Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 167 Assessment

Far away, Li Er and a group of young and old generals are watching this group of undressed teams. .

Is this the group of children who are very motivated when they leave, how can it now be as if they lost the battle, as if they are covered with dust, and even a little tired. This is actually the effect that Yang Heng wants, which is to let Li Second, I knew that when Li Er ordered them to come to this venue, they were still training hard. Now even when they come to see Li Er, they haven't taken care of it, but this idea can have any impact on Li Er. What does Li Er think of them, good or bad?

"Your Majesty, the Datang Junior Team returned from combat training, please indicate." "Cross." Then, Yang Heng folded his arm and gave Li Er a left-handed arm-folding gift in front of his chest. So Li Er, and even the generals next to him, suddenly hesitated. What kind of etiquette is this?

This etiquette was actually a gun-holding ceremony from the army of Yang Heng's predecessor. He was stiffly wrapped in this place, but this effect is very good. When the soldiers are wearing armor, whether they are holding a pistol, a knife or It is another weapon. Before saluting, hold the weapon with your right hand and put it on your chest, fold your left hand, and hold this weapon in vain. This etiquette feels that the action is still a bit mighty, especially when a group of soldiers salute the ceremony together If the soldiers holding weapons are arranged in a horizontal line for each weapon, this posture, even the sound, can make people feel very inspiring, but Yang Heng feels a bit funny when he does not respect the ceremony with a weapon. Well, in the end, Yang Heng insisted on this etiquette. If the soldiers kneel on one leg in a square array, it also requires a large venue, even if there is still a collision situation. Happened, and salute, is this an encounter between literati, or a difference.

"Okay, let's take a look together." Although Li Er didn't understand what Yang Heng meant, he didn't speak out, but asked Yang Heng to go and see the second goods together.

"Yes, Your Majesty, please." Yang Heng gave in and let Li Er walk in front, while he followed Li Er's side, while the other generals followed.

"Li Zheng, Your Majesty, the Datang Junior Team is ready. Please instruct, Captain Cheng Huailiang." This is today's duty captain, and Yang Heng is only acting as a coach here.

"Okay, let's see." "Yes," Cheng Eryi turned back beautifully, and then ran back to the queue, followed by a turn, in front of the queue, and then moved a little bit.

Both Li Er and the generals were a little bit stunned. This is indeed a sloppy move. Is this the same group of puppets who were fighting in the streets of Chang'an that year?

"Salute," Cheng Er shouted when Li Er came to the front of Cheng Er, and then heard the voice of Jiayi, and the voice of a thug, followed by a gun forest, for the sake of good looks, Yang Heng specially gave these two The goods are equipped with spears, so that salute will look more mighty and neat, which is more mighty than one kneel.

"Okay, okay, it's all good, it seems you are working hard." "Serving Your Majesty, Serving Datang." The slogan that was so stubborn was even taught by Yang Heng.

"Li Bi." As Li Er passed, as all the second goods turned around, they all put their hands down and turned their heads, looking straight ahead.

When that salute came out, the generals behind Li Er made a jump. What are you children doing, how dare you use weapons before you, and they found out that this was a false alarm. Even some of Li Er's guards outside the field tightly held the knife in the waist. If these puppets had any action, they would quickly jump up and defend Li Er, even at their expense. .

But in the end, they realized that this was a false alarm, it was just a courtesy, and these people were sweating on their heads, and they were even scolding Yang Heng in their hearts. It was Yang Heng who came up with these weird things. Something came.

"Your Majesty, do you need to review the queue of these people?" Yang Heng suggested on the side. "Au, review the queue, how do these people review." In Li Er's mind, there may be a team, At least a thousand people or more, and then put together a battle line or something, let him review it.

"Your Majesty, don't worry. After reviewing the queue, we can conduct the assessment immediately, but this review still requires some other soldiers to come." Naturally, Li Er knew who Yang Heng was talking about. It was the guards who were far away at this time and did not come near.

"Yes, I'm allowed." "Your Majesty, let's go to the table in front of you." Yang Heng pointed at the point in front and said.

Li Er returned to the stage with everyone, and Yang Heng explained something to Cheng Er, and then waved toward the distance. Soon, the two queues that the guards mixed with these two goods appeared. .

And their weapons have also been replaced. The front team is short holding a horizontal knife, and the back team is holding a long gun. "Everyone ..."

Although the two queues are somewhat small, Li Er and the generals felt that they were in front of each other. Such a new queue showed the strength and beauty of the soldiers. This is the real thing. Team.

Looking at this novel queue, Li Er nodded slightly, even the generals behind him laughed.

"Your Majesty, do you think that the assessment is starting now?" This good impression has already left. Naturally, Heng Yang would like to strike the iron while the heat is over, and end the assessment. Then he wants to go home earlier. Homesick, in the previous life, he hadn't thought about leaving home for a few years, but after he came to this Tang Dynasty, how did he start to love home!

"Okay, at the beginning, everyone Ai Qing, went with him to watch." After Li Er agreed, Yang Heng came to the team in a running.

"Li Zheng, the youth team left, the others turned to the right, ran away from here, disbanded by the door over there, listened to my password, and ran away."

The guards and the followers ran away. "Attention all the personnel, put down their arms, face me, form a horizontal team, stand upright, align to the right, turn right, turn left back, and run away." Yang Heng led the team toward Li Er went in the direction they were going. He knew that there might be a training field in front.

Sure enough, there was a 400-meter obstacle course in front. Li Er and the generals were already standing on the side, waiting for the team to come.

"Li Ding." After Yang Heng gave Li Ding's order, he ran to Li Er in front of the running. "Report His Majesty, the juvenile clan military training assessment is ready, whether to start." "Start." Li Er can understand, only Need to say a word, that is, two words become, it seems that some new things will be applied in the future.

Yang Hengyou turned around and ran back, "Everyone has it, turn right, and stand up." Yang Heng turned his head aside, so that everyone was facing the training ground. "Now I explain the use of these training facilities ... "Do you understand?" "I see." "Hehe, a little whisper, my ears have been deafened by you." These two goods, is this the blood of the chicken, and there is no such loud voice in normal training. But now isn't Li Er watching with their dad on the edge, but don't yell out his throat.

"Well, first place." "To," "Get out of the queue, enter the training ground, prepare for the second place." Cheng Er rushed out, then entered the training ground and began his assessment process. In front of Li Er, there was already a little eunuch lighting the time-keeping incense. For such a short time, it is better to use the time-incense. The others are too slow.

Looking at Cheng Er who was running and jumping in front of the training ground, Cheng Lao Fairy's beard slowly lifted, until Cheng Er finished running, his mouth couldn't be closed.

………… (To be continued.)