Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 168 Return to Calm Again

All of these people's assessments are above good, and even most are excellent. Yang Heng divided the training assessment into five grades, excellent, good, passing, average, and poor. .

For soldiers, if they pass or above, they are considered formal soldiers. Generally, these two levels are used as auxiliary soldiers. For scouts, generally, they are selected by good personnel. Yes, excellent soldiers are trained as officers in the brigade.

Looking at the current results, both Li Er and the generals were a little dazed. They didn't dare to imagine that these uncles would have such achievements. Li Er had planned to have Yang Heng's assessment as well, but now he can see No, no matter what Yang Heng ’s performance is, it has no meaning anymore. They did not expect that the so-called training of Yang Heng on this way, in their eyes, is like a child ’s gadget, and they can train such an outstanding person. Now, looking at the results in front of him, if it is not that Li Er has always arranged for people to follow Yang Heng, he would think that Yang Heng has specially set up such a venue for a long time of training.

Maybe some people will ask, this is some basic training of the body, and the use of some weapons, the use of battlefields, the use of weapons, is a regular training mission of the barracks, and the use of battlefields is the leader When it comes to the generals, they all obey the arrangements of the leading generals and conduct a short period of training, and they will be qualified. Moreover, with the training of Yang Heng's queue, this battle formation is trivial. In the aspect of the standing team, the queue training has been completed. For the leading general, he only needs to explain his intention to the brigade commander, and then he can successfully complete the battle.

"Boy, okay, good, but the old man's stinky boy has been trained. The old man has some regrets. He should send a big boy to follow you," Cheng Fairy held Yang Heng's hand and laughed loudly. Then, he looked around and no one noticed them. "Boy, I can tell you that you will immediately bring a cart of wine to the husband's house to pay the guilt, otherwise I will show you good-looking, you see the husband The second son of the child is so black and so thin, and it is as long as hemp. If the wind blows away, the old man will not have this son. You must pull your new wine. Only this The wine can make the husband feel better, and it will make the husband's son quickly gain weight. "Yang Heng was a little surprised, you, what did you say when you sent your son to my eyes, despite the training, What else, but now.

"Your old husband has used all the rogue behaviors for sips. Isn't your son just tanned? He has also been praised by His Majesty, nephew, don't listen to this old husband, or You pull two carts of wine to my house, and I will solve this matter for you, and I will forgive you for not letting my son be praised by Your Majesty.

This is even harder. Yang Heng can understand it. These old guys are paying attention to the newly brewed wine in his home. This is extorting Yang Heng.

Still silly, he didn't open his mouth with Yang Heng. But I just thought about it, and the old stupid also said, "I said, my nephew, you are too discriminatory, you see, you have turned these little white faces into little black faces, and you ca n’t take our family Little black face becomes little white face, you are discriminating, you are treating it differently, my heart is broken, I am very hurt, you must take a few cars to my house to comfort my injured heart.

Comrade Old Silly, did you also come through? Otherwise, how could you have hurt heart.


"Hello generals, hello." A sharp voice came over. Yang Heng looked back. It turned out to be the eunuch next to Li Er. "Hey, I say a cow." These old generals are not afraid of Li Er. The eunuch around him, besides, in this era, the eunuch really has no status at all, that is, the eunuch around Li Er, some ministers also ignore him.

"Yang Yangma, hello, Your Majesty told the old slave to tell you that you should ignore these old killers. They are extorting you, but after you go back, brew a few carts of wine as soon as possible and send them to the palace. His Majesty is going to treat guests, and it seems that this is the Mid-Autumn Festival. "

Yeah, Yang Heng thought that the emperor and the old man were going to make a siege to him. As a result, he also extorted Yang Heng. "Prince, please reply to your Majesty, I will definitely do it." The eunuch said that if he wasn't wearing damaged armor, maybe he would give the eunuch some tips. He knew that these eunuchs could not be offended, especially the eunuchs around Li Er. If he succeeded, it would be difficult. But the bad thing is that it is very simple. As long as Li Er often tells some unknown news, Li Er will have doubts about this person. Once the time is long, then the fake news will It's true news.

It is not that Li Er does not know whether to distinguish between true and false, but that the creatures such as the emperor are suspicious of their surnames, and only this suspicious surname will make their positions more stable, but It is also this suspicious surname that made them fall from a high place, but some people did it obviously, others did it in concealment, and Li Er was the very kind of person who did it.

Therefore, Yang Heng is very kind to the eunuch next to Li Er, and this eunuch is also quite excited. Yang Heng is the only person who sees him like a normal person. Although Yang Heng is kind to him, this kind of kindness It is very gentle and polite, and there is no utilitarian heart in it. Naturally, this eunuch would not think of Yang Heng having such an idea, and he does not know how veal the eunuchs would be in the future.

"Horse horse, don't worry, as long as there are a few altar wines to deliver to your Majesty, Your Majesty is also to entertain these old generals, this is for them to hear." Yang Heng really got good news, if he told the eunuch If you are welcome, the eunuch will not tell him this sentence.

When the old generals saw that they were out of action, they broke up, but before they left, they still needed to say some tough words for Yang Heng, otherwise they were too embarrassed and they didn't even have a drink. Although this is the reason for Li Er, it can be said that it will not be because of His Majesty's reason, but only that they have no patience and can't even spoof wine from the hands of a child.

"Boy, you're waiting at home, the old man will come to your house to drink, ..."

"Instructor, what should we do." "What should I do, I'm not your instructor from now on, haven't you seen your extortion is extorting my wine, are they all gone? Let me go, my errand is It's officially completed. "

Yang Heng bombarded these two goods. He didn't even go in the city but went back to the home of the princess village outside the city. He was followed by eggs, tigers, and the guards, the followers. The only one that didn't get a reward this time was Eggs and Tigers, but their hearts were still very peaceful. At this time, they had registered in front of Li Er, and they all got excellent results, naturally. They are not worried about their future.

"Brother Heng, Dandan, Huzi, you are back." The mother screamed like a flower magpie and ran out, followed by Li Lizhi, followed by two princess Yuzhang.

"Lang Jun, you're back." Changle watched Yang Heng dignified and gave Yang Hengxing a gift. "Brother-in-law, what did you bring me back?" Well, this chapter of Yu actually turned out to be as good as her mother, it seems Changle was caught just now.


"Mother, you worked hard this time, isn't it very troublesome in this house?" "No, everything is the housekeeper helping me. There are some people who ask me for the new wine, but where do I make this? The wine, and I heard that you took away those who would make this kind of wine, even the father and the emperor were a little unhappy, so I had to send the altar wine saved in the family to the father. " It turns out that Li Er also drank this kind of wine. He naturally liked it when he drank it. To know this spirit, only some generals are favorite, and those literati, even women, still like to drink those low-grade Mixed wine. (To be continued.)