Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 170 Anecdotes of Mid-Autumn Festival (2)

A fast horse quickly entered Chang'an City, and the horseman on the horse brought some moon cake molds and some moon cakes into the home of some veteran generals familiar with Yang Heng, even the palace. .

"This is it?" Li Er and his elder grandmother looked at the mold in front of them, as well as the moon cakes. It is estimated that I can just catch up with the moon appreciation, my daughter Changle and Yuzhang. "

Similarly, in the homes of several veteran generals, such a scene also appeared at the same time, "General Cheng, can these top a cart of wine?" In a very simple sentence, these veteran generals are all confused.

"Hurry up, what about those who deliver things?" "Back to the generals, they have already left," "Can you leave any words?" "No." "Where did they all go." "Out of town . "

A few simple conversations made these old generals feel cold. Obviously, the style of this dessert must be related to this festival, and even the word moon cake is written on the box for them, which is related to moon watching. However, the method and the usage of these molds have not said how to use it, and Yang Heng sent it today, it will be used tonight, if there are about three or five friends tonight to enjoy the moon together , Drink, and forgot to say, their wine was sent by Li Er, which is the white wine steamed by Yang Heng. Li Er was just able to bring these old generals to the altar, and then Li Er was gone. In other words, Yang Heng not only offended some veteran generals, but also offended Li Er.

The old generals went out to inquire, and Yang Heng also gave moon cakes and molds to the palace. And it has already begun production in the palace. This is mainly because Li Er already knows that these old generals also received what Yang Heng sent. But they didn't learn how to do it, and there was a formula.

"Okay, haha, please invite some old generals into the palace, and watch the moon with you. After the moon is over, you can give them some moon cakes and go back to the family to watch the moon."

"Your Majesty, this is not good. Will Yang Heng be disaster-stricken. What if these veteran generals hate Yang Heng, what should I do?" The grandson was a little worried. This has something to do with his daughter. .

"It's okay, it's okay, it's just a little trouble for him, and this is what Yang Heng's kid gave me."

Indeed, Yang Heng was not reluctant to give Li Erjiu, these drinks were too strong, and Li Er seemed to have some genetic disease in the records. If he died prematurely because of drinking, Yang Heng would regret it. If you say Li Er, and his sons, naturally Li Er is a pretty good person. He is a good emperor. Yang Heng can only find a way to make him live as long as possible with his grandson, and he will not look forward to him. Died prematurely.

"Lang Jun, do you say that the emperor will understand what you mean, did I not explain it in the letter?" Changle asked worriedly, "Yeah, brother, sister did not explain it, the emperor can know what it contains What do you mean. "

"Rest assured, you sisters, your father and emperor are the world ’s first wise men, and your mother is the world ’s second wisest man, and they will certainly understand," Yang Hengxin vowed, even before the two princesses Slamming Li Er and his grandson's horse fart, you must know that this horse fart is more effective than directly shooting Li Er.

At this time, the Mid-Autumn Festival is not yet an official official festival. Although there is a custom of reunion and moon-watching among the people, for some officials, they still gather together, and even Li Er will invite some ministers into the palace. Zhongyueyue's drinking happened because it was not a formal official festival, and Li Er wouldn't matter who he invited.

Li Er will seize every opportunity to exchange feelings with the ministers, and he will seize every opportunity to make some innocent jokes with the ministers, especially these generals, that is the best joke object.

"Ai Qing, tonight I have prepared a new moon-viewing dessert called moon cake, and I seem to have heard that you have also learned how to make this dessert. Otherwise, I will change it with you. Eating the moon, you did n’t bring any of that. Regrettably, you wo n’t be able to eat the good wine. You ’ll taste the moon cakes here tonight. ”

How can I drink enough wine in the altar? These old generals are waiting to come to Li Er to drink his good wine. If they really make moon cakes, they will really bring them into the palace, no matter Li Er still did n’t eat it. In that case, they would drink the wine. And this time, their moon cake is still in a fog. The dim sum chefs at home and some chefs are studying Yang carefully. The moon cake samples sent by Heng and the molds, Li Er called them into the palace. They knew it was bad, but there was no way to do it, but they didn't expect that there was no good wine. drink.

In fact, what they didn't know was that Li Er had given them all the wine, but Li Er had no drink at all, so Li Er easily wiped it out.

"There is no wine to admire the moon, I really don't have the consciousness, come here," the old generals widened their eyes, and now, Your Majesty was actually kind, and took out the good wine.

But when they saw the jar, their hearts began to cool halfway, but they still had some hope in their hearts, maybe these jars were used.

"Come and come, Ai Qing, toast, let's enjoy the moon and drink together." As a result, the old generals were completely cold-hearted. If they had smelled this wine before, it would be very exciting, but Today, they can't get excited. The drink that will drink from the mouth to the belly is the drink that these battlefield veterans only drink. The ** drink is like going to the battlefield again.

In general, it doesn't matter if the drinks are good or not, it is just the spiciness and excitement that is the favorite of the generals. If you give them a pepper to eat at this time, it will even excite the generals.

Sanle pulp. In the past, these veterans drank like jade syrup, but now how does it feel better than drinking cold water?

This is just their own feelings. The Sanle pulp is a mature wine, which is inferior to Yang Heng's inferior distilled wine. Is there something new that naturally has a fresh period? Yeah, when the freshness passes, it will not be so mysterious anymore, but at that time, Yang Heng will have new cellar wines, and even some special high-level wines will appear, and there will be some lows suitable for literati and ink drinkers. It ’s time to drink alcohol, and then it is time for these muddy wines to really exit.

To say that wine will waste a lot of food, but Yang Heng passed on to feed pigs with distiller's grains, and used other distiller's grains. There is also the early days of the Tang Dynasty, except for the lack of food in the earliest years, at other times This grain is relatively rich, and it is good enough for winemaking. Even some inferior high-quality wines can be exchanged for some meat from the nomads in the north, and some horses, cattle, and sheep.

This night, Li Er had a good time. He was able to reach these veterans, and it was also a pleasure. For these veterans, they did not feel any embarrassment, just a little unwilling to drink the good wine.

Yang Heng ’s night was even more lively. What moon, you are so round, and you are so round, so a lot of saliva poems, Yang Heng will not even say that he is killed now Some later poems, mainly because the poems he can remember are a little uncomfortable, for example, the moonlight at the bed, ... Even if the poems such as toasting the moon are good, they ca n’t be said out of context. ?

On the contrary, some saliva poems are very marketable, so that the whole moon-viewing activity has been promoted **, what rhyme has nothing to do with this, but the laughter has won a piece, and no one can laugh at anyone . Let ’s get together and have a fun time. Let everyone laugh. Is this life? It ’s not a gathering of talented and beautiful women. It requires good literary talents. It also needs to pass on the poems. The princesses are still young, and cheerfulness is their main thing. . )