Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 164: Hard Training (2)

"Cheng Huailiang," "No, yes, yes, ah." "Don't answer so much later, when I call you in front of the queue, I have to answer, after giving you an order, you have to answer, understand. "Noah, ah yes."

"Again." "Yes" Finally, Cheng Er's short word was the word exit, but how did it sound weak? "Did you not eat? The voice is louder, please answer again." "Yes." "It's still too low." "Yes." This is, but Cheng Er's loudest voice.

"Well, okay, this is like a man, get out of the queue." "Ah, um, yes." This was just a compliment, and he forgot how to answer, but fortunately he responded quickly, and then shouted exhausted Yes.

"Count on your cleverness. The next time you are so stupid, you will be punished to go back and run 50 times." Fifty times, Cheng Er immediately stunned. This is too hard. You can go back and run fifty times, mom, it ’s fifty miles. At first, these two goods were collectively punished. When Yang Heng shouted to go back and run twenty times, they did n’t want to understand what it meant. But they thought it was trivial, it was only a mile away, but then they knew the meaning of running back, and their faces were all green.

A mile away, not far away, Yang Demon can monitor their entire journey as long as they are sitting by the side of the road, while the two small minions are standing aside with sticks and counting them.

You said that you did n’t teach anything bad. You had to give the two little minions arithmetic, and the number was clear. They would n’t fall at once. If you did n’t teach the two little minions to count, maybe you would run a few times less. They did not expect that if the two did not know how to count, then they would never want to finish running, just count between one and ten. This is still the result of counting their fingers. Otherwise, it will be one, one, one. One, one, go.

Either that, one trip, eight trips, the two goods will be happy when they hear eight trips. This jumps from one to eight. They know that once Yang Heng has two small minions to monitor them, naturally It was the two who had left it, he said just a few, they said stop, Yang Heng would have no opinion.

"But the next number directly killed them," two trips. "If this number makes them die, then the next number will make them fall into the abyss," One trip. "Naturally, this is Yang Heng's idea. Both of them knew how to count, and Yang Heng taught them. This is no longer possible.

"Go forward, move three times. I want to see how your movements are mastered, walk forward, one." Alas, Cheng kicked his feet out once, don't say, this movement is still standard.

But why did Yang Heng take this step forward? It turned out that when Yang Heng was training soldiers, how did he see that the soldiers did not have an overpowering overall action, he recalled that he had participated in previous lives, or watched The parade has been divided, and of all the movements, only walking forward is the most majestic one. Whether it is folding arms, kicks, and footsteps, it is very powerful, while others are walking together. Running and walking seemed too weak. The original step that Yang Heng didn't want to use was also taken out. He needed to give Li Er a new look. Therefore, after training, this step became the most important item. Already.

"Second, Xiaoqiang, you come and see that his movements are very irregular. You monitor Cheng Huailiang, and you must let him standardize the movements. And you, Xiaoming, you are monitoring other people to do it together and go there. I ’m going to take a rest first, oh, training you guys is even more tiring than training an army, but it ’s exhausting me. After I go back, I must go to your house to take turns in the first half of the year to make up for it. ”Yang Heng side Stretching lazily, he went into the tent on the side while talking about the wind and cool words.

Does he really need to rest? The answer is no. He is not tired, but really tired. When he is in the tent, he should also consider the training plans of these two goods.

What are there now, three big steps, punishing the surrender of the surname, frog jumping, ah, yes, equestrian has not yet joined in, and the stables, should I invent it in advance?

Yang Heng was a little depressed. At this time, the stables, as it was said in some previous novels, had only one side of the stables, and the only role of this stables was to facilitate the horses. Those who come to control the horse, often those who have been riding for a long time, will become the ring leg, and it is very serious. However, even with the stables, the leg should be the ring ring.

After a long time of analysis and research, Yang Heng finally decided that Ma Ma is not what he needs to take out now. The most important thing now is to train soldiers. Whether it is land training or riding training, the soldiers must reach the best. There is also a favorable condition in this era, that is, there are a lot of prey, that is, some beasts that are farmed, and pork is the cheapest. As long as it can be properly matched, it can ensure that the soldiers are adequately nourished, and there are even many Wild vegetables can be dug and fungi can be picked, so that soldiers can have a variety of food sources. Although Yang Heng does not know how to match food to ensure the maximum nutritional value, it can be felt once the soldiers are in At the same training intensity, the body status is the best, and that is the closest to a reasonable match.

Similarly, these two goods are also the same, their training can be hard, but Yang Heng will not punish them with food, and punish them with food, it is all a fool, although not eating a meal, it will not have much impact However, it still has an impact, isn't it? Over time, people can easily get sick. Even Yang Heng is thinking about some marches and emergency dry food at this time. If there is a meal, or there are no hot meals in a row, When eating, this dry food has its place. They can ensure adequate nutrition for the soldiers, and those emergency survival abilities in the wild can teach the soldiers, even these second cargo boys, but Yang Heng does not intend to Let them really eat these raw foods, although some raw foods of this era are not too much virus, but no matter how much they are, there is no medical treatment at this time, it is better not to eat them. In an accident, they once learned and were forced to helplessly, so they naturally chose to eat raw.

There are more than one way to punish some unsuccessful soldiers, as well as smart soldiers. As such, these two goods are first returned to run, then closed the small black house, or jumped in the frog, and finally That is to pull the whip, or even hit the board, but Yang Heng absolutely forbids starting from food.

"You guys, listen well, you are not left with nothing to do. You first lay down the camp, then send out guards, and the rest will follow suit." These are the guards and followers of these boys I have to say that there are not many of these male brothers, but they have a lot of followers. These people are almost able to form a team, and there are even ten guards left by the father. These guards are here to help Yang Heng. Or it is possible that these guards will be transferred to Yang Heng's men. Naturally, there are also ten guards sent by the princess, and now there are nearly a brigade here.

"Yes." To say, or these guards are more adapted to the life of the barracks. They quickly understood all the orders of Yang Heng, and they were meticulous in execution. They must also be meticulous. If the people they guard appear The problem is that their lives are very dangerous.

Camping is now a matter of these guards. Yang Heng's plan is to train the second cargo boy buddies after a period of training. If you want to lead a soldier, you must first know the soldiers and know all about a soldier. Life started from the grassroots as later generations said. Obviously, these people did not inherit the title, but they will definitely not become civilians, and there will be Yang Heng's bridge in the future.

However, Yang Heng thought a little too early. His arrival first changed the fate of Li Lizhi, and indirectly, changed the fate for Chang Sun Chong, but who else will change his fate? These second goods may be the next batch. (To be continued.)