Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 166 Reborn

Li Er gave Yang Heng a big problem, training on the road, and he was not allowed to stay in one place for too long, which was a little embarrassing. The training on the road was not in a fixed venue. There are fixed equipment, but Yang Heng has not been able to push this errand, so I have to find more ways. .

The three major steps of training in the previous period, what other frog jumps, return runs, and emergency gatherings do not require a specific venue. After these trainings are completed, you need to have a venue and equipment. There is no way to use the equipment on the way.

Still have to continue to think of ways, maybe Yang Heng will follow the training, and even he will be a nanny himself, because the next action is a dangerous surname.

Equestrian, equestrian does not require training. The military generals of the early Tang Dynasty were very familiar with war horses. As long as they did some small training plans, they did not need Yang Heng's heart, and even his equestrian was better than Yang Heng is better.

Rock climbing, this is the next project. Why is this project? The next section is a mountain. From time to time, there will be some cliffs and cliffs, so Yang Heng came up with such a training method.

"Everyone gave me a hundred steps back." Talking, Yang Heng took off from his back a bow that had never been shown in front of everyone, and then quickly opened his bow and arrow, toward the cliff. Shot in the past.

"What does our instructor do?" Instructor, not long after Yang Heng started training these people, some people suggested that he change his name. These people can no longer be called his elder brother. The elder brother's name cannot be used. During the training, Yang Heng chose to use the title of instructor. If these people are called Big Brother, he can no longer train these people, even criticize and punish them. This is also one of Yang Heng's followers. The little tactics for people to talk about, he doesn't want their relationship to become a relationship between superiors and subordinates. That is to say, after going back, once they have passed Li Er's assessment, they are still brothers. They can still stand together and eat and drink. Bet on it.

"Ka." As an arrow hit the sound of the rock wall, everyone understood it. Yang Heng didn't shoot the rock wall directly, but shot into the gap above the rock wall. In this case, if some are not The very solid surface rock layer will be shaken by the arrow support. If it is not shaken, it is basically solid, and it can still bear the weight of several people.

"Kaka." Yang Heng shot a dozen arrows in a row, but fortunately his arrows were not used, otherwise there was no such solid arrow shot into the gap in the rock wall.

Some not too strong rock formations fell off.

"Well, the next training program is rock climbing. You need to train your arms, even the strength of your fingers. You also need to train your feet. Whoever comes first, why do n’t you dare to do it, so okay, Let me show you. "

Looking at the people who didn't dare to act, Yang Heng felt a little disappointed. It was that Eggs and Tigers did not volunteer to come out. But again, they did not dare to go to these unseen things. That was normal, so they made I decided to go first.

Although Yang Heng has not received any climbing training or rock climbing in previous lives, who has n’t climbed the wall and climbed a house when he was a kid, and who has n’t watched climbing sports on TV, although watching TV has some meaning on paper. But I finally learned something, didn't I? Climbing this rock wall that is not too steep, Yang Heng is still OK.

Also, now that Yang Heng has a good body and good strength, it is even easier to climb this rock wall. The strong arms, fingers, and stable feet allowed Yang Heng to climb to the top of the cliff quickly. The cliff is not very high. If it is calculated according to the calculation method of future generations, it is only five. It's only six meters high. Yang Heng naturally won't let these male buddies climb the highest cliff first. If they fall down, they will die if they die.

Climbing, the body's flexible surname, flexible surname and strength requirements are relatively high, but this project is suitable for these children to train, its main movements include grasping pull pull push pedal kicking step hanging and other steps.

After Yang Heng climbed again, he became familiar with the cliff, after he retreated from the top.

"Please pay attention to it. I will climb again and explain it to you. If no one dares to climb again, then you will run back to Chang'an and ask your Majesty to cancel your training, and I will never Train you. "Yang Heng came up with a trick. This is something that Yang Heng can climb, so they dare not climb.


"I ’m here, I do n’t believe it. This cliff is so scary." This is, Comrade Wei Chi, who is really a good comrade. If they do n’t climb, Yang Heng can let them run back to Chang'an. Go, this is not the same explanation for Yang Heng ’s failure. If no one comes out, he will make the eggs or tigers move, even eggs, even the tigers are hesitating, is it right? Brother Yang Heng shared some things, but he didn't expect that Comrade Ershi could not stand it first and ran out.

"Well," the other two goods sighed in unison, seeing that this training program was about to hide away, I did not expect to let the second fool destroy it.

"Okay, yes, just grab the protruding rock in front, right, that piece, grab it, grab it, okay, look at your left foot, step your left foot into that little pit, use I ’ve done my best, okay, General Yu Chi is good, keep working hard, and you are about to reach the summit, soon, soon. "

Although Yang Heng is directing below, he actually has more sweat than Erzi. If Erzi falls, can he rescue Erzi? His eyes were straight silly. If he did fall, he would quickly run out to back him up. How could he come up with this silly idea? This is too nervous.

Ah, no, fortunately, fortunately, Ershi just slid, "Don't be nervous, don't be nervous, hold your hands firmly, slowly move your body, yes, that's it, lift your right foot and step on the protruding piece Stone, up, okay, you go up, take a rest, and then crawl down slowly. "

Just along the way, when Yang Heng's various training methods came out, even at the end, some items that had nothing to do with the body and the battle also made Yang Heng think about it, but these two goods were tortured. However, in the past six months, not only did they torture these people, but he also tortured Yang Heng not too lightly. To say who was the most trained is Yang Heng, and he must think of all kinds of things. The training method also has to experiment with some methods. Sometimes, even when he is no one, he secretly practises some movements. After the practice is proficient, he will train these two goods.

"Ha ha ha ha, Chang'an, we are back." A group of teenagers in rags and armors looked at the gates in the distance and laughed wildly. At this time, Yang Heng, like them, finally survived. This group Teenagers, when they went out, they were all fat and thin, and they were only white and tender, and only two dumb comrades were a little black, but now they are all black like Africans, with dark faces and thin skin. However, they are very mental, just standing there makes people feel the explosive power revealed in their bodies. It looks like you have to choose someone to eat, and the look is sharp, but if you look at them, you will be worried about being burned.

"Your Majesty has a purpose, please Yang Yima and your young team to report to a military barracks in front of you." Here, Li Er really can't wait, he wants to assess the training of these people the first time . Even Li Er didn't plan to let these teenagers get familiar with some venues, but directly trained on the pull-down venue, but Yang Heng estimated that the land was just the 400-meter obstacle. Although these people did not see After these things, you can run down, or even run an excellent one, that is normal. (To be continued.)