t come in. Come here and watch today. The general was called and the friendly came, and he did not know how to let the friendly come in by himself. "

Li Jing was really angry. These sentries were so crazy. Someone came, but he couldn't even come to inform him, and let him in. What a matter.

"The newspaper, general, this, this, the humble job came in secretly, without being notified by the post." Jiang Er said embarrassed. "What, you have come here through the gates, but you have to call the gates. If the general is killed by the enemy, I don't know, what role they have for this gate." Li Jing was completely angry.

"General, general, you misunderstood these gatekeepers," the gatekeepers were still glaring at Jiang Er at first, but Jiang Er said that their faces looked better, and after listening to Jiang Er's words, their faces turned out It's even uglier than just now.

"Ao, you talk about how I misunderstood the gates. Do you fail to fly over? If you fly, then I will not punish these gates." Li Jingrao said with interest.

"General, me, I really flew here, flying from the head of the guard. Isn't there a snow ridge outside your barracks?" "Ah, yeah, there is a snow ridge. One was piled up during the camp. One was snow and there was no place to put it. The other one is that this snowy mountain can also block the enemy. Why, do you come from this snowy mountain, you know, as soon as you get to the top, They will fall into the snow, and if no one can save them, they will freeze to death. "

"General, me, the humble job is coming from the snowy mountains. You see what tools the humble job carries." "Isn't it just two wooden boards." "General, this is a ski developed by our major. As long as the snow is thick enough, you can run on it like flying, but without a place we can't go, the snowy mountains in your place will naturally become a good road. "

Li Jingyi thought about the situation outside. Sure enough, this snowy mountain was directly piled into the camp from a slow slope, and there were even a lot of snowdrifts in the camp. "But how did you come by the road between the snowdrifts?" "This, it can be passed with a single leap," "What, it is so amazing, I have underestimated this thing and always thought it was Children ’s toys. ”Li Jing was caught in a misunderstanding of thinking. When he saw this snowboard, a group of children were playing. In his idea, the children were light and could walk on the snow. If it were an adult, it would fall into it, that is, what task Li Er gave him, and he didn't pay attention to it. What can the children's toys do, and he was miscalculated.


"Hahahaha, you said that Li Jing's face was green at the time. This is really strange. Li Jing even had such an awkward thing. Our military god of Datang was even touched by my big account. I didn't find it. See what he says when he returns. "

Needless to say, such a arrogant person is naturally Li Er, and even he thought in his heart, I make you look down on the general you selected. Although this general is powerful, is this strength a necessary skill for the general? They didn't know that this general had a good son. I asked you to laugh at me for marrying the princess Long into an unknown family.

"Your Majesty, there is something that makes you so happy." Hearing Li Er's laughter, the eldest son also appeared in time. She wants to share this joy with Li Er, this is also a strategy of the eldest son, sadness must be shared, joy Naturally, it is necessary to share. Joy can only become joyful if someone shares it, otherwise there is joy and no one shares it.

"Come, Guanyin, here you are. I am laughing at General Li." "General Li, is it because Li Jing failed, why did Li Jing fight another big victory and seize it?" "Li Li, it wasn't Li Jing who seized it, but Li Jing also made a great contribution to it, that is, he found the Queen of Guang, and what other good news is waiting for their report to come to know Now, "" Your Majesty, isn't that what made Lili run away? "" No, no, Lili, you ca n’t imagine who caught it, he was a good prince and good son of those good sons. They did n’t escape, they all had the credit for catching the benefit, but there was no figure of Yang Heng in it, and they would know when they came back. How good it is if this credit is Yang Heng. ”Li Er naturally remembered himself again Daughter.

"Your Majesty, Yang Heng does not need any credit. You can do it no matter how you seal him. He is a puppet. He has the ability. Does anyone need to admit it?" Baby, you do n’t need to use your martial arts to raise your identity, ah, forget, I ’m going to tell you why I ’m so happy, Li Jing, it ’s such a thing ... ”

Li Er told Li Jing's embarrassing things to his grandson while having fun. "Your Majesty, this is not yours. How can you laugh at your ministers so much, especially famous ministers like Li Jing," Chang Sun said, solemnly. (To be continued.)