Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 163 Hard Training (1)

The victory of a war is made up of many reasons. For some famous Tang Dynasty players, their victory lies in having enough mentality, enough knowledge, and enough hardheartedness, otherwise they cannot win the battle. .

Bingshu is not something that ordinary people can see. It naturally belongs to the family, and even some people have enough fate to learn the Bingshu. However, these conditions are not enough. If you only need these conditions, If you become a famous general, there will be a lot of famous generals, but in fact, people who can see the soldiers do not necessarily become famous generals.

For Sun Tzu ’s confidant knows that the enemy is invincible, the explanation of being a world famous person is completely different from that of Yang Heng. The confidant is basically the same for both parties. Both need to know their team's ability and know themselves. For Yang Heng, some configurations in the team do not need to know, because he has the ability and configuration to participate in training and arrange the configuration himself, even the arrangement of the team is also arranged by him, so in wartime, Yang Heng only needs to make the correct arrangement, and the current famous general needs to understand them after taking over a team. Otherwise, how can he command the team and how can he arrange the team.

Knowing that, this difference is big. Yang Heng needs to use scouts to listen to intelligence on the spot. This requirement is mostly enough. He needs to train enough and capable scouts to provide Yang Heng with some enemy actions. , And the arrangement, and even subsequent teams, in short, what he knows are superficial things, but this superficial thing is a guarantee of winning the battle, and the world famous, their knowing each other, is to know what the other person is doing, etc. In terms of things, this will consume a considerable amount of brainpower. If one is not careful, mistakes will occur. Therefore, there are many generals who read the military books, but there are not many generals who can become famous generals. In the early days of the Tang Dynasty, Only one Li Jing appeared. Others, such as Cheng Fairy, Wei Chi, and even Qin Shubao, were well-known generals, but they were known for their bravery and not for their formation.

For Yang Heng, as long as the soldiers are strong enough to train, even arrange their positions, and according to the opponent ’s layout, give the soldiers reasonable tactics, or use one tactic to cope with the hundreds of opponents. All changes are possible, but there is a premise is to know the opponent's timely information accurately, so that it can be changed constantly. Naturally, there must be enough powerful weapons to support it. However, this method is Can't cope with some political-oriented battles.

For Li Er, he actually understood this matter, and this is the purpose of this experiment. If Yang Heng's training can really succeed, then he must make changes according to the situation. That's why he didn't stop those second goods from following.

"This is not possible. These boys have received such a big credit without suffering a bit. It is really uncomfortable." After receiving accurate information, Li Er received credit for these two goods, but did not receive the corresponding I felt uncomfortable in training and suffering, so I said to myself.

"Your Majesty, otherwise, I wouldn't give them credit. I would say that this credit was given to them by Yang Heng, and I estimate that Yang Heng can really do this kind of thing." Changsun was the smartest person. I guessed it like this. If it wasn't for Yang Heng, these boys would not dare to grab credit for the soldiers. They would just grab it, and they would have the chance to do it. His nickname was snatched.

"No, credit can be given to them, but I can't let them come back so easily, come here, give the illusion, and say that these boys are famous, and after making great contributions this time, then I will give them each A school captain with seven grades was under the command of Yang Heng. In addition, he planned for Yang Heng and asked him to train a batch of qualified school captains. It was natural for him to decide how to qualify. After they return, I have to take a personal assessment. They can go back now, but they ca n’t go with the brigade, but they go alone. It ’s February, and I allow them to come back before August. When they come back, It's also time to examine them. "

When Yang Heng got this intention, he was dumbfounded immediately. He also wanted to go back and develop his own scientific research team earlier, but this matter can only be delayed. Now the primary goal is to train these two goods.

"Hey, hey." Yang Heng laughed for a while, scaring his two followers a little bit of hair, "Xiao Langjun, what's wrong with you?" "Nothing, I'm thinking about how to train those boys, you Two, be sure to supervise them. "

"Xiao Langjun, we dare not mess with these sons." "It's okay, I'll make a stick for you all. You can beat the disobedient people."

You have to train, but I will not suffer with you. Yang Heng thought secretly in his heart. When Yang Heng was determined to train everyone, these two goods were celebrating, "Come, Lao Cheng, let's have a drink and celebrate that we all have a real job." "Okay, let's have someone to accompany you and drink well. Last cup. "

"Brothers, do you feel cold? How do I feel that something bad will happen?" One second goodsman suddenly said, don't say that his intuition is good, not his body is cold, but Yang Heng I did n’t come to celebrate with them. It ’s not right to say that Yang Heng cares about this credit. He and others have become Yang Heng ’s men. In fact, Yang Heng already has a real job, but he has n’t announced the order yet. Otherwise, you won't be allowed to wait for someone to follow a false military attache.

"Brother, you are more attentive. In such cold weather, it is normal for your body to get cold. Maybe you have typhoid fever." "You only have typhoid fever, and your whole family has typhoid fever." Well, this is the young lady's spoken language, It was learned by these two goods.

"Everyone has it. Pack me your luggage and get ready to go." Congratulations, let's get rid of it. Yang Heng dismissed these people's celebration banquet directly. At this time, Yang Heng thought it was too good for them. No wonder Li Second, they are dissatisfied. Are they here to fight or to travel?

"Brother, no, no no, we just celebrated it, didn't we haven't invited you, did you not come?" There are two goods to boldly argue with Yang Heng, "What, you think of me like this Your Majesty has a will. From the moment you received the will, you have already entered the training state. I can give you a quarter of an hour and quickly pack up. We will start training immediately, and we are on our way home. Training, Your Majesty only gave us six months. If you ca n’t train, I will be punished by His Majesty, then you will not be able to escape. Xiaoming, Xiaoqiang, you two are in charge of supervision, this stick is for you. Training the stick, seeing this stick is like seeing me. "After speaking, Yang Heng turned around and went out, without even giving them any chance to speak." Xiaolangjun, Xiaolangjun, boys, see? "The two entourages looked at the crowd with a stick in their embarrassment.

"It's okay, we'll treat this stick as a big brother, big brother, we will prepare immediately." Everyone ran away and ran back to get ready. You must know that Yang Heng always laughed with them, but Yang Heng They also saw it seriously. The enemies on the battlefield were defeated by Yang Heng, especially the death of these enemies. It was a terrible sight. From then on they decided not to provoke them. Yang Heng got and the emperor asked Yang Heng to train them. If they do n’t train well, then their end must be predictable. Death is impossible. But what kind of way will Yang Heng wait for them? cold. Thinking of this, everyone is snoring. This is not frozen, but really scared.

"Ah, miserable, time is not enough. If we don't do it within the stipulated time, the elder brother will definitely be angry and the training will be more difficult." This is the sound of the egg, in fact the egg is Not afraid of training, he and the tiger are already used to Yang Heng's training, but they are still afraid of Yang Heng's punishment. Yang Heng will not punish them like these boys, but it will be much harder. (To be continued.)