Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 169 Anecdotes of Mid-Autumn Festival (1)

It's another year of Mid-Autumn Festival. At this time, Yang Heng finally took a break, but his body didn't mean that his heart was also idle. He looked at the sky and burst into tears, "Are you all right?"

He is asking who is missing home, and misses the home of the previous life. Maybe the moon will bring his greetings.

"Brother Heng, come soon." "Lang Jun, what are you?" Xiaoniang, Changle, and Yuzhang rushed in from the outside together. Suddenly, Changle found Yang Heng's eyes. The heart in his heart was a moment, Lang What happened to him?

"Ah, it's nothing, nothing, I'm just sad for Chang'e. You said she would be alone on the moon, wouldn't she be lonely?" Yang Heng wiped her tears, covering her mind.

"Chang'e, this is really a problem. She should not be lonely. She is accompanied by a jade rabbit and an osmanthus tree. The most hateful is Wu Gang. He is chopping the tree every day. I do n’t know how big the tree is. Then, then he can accompany Chang'e, and some Taoists are even more hateful. They will set up a ladder on this day of Mid-Autumn Festival, thinking that the moon will be picked off from the sky and Chang'e will be snatched back. This time Chang'e should hide Woke up?"

The young lady looked worried, looking at the sky, really worrying for Chang'e. At this time, it was daytime and the moon had not yet come out.

"Hee hee." Changle covered her mouth and laughed, but her heart was still worried about Yang Heng, but Yang Heng would tell her, am I from the later generations, so this has never been a solution in Changle's heart Fans have been tangled even for a long time

"Sister-in-law, you are really stupid, and brother-in-law. Then Chang'e took the elixir and flew to the sky. Then Hou Yi will be guarded halfway. Taoist priests will go halfway, Hou Yi will shoot them Chang'e didn't dare to run down for fear of being caught by Houyi. Wu Gang cut the tree to prevent the Taoist priest or Houyi from running up to catch her down, forcing her to take the elixir of life. Chang'e will definitely do well on the moon, just like some maidens, hugging a rabbit, they are also very happy. They have eunuchs and maids in front of them, but who is Wu Gang? Houyi is Chang'e Husband, who is the man who appears in front of Chang'e? "Yu Zhang was confused.

"Wu Gang, that is Chang'e's guard. Otherwise he cut down some trees, or he is a cook." Yang Heng quipped. "Cook, it's impossible. Does the chef in the palace need to chop firewood, and there is also a osmanthus tree in the palace, but who would chop it for firewood, then it must be a guard. I have seen it many times in the palace. When the Father Emperor was there, people often stayed on the tree beside it. "

It seems that Li Er's guards have to be well trained and even discovered by a child. What effect can it play?

After these few interruptions, Yang Heng's mood is getting better, yeah, what do you think, hold on to what is right now. In the past, if God let himself go back, he would not be able to resist it. The sky doesn't let himself go back, he just thinks about it, and he can't go back, he is happy, and passes the Mid-Autumn Festival.

"Okay, okay, everyone should stop talking nonsense, and don't worry about what Chang'e and Wu Gang are about. Tonight we have to enjoy the moon and eat moon cakes." Finished, this one didn't pay attention, and some later things Let Yang Heng speak up.

"Brother Heng, Brother Heng, what is moon cake, is it a round cake, that round cake is just like a waffle cake, there is nothing delicious, isn't this a new kind of food." Yeah, let the little mother hear Moreover, Changle and Yuzhang also heard, both with wide eyes, staring at Yang Heng, although Yang Heng was not a chef in his past life, and he did not like any food, but he is always knowledgeable for Datang The food he made, even the food made by his commander, had its merits, especially Yang Heng also planted some spice crops, which even added to the taste of these foods.

At first glance, Yang Heng saw that there was no way to make moon cakes. But how to make moon cakes? If there is a moon cake mold first, the moon cake mold needs to find a carpenter.

Soon Yang Heng summoned a lot of carpenters, even the uncle smelled. Yang Heng saw that the moon cake mold still needed a place for his uncle.

"Nephew, are you?" "You do n’t have to ask about moon cake molds. Just follow the instructions to make them. Come, whoever of you can draw, all come to draw, all in this small circle, and words." Heng quickly convened all the children, each imagining the pattern, but they were all confined in a circle. This circle is the same as those moon cakes in Yang Heng's previous life. Of course, words are also indispensable, such as red double happiness, blessing, and longevity.

The carpenters are busy making wooden boards, and there are holes in the wooden boards. "Brother Heng, I also want to make molds." The girl timidly told Yang Heng that it turned out that the girl had already painted a few pictures. When I saw the carpenters and their dad making molds, I was also eager to try. In the past few years, although the girl was also playing behind Yang Heng, it was not as easy and easy as it was at first. The glory was suppressed, and the young lady was too love-loving, and the young girl was very sensible since she was a child, and even a little inferior.

"Girl, what are you doing? Is this what you can do?" Uncle was upset. "Come, girl, these boards are for you to do, and this mold will be called Niuzuki Moon Mold."

Yang Heng hated the appearance of the uncle very often, and he always talked rough and rough with the girl, but the calf was unaccustomed to the uncle and became a bully in this kid group. The uncle couldn't control it. Fortunately, he was afraid of Yang Heng and even his mother, while everyone else was basically not afraid.

"This, is this okay." "Sister Niu, just do it. Brother Heng is a good speaker. Hey, why don't I have the ability for you." It turns out that the girl has such a talent and will sculpt something When she was idle, she sculpted some little animals for brothers and sisters to play.

"Well, okay, I listen to you." The young lady's words were even more useful than Yang Heng, so the girl set her heart to concentrate on carving.

The final result is that the pattern of a few characters is best with some of the engravings of the young lady, and the other patterns Yang Heng did not throw away. This is the fruit of everyone's labor. However, Yang Heng did not let the children, These carpenters were disappointed. The front was engraved with the name of the person who painted it. The reverse was the last word with the name of the carpenter. There are even micro-engraved characters of these two names on the pattern, which is also made by the girl. She engraved the two characters of girl on a flower, which Yang Heng thinks is good, which makes everyone like this. Seeing this, my uncle was speechless.

"Well, let's keep busy for a while and make more molds. I'll give them away. A few of you, follow me." Yang Heng called the children away and took them away. Those molds, "Girl, make a few more and come together."

Yang Heng did not forget to call the girl.

What do you do with stuffing, mooncake stuffing, what kind of stuffing do you want, bean paste stuffing, and petal stuffing, then what is it? Add a small amount of lean meat to make some stuffing. For moon cakes, these are the types. The preparation time for this year is too short. Wait for the next year to prepare some fillings.

In fact, there are already prototypes of moon cakes in this era, but they are too simple, and they are called round cakes, and they can be called moon cakes later.

There are many children, noodles, noodles, and fillings. In fact, they all do it. When eating dumplings, everyone is doing it together, and the maids just follow the handles.

In fact, this food is very interesting for children to make together. You wipe my face with flour and I put a spoonful of sugar in your mouth. Changle and Yuzhang are also very happy. In the palace, it is not so lively. This is why Yang Heng has always organized the children together. . )