Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 165 Hard Training (3)

The previous training is still good. After two months, the bitter son of these sons really arrived.

"Beep," a whistle came, "emergency gathering," followed by a shout. Immediately, Yang Heng also ignited a timing incense. Some people may say, why do n’t you use an hourglass for this timing? The hourglass can only be used conveniently after having glass. But at this time, there is no transparent glass. It's better to use incense more accurately, there are more time counting methods during the day.

"Too slow, too slow, what are you all doing, serving you deliciously and deliciously, can't even do an emergency assembly, if you really come to the enemy to steal the camp, can you still fight if you look like this? Look at you, the shoes, and you, the armor, and you, the weapons. What do you use to fight the enemy? Do you want to bite your teeth? The biggest mistake is that your speed is too slow, and your speed will It was blocked by the enemy in the bed. "Yang Heng reprimanded the two goods.

"We are all very fast. It takes less than a quarter of an hour." Someone muttered, "Who is it? Give it to me, why, there is no acknowledgement, come, you come to report, who said, 咋Well, I did n’t say anything, okay, the collective frog jumped a joss stick. ”After speaking, Yang Heng soon lit a joss stick, but this joss stick is not the kind of timed incense. One can burn for exactly a quarter of an hour, but this incense is burned for two hours.

But why do n’t these two goods report the person who talked, naturally, this is also a lesson of blood and tears, “Okay, you do n’t come out by yourself, you were reported by a companion, so you give me a frog jump The time of Zhu Xiang, and you, if you have a good report, let the frog jump the time of two incense sticks. "Well, these people who reported it actually took longer to jump.

"Report, I'm not convinced, why should we report him, and let us jump for a longer time, shouldn't it be punished." A bold second goods began to propose **.

"Yeah, this is not to punish you, but to reward you. This is the reward of your ** companions," these two goods suddenly realized, before their training, Yang Hengti can only collaborate, collaborate, in In the battle, you must give your back, or even your side, to your companion, but for such a small violation of discipline, you and others even gave your companion to you. You know that this is a violation of queue discipline, and it is not a big deal. If you really make a mistake, you have to say it, that is to cure the disease and save people. For this violation of discipline, in fact, Yang Heng already heard who said it, and his question is also a test. of.

"And you guys, don't think that it's okay not to talk, and you will accompany him to frog jump half a column of time!" Yang Heng did not let go of those who didn't talk, so everyone jumped up. . Naturally, these people are afraid to ask, if asked, Yang Heng may punish them.

But what does this mean? Yang Heng's idea is that if you want to speak, you must consider the impact on others, so you better not violate the discipline, if you violate the discipline, then all will be punished.

During this time, these two goods were tormented.

Emergency gathering, sometimes how many times a night, sometimes people just fall asleep, when some confused, the whistle of this emergency assembly sounded again.

What is this whistle made of? The whistle of later generations can be made of iron sheet, and here Yang Hengke doesn't have any equipment for iron making, what should I do? You know, this set, and what's going on, would be much better than using a whistle notification, so this whistle still has to be done.

In the end, he thought of a kind of mud whistle, that is, a whistle fired with a special kind of soil. There are many ways to do this. Naturally, everything can be found. A delicate mud was discovered by Yang Heng. It turned out to be a whistle for firing. It was very successful. Hey, do you think the firing is troublesome, not troublesome, such a small thing, as long as it is done and shaped, it is easy to use firewood. Burned out, since then, Yang Heng used the whistle to make some notifications, and divided the whistle into several rhythms, and every time a whole whistle was blown, he couldn't bring anything to do.

At this moment, there may be many people thinking that Yang Heng is tossing them. What is the use of this emergency assembly, what are the enemies stealing the camp, what are the sentries, and the scouts? Even the enemy stole the battalion. .

Is Yang Heng really tossing these younger brothers? The answer is naturally negative. Perhaps stealing camps is difficult to see in the team trained by Yang Heng, but not all the teams in the country are trained by Yang Heng. Those who come out, especially these people, may go down to lead troops in the future. In fact, Yang Heng teaches them how to train, and training can only train others if you are familiar with it.

Another one is to train the soldiers' reaction ability. Do n’t come to the fighter plane. As a result, the soldiers missed the fighter plane because they were too slow to prepare. Any of these things will happen. The urgent assembly is fun, which is to toss these two goods.

You know, Yang Heng has been with them for emergency assembly. Although the frog jumps do not need to be supervised by themselves, they must also be present at the scene.

To say that these people are children, where did the armor come from? This was proposed by Yang Heng and Dad. After Dad went back, he reported this to Li Er, who made it for the arranger. They were sent over, and even at the request of Yang Heng, two court doctors were sent, and they were both surgical doctors. In this way, if there is a bump in training, there will be someone to handle it. Already.

"Well, you can rest after you go back, I decided, let you each sleep for four hours, and you, you are responsible for the defense."

During the night of this day, after the last emergency assembly, all of them were tired like dead pigs, and they were too lazy to move. Some people even fell asleep when they fell directly to the ground. They also knew that The next step is to sleep. There must be no emergency gathering. They knew that Yang Heng would let them sleep enough, so they fell down immediately.

"Well, it's like this again, you come here, each of you is responsible for carrying your son into the tent, and also, take off their iron armor." This is not the first time, after completing Yang After the constant task, they are like this, although in the dream, someone will take them off their iron armor, and even someone will wash their feet, massage or whatever, they wo n’t open their eyes, and they must sleep enough to be next time. Complete Yang Heng's training tasks faster.

I do n’t know who proposed it first. Anyway, after one training, this is the case. This is the case for all the people, even the eggs and the tigers. Their followers ca n’t do this. Yang Heng had to send several guards to help the two of them.

In fact, Yang Heng is very envious of these people's lives. It's very simple. They eat, drink, play, and dream of death. Although they have no inheritance rights, their family members won't let them wander outside all day. When the time comes, the family will Arrange a good position for them and a good family.

And Yang Heng, although he is envious, but he ca n’t be so. As a traverser, his responsibility is much greater. It is not a responsibility given by God, but a responsibility he finds, family, brothers and sisters. The neighbors and friends around him need him to take care of him, as if he didn't take good care of him, he would not feel at ease.

Sometimes, Yang Heng also asks himself, what do I do for this, isn't life simpler? No, life in the previous life is completely different from life in this era. In the previous life, if you were relaxed, you would have no money to spend. It is difficult to say what is the danger of life. In this era, if you are slightly relaxed , You will be stepped on under the feet, let people rub hard, until you have no flesh and blood is not finished. (To be continued.)